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Bronchitis is when the tubes that carry air to your lungs, called the bronchial tubes, get inflamed and swollen. You end up with a nagging cough and mucus.


1.Acute bronchitis.

This is more common. Symptoms last a few weeks, but it doesn’t usually cause problems past that time.

2.Chronic bronchitis.

This one is more serious. It keeps coming back or doesn’t go away.

Symptoms include:

Chest congestion, increased mucus production, wheezing, shortness of breathe, weakness, body ache, low fever.

Holistic Approach to Acute Bronchitis

Embracing a holistic approach to healing, we are dedicated to restoring health to its natural harmony. Our tailored treatment plans, featuring carefully selected homeopathic remedies, are designed to eliminate mucus and facilitate complete healing of the lungs.

Case study

A 42-year-old woman visited our clinic reporting a persistent cough, cold, and increasing weakness that had developed over the course of one month. Our meticulous examination and in-depth case analysis revealed a range of symptoms, including severe daytime and nighttime coughing, profound weakness, nasal congestion, blocked airways, excessive neck sweating, and variable sputum, occasionally appearing bloody or green.

She described waking up during the night due to coughing fits, which sometimes resulted in involuntary urination. Additionally, the patient experienced a pronounced chest heaviness, accompanied by soreness and a burning sensation in her back. The intensity of her symptoms had left her feeling utterly despondent.

During the examination, coarse crackling sounds were detected during inspiration, along with an elevated breathing rate (tachypnea), a slight increase in body temperature, and a noticeable pallor.

In response to her condition, she received a treatment plan that included thoughtfully chosen homeopathic remedies, combined with some exercises and acupuncture. Remarkably, within just two days, her progress was remarkable. Notably, her sputum transitioned from bloody to purulent, eventually becoming transparent mucus within just five days.

Her overall condition continued to improve, with noticeable enhancements in energy levels and the alleviation of weakness. Breathing became easier, and chest heaviness subsided. However, she still experienced soreness in her back, leading us to revisit her case and prescribe a combination of homeopathic remedies and acupuncture. This additional treatment brought relief from her back pain within few days. The patient expressed deep satisfaction and gratitude for the comprehensive care provided by the Holistic Team.


In the current world where respiratory infections are becoming increasingly prevalent, the Holistic Team is here to assist you in restoring your health and fortifying your immune system against future ailments.

Through our holistic approach to healing, we address the root causes of your condition instead of merely masking symptoms. Our goal is to nurture your overall health and immunity, enabling you to lead a life free from disease.

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