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“We can live without food for one month.
We can stay without water for ten days.
Without breathing we can survive for six minutes only”

– Dr. Ludmila

Why Holistic Yoga

The ancient science of Yoga is designed to transform, to balance and to awaken the person on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Through various exercises of breath control, meditation and bodily postures, Yoga works on deep layers of the human being, stimulating an energy flow to all meridians and organs of the body.

While physically detoxifying, yoga pushes the mind towards self-realization. The practice teaches us to learn how to move beyond limitations and towards endless possibilities. From feeling blocked to feeling free.

Yoga is an essential part of Holistic Healing and will allow you to experience an even deeper transformation.

Our Instructors

Sofia Maria was exposed to the practice of yoga from a young age and has kept a dedicated practice for over 6 years. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in the Himalayas of India under the guidance of the Trimurti Yoga wisdom. She has been sharing her knowledge of yoga throughout India, Germany and the UAE with people of all ages and levels. Sofia’s classes are unique as they combine the ancient tradition of Hatha Yoga with the essence of fluidity.

Dr. Rifas is a specialized Ayurvedic Doctor from Kerala, India. He has a deep understanding of what the body needs in order to achieve balance and equilibrium. His yoga practice specializes in supporting the body during a healing journey through traditional yoga postures and breathing exercises.

Holistic Yoga Classes

Private Yoga – You will learn the foundations of the physical yoga practice, along with pranayama (breathing exercises) to support you through your healing journey.This class is also an opportunity to take your practice to the next level. Get comfortable in moving with your body and feeling the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Duo/Trio Yoga – Want to share your yoga practice with a friend, partner of family? This is the perfect class for 2-3 people to share the benefits of a personalized yoga session.

Yoga Flow – This small group class is intended to bring you into the present moment, while you connect with your bodymind. You will feel, let go and move with the rhythm of your heart.*Note: At least one Private Yoga is recommended before attending a yoga flow

Dynamic Osho Meditation – This meditation is like nothing you have ever experienced before. It is active, fast, intense and is meant to break old, engrained patterns in the bodymind that keeps one imprisoned in the past. Be ready to experience feelings of freedom, inner silence and true bliss.

*Note: This session should be done on an empty stomach

Yin Yoga – This art of yoga combines the understanding of meridians in traditional Chinese Medicine with the knowledge of Yoga Asana (poses). You will be guided into a sequence of poses to stimulate the organs in your body.

Pranayama – A unique practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana (energy or life force). It will provide a deep cleansing of the internal organs, increased intake of oxygen to re-awaken the body and leave you feeling refreshed and energized. It is an essential part of a deep yoga practice and extremely beneficial during a healing process.

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