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“No need to ‘Prevent’ or ‘Fight’ Disease.
Develop Health, Disease will Disappear”

– Dr. Ludmila

Holistic Consultation Dubai

The Medicine of Life

HOLISTIC HEALING is the integration of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT within the UNIVERSE.

Everything that exists is a byproduct of love. Everything comes from cells. The moment cells regenerate the universe regenerates.

“Our mind creates our thoughts
Our thoughts affect our emotions
Our emotions reflect our energy
Our energy builds up our body”

– Dr. Ludmila

The Philosophy

We are all connected through energy, our cells communicate through energy. All traditional medicine is based on the study of energy. Quantum Science recognizes energy, consciousness and fields of information as the essential building blocks of health.
Ayurveda is the wisdom of “prana” energy, Homeopathy is imperial knowledge of non-linear energy, NLS scientifically analyses the quantum energy of the cells.
Holistic Healing is the art of integrating Traditional wisdom with Western science to Balance and Restore Energy and Maintain Health.

In Our Treatment:

We follow the Law of Nature

We detox You at four levels

We use only natural, traditional treatment

We help you to regenerate new cells

We guide you to Holistic Lifestyle

We achieve best results in short period of time

We harmonise Your Essence, energy, Spirit

Your life will be free of any medication

You will go
“Medication to Meditation!”

The Consultation



Holistic consultation is a private and comprehensive assessment of health history, daily routines, behavioral patterns, lifestyle and relationships. It also includes a physical examination.


Additional Health Investigation

If needed, our doctor may request for medical reports and new laboratory tests. NLS health screening is a pre-requisite for all our consultations, unless some acute health issues. This is usually done prior to the consultation day.



The consultation takes an hour.

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A harmony of health in holistic healing (Khaleej Times, Nov. 30, 2003. – Dr. Ludmila Vassilieva)


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