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Discover how homeopathy can be the gentle and holistic remedy to restore natural healing processes without any side effects. Are you constantly concerned about your child’s health? Look no further – homeopathy medicine for kids offers a gentle and effective solution. With centuries of history and a growing reputation, homeopathy takes a holistic approach to […]

Looking back in history, fasting was a very common practice among different cultures and traditions to benefit the physical, social and spiritual levels! One of the reasons was to support the body in transitioning from one type of food to another type of food as the seasons changed. Food used to change with every season […]

Everything in the universe has a cause and effect! Similarly, weight-gain and obesity are not a cause but an effect of something that is not right in our body. It’s time for us to make a shift in our perspective on the rising cases of obesity. The cause is what we need to look at […]

  “Beauty is symmetry                  Symmetry is balance                                        Balance is harmony                                     […]

The joy of restoring a child’s Health, watching them grow and thrive right in front of you, Healthy and Happy, is one of the most heartwarming feelings! To watch his parents enjoy their time with him and not have to spend sleepless nights in hospitals. At four years of age, Adam had been struggling with […]

A simple logic. When we are clean, we will be more conscious of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the thoughts that we absorb… we will go for the right options for our mind, body and health. We become CONSCIOUS humans. Someone who makes efforts to lead a disciplined clean life to maintain […]

4 minutes is all it takes for the human body to realise the value of oxygen when we don’t have it. Each one of us needs a constant supply of oxygen to live. For our cells and tissues to function easily, allowing the body to support itself. The oxygen levels in the blood would decide […]

Ayurveda works around the principle of an individual’s body constitution (Prakriti), which ideally helps in understanding and managing health. Through this a treatment plan can be identified that works best for him / her. For a health concern relating to skin, in Ayurveda, it is most often the result of Virudaharam (diet that involves incompatible […]

Weight has been an ongoing concern for many, and losing weight takes the trophee with the numerous diets and workouts being introduced every day! Many of the center’s visitors come in wanting to lose weight not only for the self image or esteem but also due to experiencing constant health issues such fatigue, bloating, low […]

“Immunity is the bi-product of health. Health means high immunity.  You cannot stimulate low immunity, because you cannot stimulate something that is low or weak. If you stimulate something that is weak, it becomes even more weak. If you stimulate immunity when it is weak, it can collapse which becomes sickness. If you start to restore health, immunity […]

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