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“All traditional medicine belongs to Energy flow.

Energy transformation belongs to Life!”

– Dr. Ludmila


Bio-Well Energy Scan

The Holistic Healing Medical Centre integrates natural healing treatments that have stood the test of time with advanced technology, such as Bio-Well. Bio-Well gives us an insight into energy levels and hormonal imbalances caused due to different factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress, and environment. Through this energy scan we can have visual images of the energy levels that give us confirmation on the diagnosis.

How does it work?

A perfect amalgamation of tradition meets modern. Bio-Well scan uses the advanced technology of Gas Discharge Visualization technique to provide information on functional energy state or organs and systems in organisms.

Level of Emotional Pressure (stress)

L/R symmetry

Organs Balance

Chakras Balance

Energy reserve

Health Status

Balance between Yin & Yang

We take into consideration the ‘whole’ person and Bio-Well is used for tapping in and analysing the energy fields around and within the individual.

It compliments our treatments in understanding the bioresonance of the body, the alignment of the chakras (hormonal center).

  • Detect energy imbalances in the body much before the occurrence of the disease

  • Enables proactive measures to be taken for restoring health and preventing sickness.

  • Offers an in-depth insight into the impact your lifestyle has on your energy levels and in the case of an imbalance, there is immediate understanding on what needs to change.

  • Provides a perfect visual interpretation for understanding imbalances in the body.

  • It helps to track the body’s responses to physical and mental activities.

At Holistic Healing, Energy scan by Bio-Well is used to understand the chakras, hormonal imbalances and to measure the energy shift before and after a full treatment programs. It primarily shows how your body is managing your energy in your organs and systems. Bio-Well scan allows for you to see energy imbalances and we guide you on how to regain your balance based on your results.

The Interpretation by our holistic doctors using the Bio-Well technology have given great insight into our patients’ health. When combining energy field analysis with NLS screening, which focuses on understanding the harmony of the cells and the functionality of the organs, we get an overall picture of the patient’s ailments. Through Holistic Healing, we can then support the patient with optimal functioning of the body.

The Process



Bio-Well uses the non-intrusive method of GDV to analyse the energy field of the body and can be done within a time-span of just 20 minutes.



Simply by placing the fingertips on the Bio-Well device lens, a light electrical current is applied for less than a millisecond.

Electronic response of this is then captured by the camera to show energy levels.

Images are then mapped to different organs and systems of the body, tapping into Chinese energy meridians.

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