Have you ever wondered why good health instead of weight loss is not topping our priority list? It is because only a minority of us take our health to be our personal responsibility. The rest of us take it for granted or feel overwhelmed by it.   Prioritising the Intentions  Intention is what the heart […]

“Holistic Lifestyle is to support oneself to develop efficient activity of one’s body. Whatever our intention is, our mind immediately follows it. So it is necessary that we are alert about what we identify ourselves with. Focus on the health and not the disease. A Holistic Lifestyle is key to enjoying one’s life.” – Dr […]

Can you imagine that 70% of our body consists of Water. And that 90% of our Brain is water. Our cells float and live in an environment made up of water and our blood contains 90% water. Planet earth is made up of 70% water and it is through water, life on this planet has […]

It is time to stop worrying about viruses in the air and start focusing on how pleasant our environment/media is for viruses to live and multiply. Chronically ill people with high toxicity, fermentation, low activity, poor diet and stagnated energy are the ones most at risk. The Holistic approach is about caring for our health […]

A message from Dr. Ludmila Vasilieva MD PhD Homeopath, founder of Holistic Health Medical Center I have devoted my life to Holistic Medicine for more than twenty-five years now combining modern science with eastern wisdom. I would like to give some recommendations about what to do to prevent coronavirus if you have come in contact […]

STATEMENT BY DR. LUDMILA VASSILIEVA MD PhD HOMEOPATH: Viruses are showing who is Ruling the World Dr Ludmila Vassilieva, PhD, Homeopath Founder of the Holistic Healing Approach in Medicine Founder of Holistic Healing Medical Centre (Dubai) HEALTH & Holistic LifeStyle   Today the fear of the pandemic is dominating global media and our minds. Viruses […]

Have you been so busy home-schooling your kids and trying to work from home? Has your skincare routine been slacking during quarantine? Are you ready to step back into the world glowing and looking your best? It is time for post-lockdown self-care! Our Holistic Aesthetics specialist has developed uniquely designed Hydrafacial treatments for different skin types. […]

We’ve all been there, our parents or grandparents catch us doing something, and throw a word of caution our way that at first sounds ridiculous! “Those electronics will fry your brain someday!”, “Eating before sleep will give you nightmares!” Many of us have been guilty of rolling our eyes without taking these comments very seriously. Guess what? […]

Ramadan is a special month for many of us. It revolves around the time; the biorhythm of nature. The Holy Month begins and ends depending on the phase of the moon and fasting is from sunrise to sunset. Similarly, the Holistic Lifestyle encourages us to reconnect with time and the flow of nature. Traditionally and […]

During this period it is especially important for children to follow a Holistic Lifestyle to support their health, growth and development: 1. Maintain your kids sleeping routine, encouraging them to be in bed by 9 pm and to wake up early in the morning. Activity should be greater during the day, and reduced during the evening. […]

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