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“Holistic Lifestyle is to support oneself to develop efficient activity of one’s body. Whatever our intention is, our mind immediately follows it. So it is necessary that we are alert about what we identify ourselves with. Focus on the health and not the disease.

A Holistic Lifestyle is key to enjoying one’s life.” – Dr Ludmila

Most often, we take the effort for clean eating and physical activity, only when we are at a breaking point – either because of an illness or for physical attractiveness. Even then, the methods we resort to are modern medicines and diets that are temporary solutions. Universally, we are conditioned to respond to illness. Where we are left with no choice but to pull the horses on an unhealthy lifestyle. One that is compiled of chaos, undisciplined eating habits, neglect towards respecting our own bodies and negative energy.

It took a pandemic for us to get out of the bubble we were living in to even start thinking about something as important as immunity for not just children, but adults as well. What we need to truly ask ourselves is – would vaccines eliminate the root causes to our health problems? Would it guarantee lifelong immunity? Would the end of the present pandemic promise that our health is restored?

Chances are, the answer is a No for all of the above questions.

The world which includes you and me, needs to take a close hard look at our health instead of the disease in itself.  A healthy lifestyle is necessary whether or not a pandemic is around. Physical activity is required for a healthy body beyond attaining a society approved physique. Developing strong immunity must be the purpose. This awareness about good health and immunity which all comes under the umbrella of Holistic Lifestyle, should be laid as a foundation right from school. Children should be educated on the importance of good health over wanting to look good to fit in with the rest.

What is Holistic?

The word Holism means Whole.” In fact all the relevant power words in the English vocabulary: Healing, Health, Hospital, Holy, Hospitality, have the same root of origin, ‘Holos’ meaning “All, The Whole, Entire, Complete.”

Holistic approaches the whole person instead of disintegrating. It is to do with body, mind and soul. Rising with the sun and taking time for yourself through meditation, a holistic cuisine that emphasizes loving oneself enough to cook food with love and eating consciously, and practicing yoga – it all contributes to enjoying life through good health. The change that this lifestyle offers is first felt inside. When it is our cells that go through a regeneration process, it gradually exudes positive energy. There is a direct connection between the brain and the gut. Our immune system is very much reliant on our gut, which many of us are unaware of. Modern medicine directs us to focus on fixing the diseases on the surface level. In such cases, the root cause is left unattended, leaving room for the problem to resurface. It is like a Band-Aid on the wound without truly healing. On the other hand, Holistic Healing approaches patients as a whole rather than separate. The focus is on restoring the health to enjoy life to its fullest.

How does one benefit from a Holistic Lifestyle?

  • Improved quality of life
  • Openness to existential energy
  • Ability to live in harmony
  • Choosing consciousness over chaos and compulsiveness

Holistic Lifestyle puts us in harmony with universal energy. We may think food is our source of energy but you may be surprised to learn it only contributes to 12% of our energy. Beyond the energy of food is existential energy – one that we absorb whether we choose to do or not do anything.

The magic of embracing a Holistic Lifestyle is that, when you witness the transformation in one person’s life, it influences the rest. The positive energy from this individual flows to another. We have had many such successful stories where one of our client’s weight loss and good health started influencing his own family members. Most Importantly, his children. It all started with making small changes. One such being Dr Ludmila’s suggestion of refraining from unnecessary pills and drinking a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon before each meal. It was as simple as that and the smallest of decisions the couple took which led to this beautiful journey – from a chaotic life to a Holistic lifestyle. Holistic, indeed, is contagious in a positive way.

Us as mankind, is in dire need for a change in lifestyle to ensure a healthier and happier world. Take charge of your own health to witness the magic inside you.

“I choose my food now. The food does not choose me.” – Holistic Patient


Can you imagine that 70% of our body consists of Water. And that 90% of our Brain is water. Our cells float and live in an environment made up of water and our blood contains 90% water. Planet earth is made up of 70% water and it is through water, life on this planet has emerged. Its significance is immense in every aspect of existence, especially when understanding human evolution, health and healing.

Science has proven time and time again that Water has memory. This concept is used in the principles of homeopathy, where nature’s power is stored in the memory of water. After many years of research Dr. Ludmila has discovered that the most pristine water is the water you are residing in right now, along with the memory of water that you carry in you since birth from your mothers womb.

Everyday we consume around 1.5 to 2 liters of water. Depending on our body weight, the water in us constantly adapts. It is possible to change our water in 2 weeks depending on the type of water we drink.


One might ask, why is the type of water we drink so important?
Due to the fact that we are made up of a significant amount of water, our entire system relies on it for the body’s function and survival. This includes protecting your tissues, spinal cord, and joints, helping your body remove waste, aiding in digestion, preventing you from becoming dehydrated and so much more.

When water travels for a long time in plastic bottles, through pipes, in heat, chemicals may sieve into it and the water ends up spending a long time on shelves, etc. then the water loses its potential and its content gets clogged. This way, the water, once full of life, can no longer deliver the minerals and nutrients; instead its structure is hard, lacks fluidity and becomes acidic. This is when your doctor prescribes aspirin in order to dilute your clogged pipes! What exactly is there to dilute? Toxins, perhaps?

However, when water is pure, alkaline and ionised it is similar to that of waterfalls and the electrolysis that is carried to your cells is the highest form of nutrition and minerals for your body. The moment you drink ionised alkaline water it is absorbed by the body at a much higher rate, creating fluidity and life in you. This is why the Holistic Healing Medical centre, is bringing you the highest quality of water from Kangen water machine.

Kangen Water now available at Holistic Healing Medical Centre!
Kangen Water is a healing water designed to support your Holistic Lifestyle. The device produces ionized alkaline and acidic water through electrolysis. The water can be used for various purposes including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.

Benefits of Alkaline ionized water include:
• Increase hydration
• Balance body PH
• Neutralize free radicals
• Reduce chronic pain
• Support a healthy colon
• Get rid of excess body fat

Filtered Water for all:
Holistic Healing has now made this healing water available at for all patients and staff to support everyone on their Holistic Lifestyle. This is our way of giving back to our patients, offering healthy water for faster healing. Collect water at our center at any time and discover the incredible benefits of this Healing Water.


It is time to stop worrying about viruses in the air and start focusing on how pleasant our
environment/media is for viruses to live and multiply. Chronically ill people with high toxicity,
fermentation, low activity, poor diet and stagnated energy are the ones most at risk.

The Holistic approach is about caring for our health in order for disease not to develop. When
we create a healthy environment/media in our body then viruses, bacteria and illness cannot

Here are some recommendations to create a clean environment/media for your body and tips to
stay healthy and happy:

Holistic Lifestyle:

• Follow a Holistic Lifestyle: Be on time by having regular hot meals from 6 or 7 am to latest 6
or 7 pm and spending time outdoors during sunrise and sunset

• Support your system to regenerate, which is during sleep between 10 pm to 1 am

• Be outdoors during sunrise & sunset: try to be outdoors in fresh air in a less congested &
polluted area. Oxygen & UV rays will cleanse and kill any type of virus

• Clean your nose, eyes, mouth & face with silver or acidic water to disinfect

• Homeopathic recommendations: Sulfur 6/7 CH or Nux Vomica 6/7CH 2-3x a day for 6-10
days to remove toxicity in the body

• Reduce toxins and fermentation in system: avoid fermented foods, dairy, wheat, heavy
meat, alcohol, coffee, sugar, protein powders and late night meals

• In the morning have 2 neem + 2 turmeric balls with warm water (refer to our Holistic Home
remedies video)

• Breakfast is your most important meal for immune support. We recommend: Miso soup,
Lentil soup, Porridge with almond milk; rich protein from whole foods (lentils, tofu, eggs,
beans, chickpeas, grains)

• Add in coconut oil & Cooked onion when cooking

• Snack on apples. We like to say “7 apples a day keeps the doctor away…”

• Best green Juice ingredients: bitter gourd, parsley + apple

• Best spices to use while cooking: Cloves, basil, nutmeg, anise, black pepper, cinnamon,
cardamom, cumin, turmeric, thyme, dill, rosemary

Natural remedies:

• Vitamin C should be taken as food, not as a supplement. This includes: kiwi, sweet peppers,
lychees, broccoli, strawberries, citrus fruits, papaya, beetroot, pumpkin or okra

• Cannabis oil: strongly beneficial to support immunity

• Dry ginger + lemon tea, licorice tea

• Linseeds/Flaxseeds: soak overnight & have 1 tsp – 1 tbsp in the morning to absorb toxins

• Have Aloe Vera juice before every meal

• Enjoy Cranberry juice, and anything with bitter taste


A message from Dr. Ludmila Vasilieva MD PhD Homeopath, founder of Holistic Health Medical Center

I have devoted my life to Holistic Medicine for more than twenty-five years now combining modern science with eastern wisdom. I would like to give some recommendations about what to do to prevent coronavirus if you have come in contact with a person who is already sick.

If you know that you have health problems, have an unhealthy lifestyle, suffer from some kind of chronic disease, are obese, have diabetes or smoke, please especially listen carefully to what you should do. However the below points can be applied to everyone.

  1. Isolation

First of all try to stay isolated, so that you no longer infect other people. Second – definitely rinse your nose and throat several times a day, especially if you know that you have had contact with a sick person. Rinse with a solution of salt, baking soda and a few drops of iodine. In a glass of water dissolve one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of baking soda and 5 to 10 drops of iodine. After washing the nasal area with this solution, rinse your mouth with the same solution several times and spit it out. This is a prevention of the disease and in fact also a treatment.


1 glass of warm water

1 tbsp. baking soda

1 tbsp. salt

3-5 drops of iodine

Stir well until bubbles disappear.

Rinse nose and throat. Do not swallow.


  1. On an empty stomach, drink this alkaline drink:

After you take a shower and brush your teeth in the morning – drink a glass of warm water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda on an empty stomach. This is how you prepare it: you take one glass of warm water with a slice of lemon, and another half glass of hot water with one  tablespoon of baking soda. Stir it well until the bubbles disappear. Now drink the baking soda solution first and immediately after drink the warm water with the slice of lemon, this brings your body, homeostasis and metabolism into an alkaline state and that is where the virus  cannot grow and multiply.

  1. Neem and turmeric intake

Please follow the recommendations that we already have given in the past – this is the intake of neem and turmeric. It is proven by science that these two plants prevent and keep you from attaining any chronic diseases. They clean the intercellular space where the virus can grow and multiply. If you regularly take neem and turmeric, then your body will remain in a state of balanced homeostasis. This will help you to stay healthy no matter what pandemic, virus or bacteria will be around you.

  1. Take 2 capsules of propolis (Bee Pollen)

During a pandemic, if you have any underlying health issues or you work in an environment where there can be people infected or with symptoms, it is the best to take propolis during this time. Propolis is a bee-product, the bees cover the walls of their hive with it for the winter so that neither the viruses nor bacteria can get inside. This is a very valuable natural substance that has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Propolis is very valuable and it has helped our ancestors since ancient times to maintain health during any pandemic. If you take propolis as a water based solution use a few drops, if you take it in a capsules, open the capsule before use (opening the capsule is important) and mix it with any juice or warm water. Drinking two capsules with warm water during the day is very good for your health.

  1. Vitamin D3 intake

I highly recommend taking vitamin D3 during the pandemic, this vitamin helps the immune system to protect and even fight infection and the virus. And in fact, vitamin D helps build everything new and good in our bodies: new cells, strong immunity, it protects and helps build the body and our health. You can get vitamin D from the sun and its absolutely free, every day. Best time for it is in the early in the morning and afternoon – Sunrise or Sunset. Our bodies produce Vitamin D on their own, however if you are not in the sun but rather indoors all the time, there is still a risk of getting the virus. Children and adults should definitely be taking vitamin D and the dose should be quite strong – 8 drops of vitamin D throughout the day. And again, open the capsules before use, because vitamin D has an oily substance and it is much better absorbed with warm water or any juice. If you can drink it with warm water – this helps Vitamin D to get absorbed very well. But do not forget – the sun is the best source of vitamin D – early in the morning at Sunrise, and in the afternoon at sunset.


  1. During the day, drink hot water with lemon and ginger

Hot water with lemon is a huge help in all times, for all problems, for all pandemics, against all infections. Even though lemon tastes sour, its reaction is alkaline. Hot water charged with heat energy has a completely different molecule structure. Hot water builds the body, stimulates the production of enzymes, acids, and so on and stimulates the absorption of any substances. We consist of 70% water. If you keep a flow of fresh water through your body at all times – alive water, hot water with lemon, the body stays in an alkaline state. And this is where only good bacteria can grow, not pathological ones. That’s why hot water with lemon between the meals is very good, especially during an infection or pandemic. And if you make it a habit and always drink half or a glass of hot water with a slice of lemon before meals, this will be a huge help for digestion of food and absorption of the nutrients. Even 1-2 glasses of hot water before meals is very healthy.


  1. Follow the rules of personal hygiene and a healthy lifestyle

During a pandemic, personal hygiene becomes more important than ever. Personal hygiene means washing your hands, taking a shower, immediately washing the body, face and hands after you have had any contact with a sick person, if someone sneezed at you or you were in a room with a lot of people. Also right now, I do not recommend going to fitness studios, because in fitness studios people are actively involved in sports, and are in a closed space breathing the same air.


  1. Wear a mask and spray it with 1% iodine solution

Even if all countries are asked to wear a mask during the pandemic, the mask does not really protect you from the virus. However the mask is a great reminder that the infection is around, so please wear the mask – and add this healing approach to it: Spray the mask with a solution of iodine (it is 10 drops per tablespoon of warm water). Dissolve 10 drops of iodine in a small container. It is recommended to change the disposable mask as often as possible – every 15-20 minutes, 30 minutes maximum. Do not wear a mask all day. This is very bad and can be harmful. If you spray the mask that you wear with this iodine solution, you will inhale iodine while wearing it. Iodine is an antiviral substance that destroys viruses and bacteria, and it is very good for the thyroid gland. You are treated and protected at the same time, and the bacteria that you exhale immediately dies on the mask. If you wear a regular mask for a long period of time, bacteria only multiplies. If this is a mask with iodine, this is prevention and a treatment. It works wonderfully, I tested it myself and on all my patients.


Dilute 10 drops of iodine in 10 ml of water, pour the contents into a spray bottle and spray a disposable mask from the inside. Change mask every 30 minutes.


For many years now, I have been working to transform a chaotic lifestyle full of illnesses, suffering, fears, panic, and depression into a Holistic Lifestyle. I want to share with you the most delightful news. Not one of our patients have gotten infected with the coronavirus, and even their families have had no cases at all. Please transform your life from a chaos, full of fear, suffering, illness and problems, into a Holistic, Healthy and Healing life. Your body has all the resources to ensure your Health, Happiness and Success. Each of us have a health code that the body uses regularly. Help yourself and your loved ones, preserve your health, transfer your life from Chaotic to Holistic.



Viruses are showing who is Ruling the World

Dr Ludmila Vassilieva, PhD, Homeopath

Founder of the Holistic Healing Approach in Medicine
Founder of Holistic Healing Medical Centre (Dubai)

HEALTH & Holistic LifeStyle


Today the fear of the pandemic is dominating global media and our minds. Viruses are as contagious as panic and fear! Love is as contagious as laughter and joy! The choice is yours. Choose consciously! We will prevail over this pandemic faster, if we spread positive emotions and love. I am a doctor combining two medical approaches – holistic and pharmaceutical. Holistic medicine is integrative, based on five thousand years of wisdom: acupuncture, homeopathy, ayurveda, works on an energy level using laws of synthesis and integration. Pharmacological medicine is just over 80 years old, operating on the level of the body and morphology and is based on the laws of analysis and dissection. Based on all my knowledge and expertise I have come up with an integrative approach to medicine – Holistic Medicine – to regenerate health based on –  Holistic LifeStyle.


Life is the amount of energy over time: from birth till death

Modern medicine’s strength is in combining science with the pharmacological industry. However, medicine itself is not a science, it’s an industry based on the scientific knowledge coming primarily from physics, chemistry and mathematics. In utilizing this knowledge medicine is using equipment and technologies.  Without thermometers we would not be able to measure temperature. Without tonometers we would not be able to measure blood pressure. Without an X-ray we would not be able to evaluate the state of bones in a living organism.

In the past everything was based on doctor’s examination of a patient at his bedside. Nowadays, without a second thought patients are sent away for tests. Yet, tomorrow the science will go even further and invent new devices, the use of which will allow us to see even deeper.

The science does not look at the living organism as a whole. When life throws a pandemic at us, science says that it has not encountered this yet. Life is much more varied than the knowledge of any scientists and doctors. Science is based on analysis and logic, while life is based on integration and synthesis.

For example, a frog can be cut open and its organs looked at. But in this situation a frog is no more. Modern medicine is not researching life and those laws that if follows. Pharmacological medicine is not looking at the matters of energy. Life and health is an amount of energy over time – from the day of birth to the day of death. We came to this earth with energy, with a code of health embedded in a single cell, as a product of love of our parents. When this energy leaves, all these cells brake down.  As Goethe said:

“To know and note the living, you’ll find it

Best to first dispense with the spirit:

Then with the pieces in your hand,

Ah! You’ve only lost the spiritual bond.”


This virus has divided people into the ‘sick’ and healthy’

When coming to see a doctor, the patient is complaining about a symptom. Same as pain, a symptom is a cry for help. In prescribing a chemical medicine, the doctor is aiming at suppressing, or eradicating this pain, symptom, signal. However, having suppressed the signal, the doctor is taking the disease to a deeper level and gradually the organism stops complaining. You can no longer hear the cry for help or a signal of recovery. So, you become dependent on this chemical.

Before this virus humanity was divided up into the ‘rich and poor’. Now the virus has shown that a person can be either ‘sick or healthy’. Viruses likes only the sick as it comes to destroy dying cells. Most often COVD19 strikes people with existing chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, allergies or lung diseases. That is why, when someone is healthy, he may not even know that he has contracted the virus because his immunity and health protect him from the disease. Whereas someone who is already sick upon contracting the virus is exhibiting all kinds of symptoms depending on the severity of the chronic disease. Those who are severely sick – die.

This virus has shown who is ruling the world, having removed all distinctions between the rich and the poor. A ‘conscious human’ will come out of this crisis, someone who cares about his health in entering an era of conscious evolution. Revolution is life going in circles. Then you tend to enter the same circle of ‘breaking first and building later’, it doesn’t matter whether it’s health or a country. However, at present no one succeeds in building anything, yet everyone manages to break everything down.


Why doctors are interested in the existence of diseases?

This is because doctors are paid in relation to diseases and not health. A patient is asking for a doctor’s help and the doctor’s response is: ‘I’m giving you a tablet that will make you forget about the symptoms of what is truly happening inside’. But in suppressing the signal of pain or other symptoms, the doctor is gradually pushing the disease to a deeper level.

Considering that at present the doctor is paid in relation to diseases, he is not interested in health, he cares about the disease: it is understandable why doctors are interested in the existence of diseases…

This can be contrasted with the approach towards a corporate lawyer, who needs to take care of the company’s wellbeing and is motivated for his company to be more efficient and healthy. Otherwise, the lawyer will be fired and replaced with another.


Holistic LifeStyle – Solutions for evolution of humanity

Holistic, integrative medicine take a different approach focusing not on business, but on human: don’t change the world, regenerate yourself. The world is not a problem, the world does not need to be fixed, the problem is in a human who is changing the world, without regenerating himself.

Humanity can choose the path of conscious evolution. Holistic approach is a solution for evolution of humanity. Evolution means opening up one’s capabilities and going beyond one’s limitations. This means not living the old way, but looking for new solutions, potential and exploring new human abilities – evolving.

If your biological system is balanced from within, as in the Holistic LifeStyle program then a person can easily change his lifestyle, one is not conditioned by one’s past, health is restored and evolution can commence.

Health, regeneration and reproduction are encoded into an organism. We are in the 21st century. There should be two types of medicine – pharmacological that deals with diseases and holistic medicine that deals with restoration of health. For the latter, it does not matter what diseases you have, the focus is on restoring health. Wherever your focus is, your energy follows.

If your focus is on diseases, diseases will grow, if on health, then health will grow. It is important to choose the direction: do you need health or disease? Chaotic lifestyle or holistic? Diseases are doctor’s responsibility, whereas health is yours.


Have you been so busy home-schooling your kids and trying to work from home? Has your skincare routine been slacking during quarantine? Are you ready to step back into the world glowing
and looking your best?

It is time for post-lockdown self-care! Our Holistic Aesthetics specialist has developed uniquely designed Hydrafacial treatments for different skin types. Her approach is always personalized to your skin but will fall under the following three categories:

**Deep cleansing treatment — This facial includes an extended extraction, purifying mask and Blue LED Light therapy that has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to improve the appearance of oily or congested skin.

**Brightening treatment — This facial includes the infusion of an intensive brightening booster that contains antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Bearberry extract and the brightening agent Alpha-arbutin. In combination with Red LED Light therapy this helps with appearance of irritation and enhances cellular metabolism. This treatment evens, balances the skin tone and leaves the skin radiant!

**Peptide therapy — This is a facial that is more of a therapeutic treatment and includes the infusion of a uniquely formulated combination of peptides that help to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity. You also receive an infusion of a serum with growth factors that improve skin health, vitality, texture and the creates a more youthful appearance. In addition, Red LED Light and Infrared Therapy stimulates the production ofcollagen.

Not sure which facial you need? Have a 15mins complementary consultation with our Holistic Aesthetics specialist. Our Hydrafacial treatments are available for a discounted price for only 500AED. Now is the time to treat yourself!


We’ve all been there, our parents or grandparents catch us doing something, and throw a word of caution our way that at first sounds ridiculous!

“Those electronics will fry your brain someday!”, “Eating before sleep will give you nightmares!”

Many of us have been guilty of rolling our eyes without taking these comments very seriously. Guess what? They weren’t so wrong after all. More and more evidence is proving that those “myths” have a lot of truth to them. Here are some health tips, de-mythed!


1. “Eating before bed causes nightmares” 

Parents often caution against eating heavy food before sleep, scaring us with the threat of bad dreams. Modern science shows that eating food, particularly sugar, impacts our sleep. However, ancient wisdom of natural medicine has been advising against late or heavy meals for centuries.

During sleep, our body cells are focusing on rest and regeneration. When we eat late meals, particularly after sunset, our body isn’t optimized for digestion. This means instead of our body rebuilding at the end of the day, it’s struggling to also try to digest food. This leaves us feeling unrested, tired and heavy the next morning, rather than rested and refreshed.

TIP: Have your last meal around 6-7 pm, and make sure it’s something light and easily digestible to improve the quality of your sleep and allow the body to remain strong and balanced! This brings us to the second point…


2. “You can’t catch up on lost sleep ”

It’s been a long week full of late nights, but it’s okay because the weekend is just a few days ahead…! We’ve often looked forward to that weekend lie-in to allow us to cram up some extra hours of sleep and stock up on what we’ve lost — regardless of how much it may have bothered our parents!

A recent scientific study has proven that it is nearly impossible to catch up on lost sleep, as it still affects the body’s performance significantly. Traditional medicine did not need to wait till the 21st century to figure that out! When you pile up more and more sleep ‘debts’, you increasingly reduce the body’s regeneration process. This means that when cells are broken down and lost, which is a normal and ongoing process every day, it does not restore for the next day. This leads to dis-balance, weakening of the immune system and the eventual accumulation of toxins – not to mention the ongoing fatigue and tiredness you may feel from the moment of waking up.

TIP: One thing to keep in mind the next time there’s temptation to stay up a little bit later: sleep debts cannot be repaid! Get to bed on time!


3. “Electronics ‘fry’ the brain”

No one can argue that we have become dependent on our devices during our day-to-day lives. However, with all the added benefits come a lot of harmfuleffects. Although we may have dismissed our parents’ warning as a scare tactic to get off our phones, science has proven that there is some truth to it after  all. There are significant effects electromagnetic fields have on our brain! Natural medicine has always cautioned against the importance of distancing from electronics to support the body, mind and soul – encouraging consciousness and awareness.

TIP: An easy way to practice limiting your use of devices is avoiding using them first thing after waking up, while eating and at least 30 minutes before sleep. Instead, be conscious and be present to avoid life (and your brain cells) from passing you by. In turn, you’ll notice yourself enjoying more mental clarity, better sleep, positive mood and easier digestion.


4. “Deodorant will cause health issues”

An odd health-concern expressed was often related to deodorant. But why? Off the shelf deodorants are loaded with all kinds of chemicals that we can’t even pronounce, much less know what they are. Additionally, deodorants, particularly antiperspirants – block the pores in order to trap sweat and over perspiration. However, sweating is just another normal function of the body used to detoxify itself and let go of its toxins. When the body is blocked from sweating, this keeps the toxins inside, leading to an additional accumulation with no means of release (not to mention the additional toxins that enter the body from the deodorant itself).

TIP: Instead, opt for a natural deodorant, or try this easy and natural DIY recipe for a deodorant that is both effective and beneficial to your skin:

– 2 tsp beeswax (optional, but ideal)
– 3 tbsp shea butter
– 3 tbps coconut oil
– 1 tsp baking soda
– 4 tsp cornstarch
– 50 drops of frankincense oil (try lavender!)

Simply melt the solids, and add the powders followed by the frankincense once fully mixed. Allow to set in a pot and store until use.


5. “Regular detoxes are a must”

Have you ever heard stories of your grandparents having regular routines throughout the year, where they have to drink a “not so pleasant solution” that results in a “not so pleasant” 24 hours? It definitely sounded horrifying to us, and we couldn’t fathom why on Earth anyone would willingly do so! Contrary to what you may think, the Holistic approach to health believes in regular detoxification. From time to time, the body requires a cleanse to the system. This eliminates all toxins that are likely to accumulate over time, which relieves the load of organs such as the liver and kidney and optimizes digestion. The body is refreshed to continue functioning efficiently, and leaves you feeling lighter, more focused and more energetic.


6. “Mixing dairy and seafood will give you a stomach ache”

Whether or not you’ve been warned against mixing dairy and seafood in the past, you may have noticed a ‘funky’ or unpleasant feeling following a meal involving the two. That’s because even if you are eating the healthiest food, it doesn’t matter if the body isn’t able to process them properly. Both modern and ancient findings have concluded that’s the case. Specifically, in Ayurveda, there is a strict recommendation to avoid this combination. This is because dairy and seafood come from very different sources, with contradicting effects on the body and so the combination leads to great internal imbalance. Additionally, combining the two is shown to cause issues with digestion – and when the body struggles to digest anything this leads to an accumulation of mucous and toxins with multiple other side-effects to follow.

Were you shocked about any of these? It might be surprising that some of these myths are true, but after all, our ancestors must have known what they were doing if they got us here today! Did you grow up hearing any recommendations from your parents or grandparents?

Share with us and our team will let you know how true they are!

Learn more about living a holistic lifestyle and our holistic lifestyle core programs


Ramadan is a special month for many of us. It revolves around the time; the biorhythm of

The Holy Month begins and ends depending on the phase of the moon and fasting is from
sunrise to sunset. Similarly, the Holistic Lifestyle encourages us to reconnect with time and
the flow of nature.

Traditionally and spiritually this month is about moving away from overabundance to support
our body, mind and soul through having the correct food, the right amount and at the
appropriate time.

Now more than ever we are given the time and space to go within, and to stay away from any
outside distractions.

To achieve this, we only need to be conscious about our activities and about our
food. Balance and harmony are easily within our reach when we choose consciously!

During this time of isolation, we don’t use as much energy as usual and so need much less
energy, especially from food. You will discover other sources of energy which is a wonderful
practice that will only benefit you!

This month is our chance to experience a lifestyle that will support us to maintain our
health, clarity in our mind and nourish our soul.

We are here to support you and continue to guide you with our Holistic Lifestyle
recommendations during the month of Ramadan.

Here are some Holistic tips to consider when fasting while staying home & staying safe:

When fasting:

• Support yourself with activities that are not related to media and technology. Pray, connect
with existential energy, meditate, practice light activities like Simha Kriya and Pranayama in
as much fresh air as possible (in your garden or by an open window) This will promote
detoxification and help clear the mind.

• Follow nature’s timing and avoid sleeping/napping during the day. When you disrupt your
body’s clock, you also affect it’s function which weakens the body and immune system. Try
to sleep by 10 pm. If you wake up early, make use of this by doing morning prayers or

Breaking your fast (Iftar):

• Break your fast with 1 glass of warm water with slices of lemon and 1 or 3 soaked dates.

• Have light yet supportive meals, and avoid very rich and heavy foods such as meat, dairy,
sugar, nuts, etc — especially when eating at night.

• Incorporate grains, vegetables, and cooling foods into your meals. Cooling spices such as
cloves, cardamom, anise, turmeric are excellent. The best vegetables for this time include
zucchini, celery, cucumber, spinach and okra. You want to choose vegetables with high
water content to keep yourself hydrated!

• Avoid drinking water during meals. Drink before or between meals and avoid gulping down
too much, too quick!

• Have a bowl of soup and then take a 15-30 minute break before continuing on with the
meal. This will help you avoid overeating.

• Reduce the amount of snacks. Eat consciously and regularly with awareness of portions. If
you feel like you need a snack, the best is baked apple, fresh papaya, a vegetable juice
with carrot and apple or our popular detox juice.

• When choosing fruits, try to have berries, papaya, watermelon or honey melon.

• Use your senses! If you feel energetic and light after a meal, it was right for you. If you feel
lethargic or sluggish, your body is struggling to digest.

• Avoid desserts to support your body’s media/environment during this time. Sugar,
fermentation and mucous attracts pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.

• Try to move like taking a walk after Iftar and before sleeping to release excess energy and
any stagnation.

Preparing for next day of fasting (Suhour):

• Suhour: this meal is very important, just like breakfast! And it is best not to skip it! An ideal
suhour would be fruits and nuts or if you are more active have porridge with 1 or 3 soaked
dates and a ripe banana.

• Hydrate: water is vital, but not as helpful when you drink a large amount at a time! Instead
have your fluids (ideally water) spaced out throughout the evening by sipping gradually.

• Caffeine: this will drain you of your energy and make you more lethargic while fasting.
Replace this with water, herbal teas, or even better a green juice!

• This is the perfect time to focus on yourself and prioritize your health.
Incase of any health concerns or general personalized programs, we recommend a

Consultation with Dr. Ludmila to give recommendations of what you can do at home to
maintain your health during Ramadan.

For Online Consultations click here.


During this period it is especially important for children to follow a Holistic Lifestyle to support their health, growth and development:

1. Maintain your kids sleeping routine, encouraging them to be in bed by 9 pm and to wake up
early in the morning. Activity should be greater during the day, and reduced during the evening.

2. Be active with your children, especially during sunrise and sunset. Partake in family exercises
in the fresh air, outside or by an open window. Breathing exercises and Upa yoga are best.

Other excellent exercises particularly during this period of time include squats, jumping rope or
other jumping exercises.

* An excellent exercise for children to reduce agitation and balance energy is the turning of their
wrists. Encourage them to do this regularly while they study online on devices!

3. Have as much family time as possible – family games that involve all members of the family.
Play different board games, charades, cards, sudoko, etc… Alternate between physically and
mentally engaging activities.

4. Avoid rich and heat producing foods, especially sugar, candies, popcorn, chips and chili, as
these can lead to increased agitation and frustration in children. Instead, have more apple,
clementines, oranges, cucumbers and avocados as snacks.

5. Replace sweets and candies with dates, bananas or other ripe fruits.

6. Have regular meal times: breakfast between 6-8 am, lunch around 12 pm and dinner around

6 pm, with regular snacks in between. Avoid late night meals or snacks!

7. Make sure to have plenty of fluids during the day; alkaline water, water with lemon, cranberry
juice, tomato juice, apple juice & chamomile tea

8. To support the system, encourage having 1 tsp turmeric in the morning. This could be as balls
of turmeric powder and a little honey, or turmeric dissolved in water with little honey.

9. Start and end the day with a bath or at least a shower. Baths are ideal. We are 70% water,
and therefore water has a tremendous effect on transforming our bodies.

Children can have baths during the day as well instead of swimming. You can massage them
with coconut oil or green graham powder, and bath them in warm water with mustard powder.

10. Encourage transition of energy in rooms and avoid stagnation in your space to reduce the
frustration of your children and break electromagnetic stimulus from devices. This can be done
by burning oil lamps, using lavender/eucalyptus/tea tree oil and/or burning laden or camphor. Do
this in rooms where your children are engaging in their online distance learning.


Holistic Tips for Isolation

1. Support digestion
What you eat is important, but it is more important how you digest what you eat.

During isolation because of COVID-19, we are locked in small areas and do not spend a lot of energy.

As we do not have much activity aside from listening to the news, taking in information or sitting in front
of our computer. It is more important than ever to have easily digested and not too rich or heavy food.

2. Have an early dinner
If you feel bloated after your food, it means the food is not for you.

Bloating leads to a lot of frustration, short-temper and anger – please try to avoid this!

Even the best food eaten late at night, becomes the best toxins. Try to avoid late night meals. Food
should be ate by 7pm latest.

3. Have cooling foods
Reduce heavy foods and snacks such as nuts, bread, biscuits, ice cream, meats and dairy as much as

You can even try to eat 2 meals a day.

Have a light breakfast with cucumber, avocado, lentils, any type of refreshing salads or soft-cooked
eggs and grain porridge are also good. Another option is some fruit with a small portion of overnight
soaked nuts.

Reduce or eliminate coffee and black tea completely, as they create heat and stagnation in the system.
Coffee also creates acidity, with advanced palpitations – which increases the development of mucus.
Instead, enjoy warm water with lemon slices and dry ginger powder. Avoid fresh ginger as it creates
heat during this time.

4. Try to follow time
The vital energy of the sun can support you even if you simply open a window.
Wake up as early as possible, by 5-6 am, to allow your system to function with the flow of energy – not
against the existential energy.

Avoid getting depleted of Vital Energy and Vitamin D in this period of time. Spend time in the sun during
the morning or afternoon as much as you can.

5. Activity
Even if you cannot be active outside, try to be active as much as possible inside.. Dance, practice yoga
or do any enjoyable activity near the fresh air to support elimination, transformation and cleansing of
energy in the system.

Practice yoga in front of a window, on a balcony or in the garden.
Inner Engineering, Upa Yoga and Simha Kriya are excellent exercises.

Try to find a solution for a small space, do whatever you can and whenever you can.

6. Space
Open a window early morning and late afternoon. Have as many windows open during the day and
allow air to move and transit through your home.

It cleans the stagnated energy and refreshes your space!

7. Neem and Turmeric
Take a spoon of neem and turmeric daily, especially in the morning before breakfast to support your

8. Cut out all sugar and sweets
One teaspoon of good quality honey in warm water can support your immunity, but avoid honey in hot
water as this can be toxic.

A teaspoon of good quality honey can also be given to children to support their system to wake up

Keep in mind, honey with your meal breaks your digestion and honey after food can even create

Avoid honey in baked goods as this develops more bloating.

These are simple Holistic Lifestyle tips to support your digestive system during the isolation
period to avoid the stagnation of energy in your body and in the space around you.

For more support, Dr. Ludmila is here for you, book an online consultation through our website.

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