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This year ‘World Health Day’ celebrates it’s 70th anniversary and it’s topic is: Universal Health Coverage for everyone, everywhere!

World Health Day is a time to remind ourselves that everyday is an opportunity to care for the health of our loved ones, our planet and all living things around us. It is a chance to recognize global health challenges and movements while encouraging us to take charge of our own Health and Happiness.

Health is the foundation for Happiness and is the key to unlock our true potential. In todays world many of us live a busy lifestyle where we often don’t stop until our system is run down or we fall sick. Do you ever take a moment to pause and ask yourself what you really need? We might feel like we don’t have enough time in a day to care for ourselves… but really, all we have is time. Whether it is a cup of tea, dinner with a loved one, or a walk at the beach, when time is managed in harmony with nature, we end up with more time in good health.

Our planet is a healthy functioning biosphere that provides us with energy like sunlight, oxygen and nutrition. When used properly, all these elements feed us to create the healthy integrated mind, body and soul that we are. When we learn to live in harmony with our environment, we create a beautiful union of health between ourselves and nature.

Dis-eases and medical ailments are a doctors responsibility. However once the dis-ease is no longer there, maintaining true Health is our own responsibility. That is why health can only be achieved through a lifestyle that is integrated into our daily lives.

World Health Day allows us to remember that what we need to sustain our health is in fact around us and within us. Let us take today to make time for ourselves, be grateful for the energy our planet gives us, and wish everyone around us health, love and happiness

Be Healthy, Be Happy!


Often times Doctors aren’t able to detect the underlying cause for gastrointestinal diseases and the symptoms that are directly linked to it. Medication and surgery is prescribed and patients end up feeling worse than before, dependent on tablets, with little control over what is happening inside. This approach may eradicate symptoms and instant pain, however they are just fixing the surface and are completely neglecting the underlying cause.

To determine the root of recurrent or persistent symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, bleeding or anemia, our doctors may recommend a Video Capsule Endoscopy, especially if a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy have already been performed without revealing a specific diagnosis.

VCE can help to evaluate the extent to which your small intestine is involved or monitor the effect of a treatment given.

VCE offers a radiation-free, non-invasive and well-tolerated way to visualize and inspect our gastrointestinal tract, especially the small intestine. VCE consists of a wireless video capsule with one or multiple cameras connected to a light source, lens, batteries and a video chip through an electronic circuit in order to capture and transmit images.

VCE is useful in obtaining motility data such as gastric or small bowel passage time and aids in diagnosing dis-eases. The primary benefits of VCE include:

  • Extensive visual examination of small intestine to find sources of bleeding.
  • The non-invasive nature of the method makes it painless and convenient.
  • No need to anesthesia or other sedation
  • It does not require any traditional preparation except for 12-hour fasting.

Our Centre aims to ensure that your health is restored and maintained through natural treatments that do not cause any post-treatment side effects that usually follow in a conventional treatment.

Holistic Healing is designed to help you maintain a Healthy Body and Mind that allows you to reach your full potential.


As a mother, the happiness of my children is the greatest happiness I can ask for. Maintaining a healthy and happy child is not as stressful as most might think or as tiresome of a task as our mothers made us believe 😉

With homeopathy, my kids are healthy and strong even if they do catch the flu or that common virus every now and then, but this happens seldom! Their immunity has become a lot stronger and fight them in a short time. All this without the stress over medication, how to give it to them, and whether they will accept it or get sick from the taste…
Homeopathy is the one medicine my kids love taking and actually request more of! The sweet homeopathic pills are nature’s candy!

For over 4 years now, I have been using homeopathy for my children and I have learned so much about their feelings and behaviors! I understand them better and respond to them a lot wiser. I used to be confused as to why my kids were irritable, crying, nagging, angry or had no appetite. It was frustrating not to have the answers to these behaviors and I tried different methods from threatening them, punishing them and even bribing them! I am sure many mothers can relate to this…

Being introduced to homeopathy has supported me tremendously as I have realized that their psychological behavior is a direct reflection of their health and what is happening in their body!

Children are the happiest creatures alive! When they are healthy, they are happy and when they are happy, we mothers are happy!

Homeopathy is a natural medicine that supports the restoration and regeneration of health, not only on a physical but also on an emotional and mental level. My kids become calmer, friendlier, more focused, happier and on top of that not sick!

Mother earth has given us so many resources to maintain our health and to be happy. As natural as it is for a mother to give birth to a child, it is the most natural thing to offer them what nature has made available for us. It is time we mothers embrace Motherhood with Mother Nature.


Do you know that stress manifests itself in the body?

For many of us stress plays a bigger role in life than we would like it to be. Stress is a fairly universal element of the modern human experience, affecting our body physically, mentally and emotionally. It can be triggered by both external sources like major life changes, work, relationships or financial struggles, as well as internal factors like pessimism, unrealistic expectations or a physical imbalance.

We have learned to simply accept the feeling of stress as a part of our everyday lives. However we are not meant to feel this way! There are endless ways to deal with stress factors in our lives and find ways to truly let go. However most of us wait for that weekend getaway or summer holiday once a year and simply don’t take time for ourselves on a regular basis.

De-Stressing is a way of life and a daily practice just like eating and drinking is. Give your body what it needs to stay in good health and to sustain it so you can enjoy more of it!

At the Holistic Healing Medical Center, we designed a new & unique program that works to relax your nervous system, stimulate your endorphins and connect you with your inner health, happiness and harmony.

It is time to give your body what it needs and De-stress the Holistic way. Our unique combination of Holistic therapies offers a one of a kind approach to stress relief and management.

Ayurvedic healing will begin with a traditional ancient Indian method of a comprehensive consultation, designed to understand your personal body constitution. It has an eight-fold examination process, which includes a pulse diagnosis that will create a picture of any imbalances, and establish the appropriate Ayurvedic treatments or practices for you. The program consists of a variety of Ayurvedic treatments (such as: Abhyangam, Shirodhaara, Thalapodichil, Kashaya dhaara, Kayalepam), the use of specific oils, massages and herbs, which may be complimented with Yoga.

This program will give you a good start into living a stress free life. We begin by taking care of you, so you can integrate certain habits or practices as a part of your daily routine.

Ayurveda the Holistic way has proven more effective than ever. In combination with our ‘one of a kind’ treatments, we work on your body as a whole unit in order to rebalance, restore and revive the mind, body & soul.
This long-standing science of healing is able to support the body to detoxify and regenerate on a
deep level.

In order to follow your progress and show you the difference, we provide you with Biofeedback energy scans that can directly measure your stress-levels.


  • Increased circulation, especially to nerve endings Increased energy level
  • Toning of the muscles and the whole physiology
  • Calming for the nerves
  • Lubrication of the joints
  • Increased mental alertness
  • Improved elimination of impurities from the body
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Increased levels of stamina through the day
  • Improves the systemic circulation for better & deeper sleep at night Decreases Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Irritability
  • Reduction in panic attacks
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Improved mood
  • Total mind and body rejuvenation


What is your Colon?

The process of cleansing the colon goes back into history where its benefits are well documented.

The colon is essential for the endless activities impacting the health of your body. This includes:

  • Proper nutrient absorption
  • Maintaining a healthy pH balance
  • Controlling bacteria and dangerous substances
  • Impacting energy (chronic fatigue)
  • Proper brain function (brain fog often is a sign of clogged colon)
  • And so much more

When the body doesn’t rid itself of old food and waste then this can create a build up of mucus and bacteria in the colon leading to chronic fatigue, constipation, headaches, allergic reactions, ‘brain fog’, irritation and many more uncomfortable feelings. The toxins created by this build up, gets constantly reabsorbed by the body and released into the blood stream (where the liver needs to process it), creating even more harm to your system.

Why do a colon cleanse?

The intention of cleaning the colon is to flush out all the waste that has been accumulated in your system. Through colon hydrotherapy we use filtered water to loosen hardened stool and allow it to be expelled more easily. Moreover it manages to deeply clean the wall of the intestines, riding it from parasites, fungi or other harmful matters. Ultimately cleaning the pipes of your body to bring it back to its clean state for optimal functioning.

Doing a Colon Hydrotherapy can significantly improve your health. At the Holistic Healing Medical Centre we have created the most effective process, ensuring proper preparation and management during the session to achieve fast and optimal results.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminating harmful toxins
  • Preventing toxic absorption
  • Regulating stool
  • Allowing free passage of nutrients to the blood
  • Restoring proper pH balance to the body
  • Balancing immune system
  • Improving metabolism
  • Managing weight
  • Aiding Digestive disorders (constipation, abdominal pain, poor digestion)
  • Managing Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Clearing Skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc.)
  • Aiding Lung congestion (shortness of breath, asthma, hay fever, etc.)
  • Helping Headache and migraine
  • Controlling Depression and sleep disorders

We believe that true health can never be explained as it can only be felt. We design a personalized approach to healing based on your needs and combine various treatments and therapies for health and regeneration.

Did you know that 90% of serotonin, our happy hormone is created in the Colon? Be Healthy, Be Happy!


Everything you know and see can be boiled down to energy. Plants, trees and even inanimate
objects such as gemstones, can exhibit an aura. Your aura is a body of energy generated
around you. It is basically the world’s best detector of the human emotion and can show the
“real you” no matter how hard you try to hide it. All living things that need oxygen to survive have
an aura. They generate a large magnetic energy field that can be sensed, felt and even seen
around the physical body. Have you ever noticed people who simply make you feel good by just
looking at them? Or have you observed someone for the first time and knew there was
something off with this person – maybe anger or sadness – even though he/she has never said a
word to you? That is where the role of our aura comes into play.

If a person walks past you or very close to you, they may unintentionally take some of your
energy. If someone suddenly reaches out and grabs your arm, they are interrupting the flow of
energy around your body. An example of this might be a time when you were talking to
someone and you thought they were standing too close to you. You may have even thought to
yourself, “they’re in my space,” as you take a step back. Even this slight intrusion into your aura
or ‘space’ can interrupt your personal flow of energy.

An aura can be affected by various factors, mainly by energy or auras of others around us. If
you are dealing with a person who is more powerful and intimidating, their energy can affect
your aura and vice versa. If you’re enjoying the company of your lover, your aura will reach out
to theirs and connect into a form of light: like a halo. Interestingly, some of your energy will stay
with them and their aura will become a part of you, even when you’re away.

Learning how to positively effect your energetic system can help protect you from disruptions in
the Bodymind. Holistic Healing works on healing the body from the inside out, rebalancing the
functions of the internal physical in order to radiate on the external, all through measurable and
real time viewing of your energy field through the latest technologies.

Experience the visibility of the invisible existence.

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Existence has given us the gift of a healthy body. We, the human
race take this gift for granted and rarely do anything to support or
regenerate Health.

Imbalances in the body are the root cause for any sickness, pain and

Once this is understood we begin to realize the limitations of today’s
Health conception, particularly in mainstream medicine.

We are being prescribed to take medications that suppress
symptoms, destroy the body’s natural defense mechanism and simply
create an even deeper disruption.

This is because allopathic medicine teaches us to see the body in its
separate parts. However we must understand that this perspective
cannot heal the body in its entirety. Instead, the body must be looked
at as a whole. Healing must occur holistically.

Modern medicine has proven to be great for emergency situations in
the journey of your life.

Holistic Medicine will bring you back to your body’s natural state of
health once and for all.

The use of endless medications is simply suppressing your body and
your symptoms will keep going deeper.

Trust that your body can find a way to heal itself through Holistic

Discover yourself, take care of yourself and find harmony within your
mind, body & soul.

Holistic Healing is designed to recreate balance in the body on all
levels, as it was meant to be. A state of being, that cannot be
described but must be experienced.

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Why do nutrient IV infusions?

HOLISTIC AESTHETICS is unlike any path to beauty you have ever taken. It will transform you from the inside – out. You will discover yourself, feel pure & attractive, you will be glowing & bursting with living energy. You will be in harmony with the Universe. Holistic harmonizes your health, awakens your happiness and empowers you with success and you are bond to be hooked to this one of a kind path to eternal youth & vitality.

Having the right balance of vitamins and minerals in your body is essential to supporting regeneration and health. When your body does not absorb enough vitamins directly from your food, taking supplements is useless. You won’t be able to absorb vitamins from capsules either. It matters what you eat, but it is more important how you digest that food! That is why the Holistic approach works to detox you, restore your digestion and at the same time supply vitamins and minerals directly to your blood cells with IV infusions during this process. The combination of these methodologies will kickstart your body to absorb your food, feel energized, look younger and be filled with health and vitality.

Have you done infusions before, with no result? Or, wonder why you should take the Holistic approach? IV infusions can be extremely effective when done with the right balance and combination. Our Holistic doctor looks at your body as a whole and designs a plan that works to give you results beyond your expectations.

There is more: We use the most advanced biofeedback technology that scans your energetic system, your aura and your vitamin/mineral levels in order to detect how your body is improving. Staring in the mirror waiting for results is frustrating. We show you on black and white how your skin is improving, your collagen levels are going up, your organs are functioning, your stress levels are decreasing, your aura is expanding and your chakras are balancing – just to name a few! Go beyond the physical and you will discover true beauty.

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Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means ‘wheel’. According to ancient texts, Chakras are the circular energy vortexes in the body, which spin like a wheel.  There are hundreds of chakras spinning ideally in a clockwise direction, attracting healthy energy for us to absorb, while at the same time, throwing off negative energy we no longer need.  Of these, the 7 main chakras are described as pools of energy, the stations or centres of pure consciousness (chaitanya) and consciousness-power.  The healthier the chakra, the more energy we attract. The more energy we attract and hold on to, the healthier, stronger and happier we can be.  That is why, the healthier and the more spiritual you are from inside, the more balanced your chakras are and the stronger your vibration is on the outside.  The Chakras are ‘power stations’ of the body: they are responsible for distributing energy throughout the body.

A healthy chakra is one that is spinning rapidly in a clockwise direction, with no blocks to stop the flow of the Chi or Prana (Universal Energy or Life Force) that we need to live. Chakras, however are not always healthy, and for the most part are forever changing. The state of the chakras depends on many different factors, such as lifestyle, thought patterns, emotional history, and past life karma. As one moves through life and its experiences, the chakras are absorbing the effects it is exposed to. Interestingly enough, the spacing of chakras actually matches major nerve or endocrine centers in the body.

There are seven main chakras in the human body. Each of these seven chakras is found in one straight line from the top of the head to the bottom of the spine. The seven energy vortexes have their own individual traits. For instance, the seven main chakras are all different in colours. These colours correlate to the colours of the rainbow (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) going from top to bottom.

All cells in our body are vibrating at a very slow rate and giving off certain amounts of energy. And around our body there exists another lighter and finer body of energy that vibrates at a greater rate than those of our cells. This creates our Aura. Simply explained: the Aura is to our body like what the atmosphere is to Earth. Our Aura can be defined as a field of energy or light that surrounds every physical body on this planet. Each and every individual on the Earth has an Aura that comes in various colors called the spiritual colors of the Aura. These spiritual colors vary based on the state the aura is in. Auras are capable of showing diseases and lack of health or balance in an individual. The Aura can be considered as a ‘mirror’ that reveals our present mental, physical and spiritual state.

Like Chakras, Auras also come with specific colors.  The Auras and Chakras together constitute the spiritual colors of an individual. Both Chakras and Auras are vital to an individual’s health and well being. These channels of energy can get ‘clogged’ due to stress or illness and impact a person’s overall health. Certain forms of meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi within the Holistic approach to healing works to relieve blocked Chakras and purify Auras to restore health, happiness and harmony in the body.

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The story of a young man who is healing his Multiple Sclerosis the Holistic way


5 years ago I faced a strange problem with my vision, where a white layer was covering some parts of my eyesight. My vision got worse and the white layer started taking up more space. I thought I was actually going blind in one eye.

It was surprising to me when the eye doctor asked me to do a brain MRI test. The results showed that I had lesions in my brain and my problem was a chronic nerve disease known as Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.). M.S. is a complex condition and many people live with it throughout their lives, controlling it with medication that manages the immune system. That was what I was put on; a small pill that I would take every day to control my condition. I felt perfectly fine taking this pill for 4 years, with just some minor side effects like skin rashes.

Having to go through the whole process of sourcing out the really expensive medicine, and all the hurdles the insurance companies and hospitals forced me to go through, got me questioning the intention of the hospitals and care for the patients’ health. It was more of a case of stopping the patient from complaining rather than an attempt to resolving the issue altogether.

I simply could not believe the claims of medicine professionals, that M.S. has no cure and can only be controlled via immune suppressors.


Being persuaded by loved ones, I thought that medicine was the only way forward, even though it was hurting other parts of my body. Fate nonetheless, brought me to Dr. Ludmila and from the first minute with her, I was so glad to hear someone that spoke to my gut feelings and confirmed what I have felt for so long.

I have had to go through some of the toughest times of my life, being away from my loved ones and not being able to live the life I am so used to living. When I spoke to people around me, they all accused me of being crazy to believe Dr. Ludmila, and thought I was taking a losable gamble on my health and my life.

Acceptance & Doubt

During the most difficult time, I ran into a friend who was suffering a more severe case of Multiple Sclerosis – he has had it for 17 years and has lost most of his motor functions. One statement that stuck with me was when he was told that this disease is a “destroyer of desires”. It hit me, I may never recover to the person I was before, and I may not be able to play football again, or even take my car for a simple drive. I feared that I will turn into a burden to everyone around me and that it may be an irreversible case.

That is when I told myself that I have to accept the consequences I face and that even though I may not be able to do some of the things I love, and I may have to take on some things that I don’t love. Accepting my limitations has allowed me to look forward and stop dwelling on the past. I started taking up new hobbies like swimming and free flying in the indoor inflight center, which has been proven to stimulate brain cells. I have really improved in doing both of them and I am now able to realize new things that I can excel in.

My situation wasn’t getting better and I started having doubts on the effectiveness of the treatment, and had some moments where I considered going through extreme measures to rid myself from the problem.


Accepting my case and looking ahead was really what helped me with the types of treatments I was receiving at the Holistic Healing Medical Centre. The combination of all the Holistic treatments including Liver detox, Hydro colon therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture and Ayurveda, has made me realize that I can get to a stage where my soul disconnects from my body and I look at myself from a third person point of view. This may sound far-fetched and I did think I was being possessed the first time this happened, but it only confirms what Dr. Ludmila says time and time again; that the soul can achieve much more than a body can. That disconnection has led me to believe that this treatment is much more than just curing the physical issues I am facing, it is helping me realize the importance of life and how my soul can reach extremes my body can’t.

By that time, my doubts have transitioned into a new found belief of how my soul, body and spirit is transforming into one that can have more influence than ever before. My mind and heart grew in capacity and I am more able to process, feel, think, and make rational choices without overthinking matters over and over again. Two weeks later, I noticed that my mind and soul are becoming stronger and taking over my body. That is when I noticed I could physically perform things I thought I would never be able to do. I felt more energetic and more alive than I ever felt before. Dr. Ludmila was able to show me the way to open up my mind and soul to become more accepting and receptive of methods I used to think were irrelevant in the past. Finding a doctor that looked at me as a whole and is treating the root cause of my pain has been a true gift.

Now, I am continuing my journey to recovering and becoming more of a human being than I ever was, and it feels “Amazing”!

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