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When Skin Speaks Health


When Skin Speaks Health

The skin is our largest organ; a canvas that mirrors everything that is going on inside our body as well as our lifestyle and our environment.

It reflects our food habits, our sleeping pattern, our mental health – it all seeps right through the skin making it visible. What goes on in the insides is what is reflected on the outside. Yet, we see right through it without understanding the message it is trying to convey. It is not about the days that we have our skin and hair looking perfect, but instead, it’s about our HEALTH.

Let’s put this into perspective.

How many of us ever give it a thought of what may have caused the skin imbalances and irritations? And more amusingly so, not many of us would even know that the skin and the gut health are interconnected.


Our esthetician says…

“I can recollect the incident of a patient who had come in with severe acne and candida problems. She had visited many clinics, undergone several tests and facial treatments. She was also redirected to other doctors like endocrinologists or gynecologists to run several tests. In the end, the solutions that she was given lasted a short while, only to return a few months later. The same cycle would then just repeat itself.

At Holistic Healing Medical Center, we work as a team – we have an esthetician and doctors specialized in Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We work on the root cause in eliminating it rather than putting the patient on antibiotics unnecessarily. In the case of this patient, we introduced her to a treatment plan of 3 months to eliminate toxins and improve absorption of nutrients. Alongside, we worked out her diet through consultation with the Holistic Ayurveda doctor, removing certain foods based on the understanding of which dosha she belonged to. At the end of the treatment plan, she was not only able to see a difference in her skin, but also the benefits of adopting a Holistic Lifestyle.”


Our Colon Is Root To Our Health

Gut health requires utmost care. Skin ultimately mirrors the gut. It is the reflection of our health rather than just the image we see in the mirror. Skin being the largest organ, it ultimately shows the choices we make for ourselves, our health and our lifestyle.

The body could signal an unhealthy lifestyle through acne, hyperpigmentation or even severe conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea etc.

While attending to the skin, Holistic skin care treatments also resolve several other issues, giving way for long-term results. “We often have patients come in complaining of pimples on the back or a face acne, and many times, the root cause always leads to the gut”, says our Ayurveda Doctor. Which is why it is extremely important to focus on gut health.


Holistic Skincare Combines Lifestyle With Skin Treatments

Holistic traditionally means to treat the body as a whole and not in parts – everything is believed to be interrelated. Holistic skin care will not only help your skin, but your overall health as well.

The Holistic approach to skin care includes facials, peels, massages to ensure the benefits are maintained and lasting much longer than any other instant solutions. Here, the focus is to cleanse from within as well as enjoy the perks of facials.

The reason Holistic skin care works is due to the importance given to the root cause more than the skin itself. The root cause can be identified by analysing the patient’s lifestyle. For example, when staying up late, you are most likely to wake up next morning with puffy eyes and dark circles. Similarly, a day of excessive consumption of oily and sugary foods, is bound to lead to breakouts.

The solution is to listen to what the skin is trying to communicate to us about our health. The skin reflects the health deep inside us, making it easier for us to monitor our lifestyle choices.

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