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Holistic Tips for Isolation


Holistic Tips for Isolation

1. Support digestion
What you eat is important, but it is more important how you digest what you eat.

During isolation because of COVID-19, we are locked in small areas and do not spend a lot of energy.

As we do not have much activity aside from listening to the news, taking in information or sitting in front
of our computer. It is more important than ever to have easily digested and not too rich or heavy food.

2. Have an early dinner
If you feel bloated after your food, it means the food is not for you.

Bloating leads to a lot of frustration, short-temper and anger – please try to avoid this!

Even the best food eaten late at night, becomes the best toxins. Try to avoid late night meals. Food
should be ate by 7pm latest.

3. Have cooling foods
Reduce heavy foods and snacks such as nuts, bread, biscuits, ice cream, meats and dairy as much as

You can even try to eat 2 meals a day.

Have a light breakfast with cucumber, avocado, lentils, any type of refreshing salads or soft-cooked
eggs and grain porridge are also good. Another option is some fruit with a small portion of overnight
soaked nuts.

Reduce or eliminate coffee and black tea completely, as they create heat and stagnation in the system.
Coffee also creates acidity, with advanced palpitations – which increases the development of mucus.
Instead, enjoy warm water with lemon slices and dry ginger powder. Avoid fresh ginger as it creates
heat during this time.

4. Try to follow time
The vital energy of the sun can support you even if you simply open a window.
Wake up as early as possible, by 5-6 am, to allow your system to function with the flow of energy – not
against the existential energy.

Avoid getting depleted of Vital Energy and Vitamin D in this period of time. Spend time in the sun during
the morning or afternoon as much as you can.

5. Activity
Even if you cannot be active outside, try to be active as much as possible inside.. Dance, practice yoga
or do any enjoyable activity near the fresh air to support elimination, transformation and cleansing of
energy in the system.

Practice yoga in front of a window, on a balcony or in the garden.
Inner Engineering, Upa Yoga and Simha Kriya are excellent exercises.

Try to find a solution for a small space, do whatever you can and whenever you can.

6. Space
Open a window early morning and late afternoon. Have as many windows open during the day and
allow air to move and transit through your home.

It cleans the stagnated energy and refreshes your space!

7. Neem and Turmeric
Take a spoon of neem and turmeric daily, especially in the morning before breakfast to support your

8. Cut out all sugar and sweets
One teaspoon of good quality honey in warm water can support your immunity, but avoid honey in hot
water as this can be toxic.

A teaspoon of good quality honey can also be given to children to support their system to wake up

Keep in mind, honey with your meal breaks your digestion and honey after food can even create

Avoid honey in baked goods as this develops more bloating.

These are simple Holistic Lifestyle tips to support your digestive system during the isolation
period to avoid the stagnation of energy in your body and in the space around you.

For more support, Dr. Ludmila is here for you, book an online consultation through our website.

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