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Discover how homeopathy can be the gentle and holistic remedy to restore natural healing processes without any side effects.

Are you constantly concerned about your child’s health? Look no further – homeopathy medicine for kids offers a gentle and effective solution. With centuries of history and a growing reputation, homeopathy takes a holistic approach to healing, targeting the root cause rather than just the symptoms. Whether your child is dealing with a common cold, allergies, behavioral issues, or more, homeopathy has a safe and natural remedy for them.

One of the standout advantages of homeopathy medicine for kids is its complete safety. Unlike conventional medicine, which often comes with a list of potential side effects, homeopathic remedies are derived from natural substances and contain no harmful chemicals. This means you can administer these remedies to your child with peace of mind, knowing there are no adverse reactions or long-term consequences to worry about.

Another remarkable aspect of homeopathy medicine for kids is its ability to activate the body’s innate healing mechanisms. These remedies gently encourage the body to restore balance and fight off illnesses. By boosting the body’s natural healing powers, homeopathy not only alleviates immediate symptoms but also fortifies the immune system over time. Your child will become less susceptible to illness, resulting in fewer doctor visits and a happier, healthier life.

When it comes to treating children, homeopathy medicine works like magic and proves especially effective in special cases such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Eating Disorders, Anxiety Disorder, Learning Disorders, and Panic Disorder.
It’s a holistic approach that not only addresses common ailments with remedies but also integrates an often-overlooked aspect like the importance of incorporating the right diet for kids. Most doctors tend to overlook the vital role of diet in a child’s health, but homeopathy recognizes its significance.

A skilled homeopath doesn’t just stop at remedies; they also offer guidance on a suitable diet to complement the healing process. This holistic approach ensures your child’s overall health is addressed from all angles, setting them on a path to better health and happiness.

What’s truly fascinating about homeopathy medicine for kids is that it not only treats the physical symptoms but also addresses the underlying emotional and mental imbalances. This is especially important for children as their bodies and minds are still developing. Homeopathic remedies help strengthen their immune system and improve their overall health, leading to a healthier and happier child.

The best part is that these medicines are completely safe and free from any harmful side effects. Say goodbye to those days of giving your child strong, bitter medications that they refuse to take. With homeopathy, you give your child the best chance at a happy and healthy future.


Looking back in history, fasting was a very common practice among different cultures and traditions to benefit the physical, social and spiritual levels!

One of the reasons was to support the body in transitioning from one type of food to another type of food as the seasons changed. Food used to change with every season and fasting aided in adaptation to eliminate any stress on the digestive system and to support the metabolism.

In today’s age, fasting continues to support people to restore health, to slow down and concentrate on themselves.However with today’s lifestyle, long days of fasting may cause stress instead of support. This is due to many reasons, some of which are:

  • A fast paced active lifestyle
  • Long working hours
  • High caffeine dependency
  • More mental activity instead of physical activity
  • Less access to nature & the outdoors

Fasting in the lifestyle of this century has to be adjusted to be beneficial rather than more stressful. This can be achieved in 7 days, only if combined with a proper detox program.


How does Fasting combined with detox work?

The digestive organs are the largest organs in the body, and they require a tremendous amount of energy, and they need to rest too. Resting the digestive tract by fasting frees up energy to be used for healing.

Freed up energy is used to improve digestive fire, burn away toxins, and support a strong immune system. Learning how to fast is an important part of understanding how to take care of your body and mind.


When there is no food intake, the body uses its energy for repair instead of digesting.

Combining detoxification with fasting allows the body to lose toxins faster, while consuming less energy on assimilation.


More elimination = balances homeostasis  > Faster regeneration 


What benefits do you experience from Fasting/Detoxing?

  • ELIMINATE toxins from your body and mind
  • RESTORE your constitutional balance improving health and wellness
  • PROMOTE longevity, self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality, mental clarity
  • INDUCE deep relaxation, better sleep and enhanced sense of well-being
  • Consciousness: self-discipline, concentration. Being more aware of hunger and negative thoughts.
  • Glowing & refreshed skin: minimizes skin outbreaks, clearer complexion.
  • STRENGTHEN your immune system
  • REVERSE the negative effects of stress on your body and mind
  • PREVENT re-occurrence of mind / body imbalances 
  • SUPPORT in preparation for a Colon Hydrotherapy  &  Liver detox
  • Improved healing process: lesser assimilation and more elimination of toxins, faster cell regeneration.
  • RAMADAN PREPERATION: begin preparing your body in order to reduce withdrawal symptoms and already eliminate toxins so you can enjoy the holy month even more.

To know more about the Holistic Fasting-Detox program, call us to speak to our Holistic Lifestyle Nutritionist.


Everything in the universe has a cause and effect!

Similarly, weight-gain and obesity are not a cause but an effect of something that is not right in our body. It’s time for us to make a shift in our perspective on the rising cases of obesity.

The cause is what we need to look at to resolve any health concerns. 

Today, modern slimming methods focus on physical appearances alone through surgical procedures, pharmaceuticals or diet programs.

As these methods are outer appearance-driven, people fall prey  to weight-loss shortcuts, especially surgeries which are on the rise. Such solutions neglect what’s most important: the inner state of the body, the main system that is causing weight issues! 

We have witnessed time and time again through many cases how the allopathic medicine’s approach is more of a band-aid solution, it is good for a short period of time and may develop many side effects for a long period of time. 

Some of the popular surgeries like the gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and adjustable gastric banding may seem like the quick fix…Obesity surgery sounds like a great shortcut…but it’s often very risky. Nearly 580,000 people undergo bariatric surgery annually worldwide, as per The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

These weight loss surgeries only provide a short-term solution and offer nothing to address the root cause behind obesity. This is not true healing. People undergoing these procedures are the same people seeking healing of the aftermath years later. They may suffer from:

  • Nutritional deficiencies (resulting in life-long dependency on supplements)
  • Anemia
  • Infections
  • Low bp
  • Nausea / vomiting / diarrhea
  • Ulcers

If you are considering having weight loss surgery, it is important to be fully informed about all the possible side-effects and complications, not only the short term, but more importantly, the long term!

It is essential that you make an informed decision, that supports your health, as once the surgery is done, it cannot be reversed. 

What may be the causes of obesity other than food? 

Overweight or obesity is not always the result of overeating.

People today are not overweight or obese only because they eat more but because the type of diet includes processed foods, preservetatives, chemical reaction in the body that affect the hormones, digestion & metabolism…

Add to that the lack of physical activity due to today’s lifestyle. There is more driving, sitting at computers and watching television, than walking or physical activities. 

You may know of some people who can eat a lot, yet they don’t put on weight. The difference is in their metabolism. 

There may also be multiple other underlying causes to putting on weight, other than food or may be derived from the type of food. A metabolic dysfunction may have developed during childhood, or poor digestion, or hormonal imbalance that were unnoticed or unattended to earlier .

Some other causes of obesity:

  • Genetics
  • Cushing’s disease
  • PCOS
  • Insulin resistance
  • Hyperthyroidism

How does Obesity affect your day to day life?

  • Low energy
  • Cravings
  • Brain fog
  • Addictive behaviour
  • Procrastination
  • Irregular menstrual period 

Obesity Today Is A Pandemic

Back in the day, obesity was rare. This was not because they ate less but because they ate food in its natural state and lived a far more active lifestyle, connected with nature.

Even if the cause for obesity is related to hormonal or genetic issues, the health concern will remain even after modern slimming methods and may even result in other ailments.

The goal of modern medicine is to offer a quick fix, which only treats the symptoms of an illness and not its underlying cause. 

Whereas Holistic Medicine takes a broader view of health and looks into identifying the root cause to heal the body as a whole and to prevent occurrence of any potential diseases. 

Obesity is increasing all over the world and this is being passed on from generation to generation, making it more and more likely that they will develop diabetes too. Hormones and genes are influenced by lifestyle factors, the type of food we eat and the way we consume it.

If we fix the root cause, we can help ourselves and our children and generations ahead to avoid this problem in the future.

The Quick-fixes For Obesity Have Many Pitfalls 

When it comes to obesity, allopathy has numerous slimming methods like surgeries (gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy) or appetite-controlling pills. While the surgeries and pills may seem successful initially, they leave behind long term side-effects.

Modern slimming methods’ complications:

  • More prone to infections, acid reflux, ulcers, bowel obstructions, metabolic disbalance etc. 
  • Changes in structures like cutting the stomach or other puts the organs under a lot of pressure over compensating for the havoc caused inside the system.
  • Low absorption of nutrients causes deficiencies, anemia is one of the most common effects.
  • Cognitive dysfunctions like procrastination, brain fog etc. due to low supply of nutrition even to the brain. 

“Stomach is the biological kitchen for processing and digesting food. Stomach does not choose….it only cooks the food. Why cut off part of the stomach? Why not cut off part of the hand or stitch up the mouth?”   – Dr. Ludmila

Holistic Weight-loss Strategies To Obesity

Once you consider Health as a whole, not fragmented into pieces! You will realise how each organ has a function of its own and should not be compromised in any way, but should be supported so that it can continue to function optimally for a long time. 

In Holistic Medicine, the person is addressed as a whole, the root cause is identified and the whole body is treated, then only true healing can be attained!

Lifestyle is crucial 

Whatever might be your choice for weight loss, be it diet or surgery or a natural solution, whatever you choose calls for conscious eating and physical activity.

Even a quick solution such as surgery, requires a permanent lifestyle change to sustain it. This means a restrictive diet.  

Since a lifestyle change is a requirement for any slimming method you choose, why not choose to adapt a healthy lifestyle first.

It may take you a few months of dedication or even a year but the results will not be temporary, they will be lifelong and more rewarding.

If a mother of a newborn could alter her own diet for the health of her baby, why not do it for her own body!? 

Lose weight naturally

It is possible to achieve the body shape, appearance, and health you want with zero risks through a Holistic Lifestyle.

The holistic approach works in natural ways to heal your body from root issues, without any side-effects. It works to restore health.

Everything is possible once you allow your body to function the way it is designed to. Our body has a tremendous capacity to self-heal.

This type of healing promotes cell regeneration, slows down aging, improves energy, and restores balance and harmony in the body.

With Holistic weight-loss strategies, we don’t cut, we restore! Our procedures work with the body’s natural abilities and you can achieve sustainable weight loss without going under the knife. While the time for transformation may vary from person to person, the additional years you enjoy in good health far outweighs any quick fix. As a result, you lose weight naturally.

You have the power to choose. Choose consciously.



“Beauty is symmetry

                 Symmetry is balance

                                       Balance is harmony

                                                          Harmony is health” 

                                                                                       – Dr Ludmila

Did you know that symmetry can be used to detect an individual’s health status?

The food you eat, the medications you take, your lifestyle in general, all affect your health. 

But there are other issues that may not be obvious at first, such as asymmetries of body structure. Asymmetries and postural imbalances can lead to physical ailments and limit your daily activities.


The Onset Of Asymmetry

You may be surprised to learn that asymmetry is not always the result of genetics as we would like to regard it as.

Infact asymmetry can develop right from birth and as you age. Some of the causes for asymmetry are:

  • lack of postnatal care for mother and newborn – babies need to be massaged within 2-3 weeks to adjust their position and orientation of the bones
  • C-section delivery – extraction of the baby from the uterus unlike a normal delivery requires even more physical activity from both mother and newborn
  • prolonged sitting – long hours of sitting position at work or school and hunched over
  • Traditional practices have been replaced by modern lifestyle such as resting on chairs and sofas all day instead of lotus sitting and not using squat toilets.

Understand the effects of asymmetry on health

  • When a face has a lot of asymmetry, the imbalance can cause vertical heterophoria. The person may not be aware of this, but may experience recurring symptoms such as headaches and dizziness.
  • Facial asymmetry can affect one’s vision like astigmatism 
  • It can cause restlessness, breathing difficulties, attention deficit disorder (ADD), scoliosis etc. in children


Childhood Postural Asymmetry: Effects On Health

We are raising children in a digital age. 

So we need to pay attention to aspects of their health in a different way than in the pre-digital era. 

In the pre-digital era children used to walk barefoot, have outdoor activities and be a lot more mobile. All of this ensured flow of energy and natural development. 

Today, children spend their day using laptops, TVs, and tablets for long periods of time that may lead to bad posture as well as behavioral problems. 

An imbalance in energy flow due to asymmetry may result in ill digestion, restlessness etc. which in return affect a child’s behaviour. 

When the stomach and lungs do not function properly, children become restless because the body looks for ways to balance and adjust. These children will also have memory problems, concentration problems, indigestion, etc.


Can Asymmetry Be Corrected? 

Yes, you can correct asymmetry… And you don’t have to live with it if your intention is health! 

There’s always a solution with Holistic Healing. 

First, sit in front of a mirror – look at yourself and at your children’s face and posture carefully.

Stand back and consider any other issues you or your child may have or are experiencing, such as: headaches, low energy, joint pain, sinus,etc. 

If you do, then it is time to attend to this now so it doesn’t grow with you or your kids!

Holistic Healing’s specially designed programme will help you in detecting asymmetry, realising how deep is its effect on the face and the body, and how it affects internal functions.

Combined Holistic methods have shown successful results in restoring balance and symmetry, healing and prevention of disease.


Kinesiology – by stimulating certain areas of the body, applied kinesiology can release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. It relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, and increases the range of motion.

Physiotherapy – supports in restoring balance of physical function of muscles and ligaments.

Homeopathy similia similibus curentur, or ‘like cures like’ – restores resonance and symmetry in body

Ayurvedic reflexology– improves mobility and flexibility, releases toxins, supports overall sensory acuity 


Dr Ludmila says: “life and health is the flow of energy. If flow is symmetrical, health is stable. 

If flow is asymmetrical, it means a block of energy is present. 

Restlessness and stiffness follow as symptoms. Sickness is a result. 

Everything begins from the flow of energy. 

Parents, please care about the flow of energy in your children to prevent future sickness or developmental problems.”

then it is time to attend to this now so it doesn’t grow with you or your kids!

Early intervention supports in curing:


  • Distress – Difficulty to hold posture – Overactive behaviour –  temperamental – inertia – difficulty to concentrate, attention deficit disorder (ADD) – clumsiness 
  • Other symptoms like: sinus, vision disorder, shoulder-hips-knee pain, flat feet, scoliosis, migraine, ill-digestion, poor appetite, constipation, bloating, sleep apnea or snoring
  • Facial asymmetry –  misaligned teeth and jaw, shoulder dislocation etc.


The joy of restoring a child’s Health, watching them grow and thrive right in front of you, Healthy and Happy, is one of the most heartwarming feelings!

To watch his parents enjoy their time with him and not have to spend sleepless nights in hospitals.

At four years of age, Adam had been struggling with Asthma for 2 years. His parents felt terrible that at such a young age, he was on inhalers and heavy medications when he should be free and playing just like any other kid his age!

Disappointed in the lack of improvement  in their child’s condition using modern medicines like antibiotics and cortisones, and seeing him continue to struggle to breathe and sleep, they decided to bring Adam to Holistic Healing Medical Centre, for a consultation with Dr Ludmila.

In just a few weeks of Homeopathy treatment and Holistic Lifestyle, Adam was completely healed with amazing results!  He did not struggle with breathing anymore, neither did he have to take antibiotics or cortisones or inhalers! Adam loved taking the sweet medicine that Homeopathy is! In fact he would ask for the sweet medicine himself. Homeopathy is one such medication that is easier and convenient for parents to give their children as it is sweet in taste.

Adam’s behaviour improved, he seemed more at ease with his body, increased appetite, happier, laughing more and interacting with everyone. It was a wonderful transformation to witness from the little toddler who had come in one month back, cranky, distracted, restless and seemingly sleep deprived because of breathing difficulties. 

Adam got his Health and Happiness back at Holistic Healing Medical centre with Dr Ludmila. 


Another example is that of three year old Gabriela, unable to walk, poor balance, delay in speech and motor skills due to her developmental delay. Gabriela’s mother was absolutely thrilled and shocked when her child made tremendous progress and took her first steps within few weeks of her consultation with Dr Ludmila. 

Dr Ludmila’s treatment was extremely unique to Gabriela’s parents, giving them a Holistic perspective of her condition and Homeopathic treatment which is safe and highly effective to restore Health.


Homeopathy works in a subtle and effective way which makes this line of medicine most favourable for children. In Holistic Healing Medical Centre, Homeopathy is supported by Healing Water by Kangen device, which helped restore Adam’s Health. At Holistic Healing we make Healing Water available for anyone who wishes to drop by our clinic complementary! Human body is 72% water, and in children, it is upto 80% water. That is how important the right kind of water is for our Health. 

When children should be walking this planet soaking in nature and playing, why do we continuously make them dependent on antibiotics and restraining them from being in nature because of fear of viruses?

“Kid’s immunity is a sensitive point to me as a Holistic doctor. 

It’s so painful and so sensitive. 

Our kids and adults, it is the 5th to 6th generation who are living under regular use of vaccination, antibiotics, cortisones etc.. 

Vaccination, just like everything else on the planet, has two sides to it – vaccination can help and vaccination can suppress immunity.

You know when the child is born, it is several vaccines in one syringe on the first day. 

On the child’s first day on this planet, we welcome them with a syringe!

It’s unbelievably painful for me!

It’s better I dont talk more on this. Better I talk about Health,

Health for kids

Immunity can only be in a Healthy body.

Immunity is only a part of the protection system in our body  which protects us against any virus, any vaccination, any infection, or any type of issue.

We have a lot of layers of protection.

And if the body functions in Health, resonates in Health, vibrates in Health, no problem!”

Lifestyle & Personal Hygiene At Home

Children learn and imitate behaviors by watching others, especially their own family.

  1. This is why it is essential that parents do not just give instructions about cleanliness to children but instead also practice what they preach to their own children. 
  2. If children watch their parents eating unhealthy food, or drink soda, why would they think it is not the right thing to do? 

They see for themselves the contradiction in what their own parents preach and act.


Holistic Healing Is Unique

Holistic Healing Medical Centre has a unique perspective to restore your Health when compared to modern medicine. Dr Ludmila being an expert in both lines of medicine, a phD holder in modern medicine and founder of Holistic Healing medicine, she has developed extraordinary treatments for restoring Health and immunity against any virus or vaccination.


A simple logic.

When we are clean, we will be more conscious of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the thoughts that we absorb… we will go for the right options for our mind, body and health.

We become CONSCIOUS humans.

Someone who makes efforts to lead a disciplined clean life to maintain their Health, would not want to jeopardise it by living in a space or going out into an environment that is unclean.


“If you wish to live in a clean environment, then it begins from inside your body.” – Dr Ludmila

For a Healthy living, it is essential to have a toxin-free environment, both internally and externally. One is under our full control and the other, we can individually bring a change to. Eating clean and keeping our personal space clean, comes down to our choices.


 “In the 21st century we are so smart, we have information at a fingertip. We know that Pepsi does not grow on trees. That Coca Cola is not found in any spring water or lakes. It is only an artificial product full of sugar and we support it by buying it. When our environment is full of sugar, definitely any pathological bacteria or virus will love it. Similar to cockroaches’ attraction to garbage. Pathological bacteria love the same toxicity.” – Dr Ludmila

It is time we realised that as humans, we are responsible for our Health. If the environment inside our body is clean, no pathological virus can survive. But if our internal environment is full of toxic food and medicines, it gives way to illnesses like diabetes and obesity, which becomes attractive to viruses.


“The people who choose a clean environment inside and take responsibility for their own Health, cannot stay in a dirty environment outside.” – Dr Ludmila

They do everything possible to support the environment to be clean even outside. They never blame viruses or parasites or bacteria. They immediately identify what is not correct and adjust their life to support health.



4 minutes is all it takes for the human body to realise the value of oxygen when we don’t have it.

Each one of us needs a constant supply of oxygen to live. For our cells and tissues to function easily, allowing the body to support itself. The oxygen levels in the blood would decide if enough is distributed to the organs. Oxygen is the source of life.

When there is a drop in this level, it immediately affects the functioning of the brain and the rest of the body. This is why we feel a significant difference in our energy levels when we are outdoors in nature and when we are inside closed buildings with trapped air.


Oxygen now is at a price in the form of a therapy

There is an increase in the need for depending on supplemental oxygen due to various factors. And living a lifestyle that is restrained to closed-up homes and offices with no ventilation and limited outdoor activities, contributes to low oxygen levels in our body. Inside buildings we are constantly breathing in stagnant air. Without oxygen, the excess of carbon dioxide leads to accumulation of toxins.


Our lifestyle limits our oxygen intake

The oxygen we think we are inhaling in closed space is air that circulates, but not oxygenated. We inhale what other people exhale. This air is toxic and we tend to feel more tired, drop in energy, stiff muscles, etc. We then have to depend on taking supplements such as Magnesium, Glucosamine etc.   to help us deal with pain even after physical activity.


 Did you know that Oxygen is what burns the fat?

When we exercise, we actually need more oxygen because oxygen is what burns calories. The more the oxygen intake, the higher is the rate of fat burned because of an increase in the metabolic process. Most people today resort to exercising indoors, in closed spaces, instead of outdoors. Without oxygen, the excess of carbon dioxide leads to accumulation of toxins. Ideally, activities and exercises should be kept outdoors where all vital energies like the sun and oxygen are available and free flowing without any stagnation. It is constantly moving and not constrained.

Outdoor activities will support us with not only activities but also aids in cleansing toxins. When you have more outdoor activities, there is no pain, no stiffness, it is pleasure, because outdoor activities also support you with oxygen. This is how oxygen can transform life from sickness to Health.

Everything is available for us in this universe. It is us who are not available.

We may be too busy to give our body its basic needs, just because of a modern lifestyle and living in the city .  However, in today’s times, we are able to do a lot more in one day than we used to –  time is there, the support is there on many levels. We have the facilities and options for a more convenient and comfortable life. All we need is our consciousness. Just like we make sure we have that cup of coffee or tea daily, we can also make sure that we get some fresh air!

Having oxygen therapies are also great. This is good in terms of supporting patients but not to be dependent on the therapies. What is even better is to follow a holistic lifestyle that helps you make yourself available to the universal energies, to have access to oxygen at all times and not to be dependent on any therapies.

Depending on supplemental oxygen is only a temporary solution. The real remedy is to make ourselves available for the existential energy outside – the sun, the trees… it will only support us in breathing in fresh air, improving our oxygen levels and restoring health. A lifestyle that is on time utilizing the energies that we have been blessed within the universe is what mankind needs. A lifestyle that respects and absorbs what this universe has to offer.

The Holistic Lifestyle encompasses all the five energy elements that are essential for supporting the human body. This is a lifestyle transformation that will help us in identifying what, where and how we can best absorb this energy and be in-tune with nature.

Nature is our best source of energy.


Ayurveda works around the principle of an individual’s body constitution (Prakriti), which ideally helps in understanding and managing health. Through this a treatment plan can be identified that works best for him / her.

For a health concern relating to skin, in Ayurveda, it is most often the result of Virudaharam (diet that involves incompatible food) and stress. Why stress? Body, mind and soul is a unified entity as per Ayurveda, hence when one is not functioning correctly, it simultaneously affects the rest. This is why Ayurveda classifies as a Holistic treatment viewing an individual as ‘Whole’ instead of parts.


How Ayurveda Identifies The Root Cause

Food can be like medicine for the human body. At the same time, if not consumed correctly, rather than being nutrition to the body, it can in fact harm your body. This is explained as Virudaharam in Ayurveda. Skin disorders such as skin pigmentation, tinea versicolor etc. are a side-effect of poor diet and digestive functioning. Ayurvedic treatment tracks how it is caused by food or stress.

For example, an individual’s body may not react to consuming shrimps but at another time, for example in summer, the body may not accept shrimps and would react to this food. This indicates imbalance in the person’s system.  If one is in balance, he / she should be able to take in any food.

Virudaharam details some food combinations that should not be consumed. To list a few

Yoghurt + fish

Chicken + honey

Ayurveda considers digestive enzymes as digestive fire which is called jatharagni. When there is improper jatharagni, food consumed will not get digested properly which can lead to ama formation which is toxins according to Ayurveda. Ama formed in this manner due to improper jatharagni, tends to circulate throughout the body as the small intestine absorbs whatever comes to the small intestine.

Once absorbed, the ama goes straight to the liver, which can add stress on the liver. This stress can affect emotionally and physically as the liver tries to neutralise toxins. This emotional stress can lead to skin disorders such as Psoriasis. The liver will not be able to neutralize the toxins completely so the rest of them will circulate throughout the body along with the nutrients. These toxins can cause different issues with respect to where they end up with circulation.


Eliminate Toxins & Improve Diet Through Holistic Healing

The primary treatment is to detox the body to eliminate toxins and improve absorption of nutrients in the intestines. Through this not only is the digestive function being put back in place and how it is supposed to be, but the overall health concerns are being catered to as well, for example skin disorders.

Following this is a lifestyle plan to understand food that supports you and not fight against your body. Not only will skin outbursts be managed through this but so will stress which also plays a crucial role in skin disorders. Yoga and meditation will further transit you to a Holistic Lifestyle full of health, happiness and success.

This is what makes Holistic Ayurvedic treatment different because of our unique approach of combination of treatments which is fast healing and long-lasting.


Weight has been an ongoing concern for many, and losing weight takes the trophee with the numerous diets and workouts being introduced every day!

Many of the center’s visitors come in wanting to lose weight not only for the self image or esteem but also due to experiencing constant health issues such fatigue, bloating, low energy level, water retention and much more!

On the other hand we also have patients who come in with concerns relating to headaches, bloating, joint pain, low energy and more, stemming from the methods used for losing weight, such as the diets and the workout regimens.

So what is the real problem here? is it the weight itself or the side effects of the methods used to lose weight?


The Hype Around WEIGHT

“In the 21st century, we have two types of problems – very few people like to gain weight and so many people wish to lose weight. This is because we live in excess. Excess of food, excess of energy – we live in comfort. This is the reason we stagnate energy. The moment we stagnate energy, we retain toxins, and the body retains water and fat to support life and not to destroy life.” – Dr Ludmila

When the body is full of toxicity, it retains water and fat to continue life. This is the case when there is not enough oxygen in us.

So how can we ensure there is enough oxygen in our body?

Breathe fresh air and get active outdoors! Food and exercise alone does not control the weight. It is the level of oxygen that is transited in our body that helps in burning the calories.


Holistic Approach

There are so many different reasons for weight loss or weight gain. Holistic Healing has a personalised approach to this. Our treatments work on energy levels to understand what other reasons aside from food could be affecting our body. This is because we are five elements of energy, not just one. Food is only 12% of our energy, the rest is air, water, fire and space.

The general perception worldwide is that food is the sole reason for weight gain. Or we assume that when it comes to health, it is good food or bad food.

When food becomes the only area we try to balance, we are only taking care of that 12% in our body. So why all the hype around just food?

When on a transformational journey through the Holistic Healing programme, the Holistic patient would be introduced to a completely different view on weight. Our treatments focus on all five elements of energies, not just food alone. This is why with a Holistic Healing programme, the body will stop retaining water and fat, and start diluting the toxins. When you lose toxins, the body can easily lose the fat or water and not retain it.

The result is long-term effect with Holistic Healing programmes. It is not just weight loss that you benefit from but overall health.


Benefits of Holistic Healing programme

The main benefit of the Holistic Healing programme is an overall transformation.

  • Youthful skin
  • Healthy weight
  • Vital energy
  • Stress relief

 At Holistic Healing, it’s not about the numbers on the weighing scale but about how you transform yourself. Our programme detoxes, regenerates and services health.

Are you up for a Holistic transformation?



“Immunity is the bi-product of health. Health means high immunity.  You cannot stimulate low immunity, because you cannot stimulate something that is low or weak. If you stimulate something that is weak, it becomes even more weak.

If you stimulate immunity when it is weak, it can collapse which becomes sickness. If you start to restore health, immunity will happen on its own.

 Immunity can be regenerated.  

99% of the immunity is developed in the intestine and colon. This is where the lymphatic cells develop and regenerate.

 First is Health.”  – Dr Ludmila

Holistic Healing by Dr Ludmila is extraordinary and unique in its approach towards health. Immunity is a result of health which is why at Holistic Healing, your Health is our priority. Our approach first and foremost looks at your overall health – this would mean your mind, body and energy.

We detect by using diagnostic screenings like NLS and Bio-Well to give a deeper insight on your organ functioning and energy levels. The treatment plan is then designed following the process of detect – detox – develop – service. We help you transition from ‘medication to meditation’.

At Holistic Healing, we help our patients to become aware of their body and to guide them towards a Holistic lifestyle.  This way, we move you from ‘medication to meditation.’


As Dr Ludmila quotes, “If your system is healthy, it means immunity is high. You are the one who is responsible to put in your mouth soda or sugar, drugs or pills or chemicals or vitamins. Or you eat  fruits and vegetables, which support your health and immunity.

 Can immunity exist without health? Not at all. Immunity is the result of health. Can health be with good immunity? Absolutely.

 Can you have good immunity without health? No.

If you have health, immunity exists because it is part of health. If health and immunity exist, the body knows how to care about the virus.

 If viruses can be prevented by washing hands, wearing a mask and staying isolated in times of danger, what does it mean? Do we need vaccination? Do we need anything to care about us?

 We need to care about ourselves, and not about pills, vaccines, as to which one is more efficient.

 No pills, no vaccine can be as efficient as your own body, as your own immunity, as your own hygiene because you are the one who washes the hands, you are the one who drinks soda or sugar or cigarette or clean air.

 You know where to go when there is danger –  either to a polluted place which is full of sick people and people who don’t know how to wash their hands in the 21st century or how to stay isolated. Or you go to a park which gives you fresh air full of oxygen. The point is, it is your choice.”


What Really Is Health?

Health is the comfort of your body to lead a life without any restrictions or symptoms. You cannot prevent diseases which are in thousands but you can care for health, which is one.

Health needs to be serviced and in your home, not in hospitals. Ideally we need to eat three times, drink, sleep, every single day. Why? Because the body needs to regenerate. This is why sleep is not considered as an activity for just once a month or eat a few times a week… these are activities that need to be carried out as a routine on a daily basis and on time. If you don’t eat or sleep for a few days, you can immediately feel your energy deteriorating.

Let’s take the example of a car. For a car to function optimally you need to fill in petrol once a week and servicing once every few months? A car needs only so much maintenance but for a human body to function in its highest capacity, it needs servicing every single day and without the support of hospitals.

This is why the regenerating activity of the body is so much more important than diets. Immunity can only happen as a RESULT of health. It is an after effect of Health.

 The Holistic Healing Approach

Health requires SERVICE and this is why at Holistic Healing, we follow the process of DETECT – DETOX – DEVELOP.







Your own body has everything it needs for your sustenance – you just need to know how to care for health. If your intention is to restore heath, Holistic Healing Medical Centre is right here, to support you!

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