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Hair Loss

Losing your hair at any age can be worrying, especially when the cause behind it is unknown.
Nowadays, a large variety of products, treatments and supplements exist, but they tend to do more harm than good.
The available solutions are also unpleasant, expensive and ineffective, as they do not address the core of the problem.
At Holistic Healing Medical centre, we do not focus on problems, but we get to the root in order to tackle any issue. We treat you from inside-out, leaving your body balanced and energized, and your hair glowing and voluminous.

Holistic Healing for Hair Care

We aim to work on re-balancing the entire body and create a healthy environment to promote healing and proper function.

Our Holistic Hair Care Program includes comprehensive assessments, a specialized lifestyle guide, and offers you a carefully designed program to put you on the path to healthier hair, and above all, a healthier you.

What makes you the right candidate?

Men and women of all ages

Hair fall & hair loss

Brittle & dull hair

Scalp issues

Dry Skin & itchiness

Premature gray hair

Post-pregnancy hair loss

Metabolism misbalance

Thyroid issues


If you would like a natural and non-invasive hair program that works in harmony with your body, rather than against it, book your appointment today or visit our centre for more information.

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