“Immunity is the bi-product of health. Health means high immunity.  You cannot stimulate low immunity, because you cannot stimulate something that is low or weak. If you stimulate something that is weak, it becomes even more weak. If you stimulate immunity when it is weak, it can collapse which becomes sickness. If you start to restore health, immunity […]

If you are someone who has come across both Holistic medicine and modern medicine, you may have wondered what could possibly be different in their approaches and results. While modern medicine is great when it comes to emergency life-saving conditions or chronic illnesses, Holistic medicine by Dr Ludmila aims to restore health by regenerating new […]

“You are born Holistic, whole! We only help you restore health, realise happiness and develop harmony.” – Dr Ludmila  A Holistic lifestyle is proof that YOU CAN LIVE A PILL-FREE LIFE. There are people leading healthy lives in today’s fast-paced world, making conscious decisions for their mind and body on a daily basis. This is […]

WATER IS SACRED “Maybe it’s because I am an Aquarius – sign of water and air, symbolising giving. Or maybe because I am in this line of Holistic medicine, I have always been sensitive to water even from a distance, right from childhood. I knew this was water I can drink, and this was water […]

FEMININE ENERGY IN ABUNDANCE  “I wish every woman to realise that she is the source of creation. Creation is a source of love and life. Create in abundance.” – Dr Ludmila The 21st century marks the dawn of the Aquarius era, the time for the rise of feminine energy. The moment is here for both […]

Yes. You read that right. Amusing is it not? To know that our body is the universe in itself with all the answers we are looking for. We just need to understand the signals that the body is trying to communicate with us. We always seek solutions on the surface level. On the contrary, if […]

When Skin Speaks Health The skin is our largest organ; a canvas that mirrors everything that is going on inside our body as well as our lifestyle and our environment. It reflects our food habits, our sleeping pattern, our mental health – it all seeps right through the skin making it visible. What goes on […]

Acupuncture, which uses the method of pricking the human body with needles,  may baffle the world outside of China. Our minds are conditioned to believe what ‘conventional medicine’ tells us to believe. But Acupuncture, is much deeper. It is based on a philosophy of flow of energy and the treatment produces a gradual recovery. Results […]

“Our mind creates our thoughts Our thoughts affect our emotions Our emotions reflect our energy Our energy builds up our body.” – Dr Ludmila Vassilieva    Humans are the most intelligent of all creations. And yet, in this day and time, there is a clear lack of awareness to choose what is right over wrong. […]

“If you strive for bliss, your diet should be such that new disease cannot manifest and existing disease is alleviated.” – Charaka Man has come up with many inventions applying his intelligence and wisdom. Some have been successful. Some have failed to see daylight. The same can be said about the various medicinal approaches from […]

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