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Dr. Natalia Marilovtseva


Dr. Natalia has been a Medical Doctor for over 30 years of which more than 20 has been integrated with Holistic Medicine working along side the renowned Dr. Ludmila. Her main goal is to understand the individuality of health in every patient and to help improve their quality of life.

The driving force behind her inspiration is BEAUTY! Dr. Natalia performs certain cosmetic procedures and designs unique programs for individuals to fulfill their aesthetic desires.

She stands strongly behind the statement that: “Beauty is not only our face! It is also the clothes we wear and the beautiful interior we surround ourselves with and the best way to improve our beauty is through the healing of our internal body. This path opens the creativity in every individual to live in his/her greatest potential both mentally and physically!”

Today, Dr. Natalia knows it is not enough to be treated according to academic protocol because each person is unique.  In line with the Holistic Medical approach, she helps to develop individual treatment
programs that take previous diseases, lifestyle and nutrition into consideration.

Thanks to modern diagnostics, diverse high-quality data about each patient is also obtained and analyzed together with our team of specialists.

Such a systematic and holistic approach allows an understanding of what distinguishes each of us, and supports us in offering personal and integrative medical care to each individual person.

Dr. Natalia uses a variety of medicines (usually Natural or Homeopathic remedies) and procedures as part of a patient’s personalized program for an effective healing.


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