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Holistic Lifestyle recommendations for Children


During this period it is especially important for children to follow a Holistic Lifestyle to support their health, growth and development:

1. Maintain your kids sleeping routine, encouraging them to be in bed by 9 pm and to wake up
early in the morning. Activity should be greater during the day, and reduced during the evening.

2. Be active with your children, especially during sunrise and sunset. Partake in family exercises
in the fresh air, outside or by an open window. Breathing exercises and Upa yoga are best.

Other excellent exercises particularly during this period of time include squats, jumping rope or
other jumping exercises.

* An excellent exercise for children to reduce agitation and balance energy is the turning of their
wrists. Encourage them to do this regularly while they study online on devices!

3. Have as much family time as possible – family games that involve all members of the family.
Play different board games, charades, cards, sudoko, etc… Alternate between physically and
mentally engaging activities.

4. Avoid rich and heat producing foods, especially sugar, candies, popcorn, chips and chili, as
these can lead to increased agitation and frustration in children. Instead, have more apple,
clementines, oranges, cucumbers and avocados as snacks.

5. Replace sweets and candies with dates, bananas or other ripe fruits.

6. Have regular meal times: breakfast between 6-8 am, lunch around 12 pm and dinner around

6 pm, with regular snacks in between. Avoid late night meals or snacks!

7. Make sure to have plenty of fluids during the day; alkaline water, water with lemon, cranberry
juice, tomato juice, apple juice & chamomile tea

8. To support the system, encourage having 1 tsp turmeric in the morning. This could be as balls
of turmeric powder and a little honey, or turmeric dissolved in water with little honey.

9. Start and end the day with a bath or at least a shower. Baths are ideal. We are 70% water,
and therefore water has a tremendous effect on transforming our bodies.

Children can have baths during the day as well instead of swimming. You can massage them
with coconut oil or green graham powder, and bath them in warm water with mustard powder.

10. Encourage transition of energy in rooms and avoid stagnation in your space to reduce the
frustration of your children and break electromagnetic stimulus from devices. This can be done
by burning oil lamps, using lavender/eucalyptus/tea tree oil and/or burning laden or camphor. Do
this in rooms where your children are engaging in their online distance learning.

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