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  • We show you what the inside of your body looks like! Rarely do we have the opportunity to see how every organ is functioning. We scan every organ in your body and measure the energetic flow of your entire system. More info

  • In this comprehensive session with our Holistic Doctor, your entire medical history and lifestyle - from when you were a child, till today will be looked at. It is essential for us to understand every aspect of you to be able to decide on the right and most effective healing program.

  • "We put you on the path of healing, it is up to you how much Health to take"

    After your comprehensive consultation, our Holistic Doctor will prepare a personal treatment plan for you. This can include Homeopathic remedies, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and other specialized healing modalities. This treatment plan is based on your personal needs and the results of your diagnosis.

  • Your Lifestyle is an essential part to your Healing. Our Holistic Doctor will guide you through the right Diet recommendations for your needs, as well as encourage you to make certain lifestyle changes. Following a Holistic Lifestyle has proven to speed up recovery.

  • Beauty comes from the inside! Once your body is clean and healthy you will begin to radiate beauty on the outside. After your treatment has been completed, we provide additional natural aesthetic procedures for you to feel as beautiful or handsome as you naturally are.

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P.O. Box 53420, Dubai, UAE

T : +971 4 348 7172
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