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A Small Change. For A Lifetime Impact


Have you ever wondered why good health instead of weight loss is not topping our priority list?

It is because only a minority of us take our health to be our personal responsibility. The rest of us take it for granted or feel overwhelmed by it.


Prioritising the Intentions 

Intention is what the heart desires. Today, the struggle is with scheduling our priorities. And sometimes, health is often overshadowed by the rest. The first step to good health is prioritising this intention of wanting to be healthy and not looking at weight loss as an end result. Understanding the significance of good health and inculcating it as one amongst our primary needs is where the journey needs to begin.

And a lifestyle change is the first goal that needs to be set on the priority list.

When a lifestyle change is our intention, it is our heart’s desire, and only then will our mind follow it. This is the initial step in achieving the different goals we set for ourselves. If our lifestyle does not change for the better, our health will sooner or later become a hindrance in achieving the rest of our goals. This is where we need to prioritise our intentions. Prioritise good health and the necessity of a lifestyle change.


Small changes add up to the big difference

Sometimes the reason for procrastinating on the topic of health is that we are overwhelmed by not knowing how or where to set the change. We are saturated even before we attempt it, making it convenient for us to keep it for later.

One small step a day would be enough to get on the Holistic path, rather than having to face the consequences of wrong choices all at once. If we set our goal to be ‘healthy’ instead of ‘lose weight’ we would find the task to be slightly lighter. A bit more, POSSIBLE. Dental Implants

If we focus on our lifestyle as a whole, something as intimidating as weight loss will be easier to tackle. As with the lifestyle, we support not only the body, but also the mind and the soul to be all in harmony to achieve the results!


Success of a lifestyle change

Success always boils down to how consistent we can be and the positivity it spreads. This really is the most crucial task in hand at the end of the day. Good health being the intention, impact is far bigger with the lifestyle change we choose for ourselves today. Tomorrow. And the days following it.

Here is a short story from one of our own staff members. When she first sat down for an in-house holistic checkup, her problems or at least the ones she thought were her problems were frequent migraines. One month into the holistic lifestyle, and one of the small changes she practised was drinking a glass of green juice. Her migraines have since then been history. And not just that – she was also much calmer, with improved energy levels. These were not on her list of problems to be resolved but instead these were the bi-products of a small lifestyle change. More than what she had initially set out for. In a matter of time, her family members had also caught up with this practise of hers. This had not just benefited her but also her family. 

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The impact of a lifestyle change is not just bodily changes. It is also the mental health – the emotional and psychological aspects. The clean food we consume, the kind of water we drink, how active we stay throughout the day, our sleep patterns, and having control over our emotions are some measures to understand the impact of a lifestyle decision. You witness your own change, so does your family and your neighbourhood.

Ultimately, the purpose of Holistic Lifestyle is harmony. Where every creation follows a flow of energy, there is love and happiness, and lastly, we are in union with the universe. Immunity and health exist together.Our health is our own responsibility. Focus on what we can do today to stay healthy.

Afterall, lifestyle is for life. The choice has to be ours – to live in health or live in ailment. We can achieve it all based on how consistent we are with the small changes right now. What we plant today, we reap the benefits later and for a longer period.

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