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Looking back in history, fasting was a very common practice among different cultures and traditions to benefit the physical, social and spiritual levels!

One of the reasons was to support the body in transitioning from one type of food to another type of food as the seasons changed. Food used to change with every season and fasting aided in adaptation to eliminate any stress on the digestive system and to support the metabolism.

In today’s age, fasting continues to support people to restore health, to slow down and concentrate on themselves.However with today’s lifestyle, long days of fasting may cause stress instead of support. This is due to many reasons, some of which are:

  • A fast paced active lifestyle
  • Long working hours
  • High caffeine dependency
  • More mental activity instead of physical activity
  • Less access to nature & the outdoors

Fasting in the lifestyle of this century has to be adjusted to be beneficial rather than more stressful. This can be achieved in 7 days, only if combined with a proper detox program.


How does Fasting combined with detox work?

The digestive organs are the largest organs in the body, and they require a tremendous amount of energy, and they need to rest too. Resting the digestive tract by fasting frees up energy to be used for healing.

Freed up energy is used to improve digestive fire, burn away toxins, and support a strong immune system. Learning how to fast is an important part of understanding how to take care of your body and mind.


When there is no food intake, the body uses its energy for repair instead of digesting.

Combining detoxification with fasting allows the body to lose toxins faster, while consuming less energy on assimilation.


More elimination = balances homeostasis  > Faster regeneration 


What benefits do you experience from Fasting/Detoxing?

  • ELIMINATE toxins from your body and mind
  • RESTORE your constitutional balance improving health and wellness
  • PROMOTE longevity, self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality, mental clarity
  • INDUCE deep relaxation, better sleep and enhanced sense of well-being
  • Consciousness: self-discipline, concentration. Being more aware of hunger and negative thoughts.
  • Glowing & refreshed skin: minimizes skin outbreaks, clearer complexion.
  • STRENGTHEN your immune system
  • REVERSE the negative effects of stress on your body and mind
  • PREVENT re-occurrence of mind / body imbalances 
  • SUPPORT in preparation for a Colon Hydrotherapy  &  Liver detox
  • Improved healing process: lesser assimilation and more elimination of toxins, faster cell regeneration.
  • RAMADAN PREPERATION: begin preparing your body in order to reduce withdrawal symptoms and already eliminate toxins so you can enjoy the holy month even more.

To know more about the Holistic Fasting-Detox program, call us to speak to our Holistic Lifestyle Nutritionist.

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