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High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an important ingredient that regulates the normal body functions. However, it becomes dangerous when it goes out of proportion and puts our health in danger.

Normal cholesterol production contributes towards:

Maintaining cell membrane

Making digestive bile and other acids in the intestine

Support in manufacturing of vitamin D

Aid in production of essential hormones

High cholesterol level can substantially increase your risk of heart attack and other diseases that disrupt the normal functions of the body.

Conventional medicine promises to control the cholesterol level but it fails to give you a permanent solution that would stabilize your natural processes for a normal cholesterol production.

Holistic Healing for Cholesterol

Holistic treatment for high cholesterol is more than just a therapy or medication. We combine various treatments within a customized Health program to help lower the cholesterol levels and restore the normal bodily functions.

What makes you the right candidate?

High cholesterol usually has no apparent symptoms; only your blood test report can reveal your cholesterol level. It is advisable to run this test as a routinely check up if you:


Are overweight

Have a family history of Cholesterol problems

Had heart attacks at a young age or have parents & grandparents who suffered heart attacks

Live free of dis-ease today and maintain your health for tomorrow.

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