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When Does Asymmetry Begin? And Why Is It A Problem? 



“Beauty is symmetry

                 Symmetry is balance

                                       Balance is harmony

                                                          Harmony is health” 

                                                                                       – Dr Ludmila

Did you know that symmetry can be used to detect an individual’s health status?

The food you eat, the medications you take, your lifestyle in general, all affect your health. 

But there are other issues that may not be obvious at first, such as asymmetries of body structure. Asymmetries and postural imbalances can lead to physical ailments and limit your daily activities.


The Onset Of Asymmetry

You may be surprised to learn that asymmetry is not always the result of genetics as we would like to regard it as.

Infact asymmetry can develop right from birth and as you age. Some of the causes for asymmetry are:

  • lack of postnatal care for mother and newborn – babies need to be massaged within 2-3 weeks to adjust their position and orientation of the bones
  • C-section delivery – extraction of the baby from the uterus unlike a normal delivery requires even more physical activity from both mother and newborn
  • prolonged sitting – long hours of sitting position at work or school and hunched over
  • Traditional practices have been replaced by modern lifestyle such as resting on chairs and sofas all day instead of lotus sitting and not using squat toilets.

Understand the effects of asymmetry on health

  • When a face has a lot of asymmetry, the imbalance can cause vertical heterophoria. The person may not be aware of this, but may experience recurring symptoms such as headaches and dizziness.
  • Facial asymmetry can affect one’s vision like astigmatism 
  • It can cause restlessness, breathing difficulties, attention deficit disorder (ADD), scoliosis etc. in children


Childhood Postural Asymmetry: Effects On Health

We are raising children in a digital age. 

So we need to pay attention to aspects of their health in a different way than in the pre-digital era. 

In the pre-digital era children used to walk barefoot, have outdoor activities and be a lot more mobile. All of this ensured flow of energy and natural development. 

Today, children spend their day using laptops, TVs, and tablets for long periods of time that may lead to bad posture as well as behavioral problems. 

An imbalance in energy flow due to asymmetry may result in ill digestion, restlessness etc. which in return affect a child’s behaviour. 

When the stomach and lungs do not function properly, children become restless because the body looks for ways to balance and adjust. These children will also have memory problems, concentration problems, indigestion, etc.


Can Asymmetry Be Corrected? 

Yes, you can correct asymmetry… And you don’t have to live with it if your intention is health! 

There’s always a solution with Holistic Healing. 

First, sit in front of a mirror – look at yourself and at your children’s face and posture carefully.

Stand back and consider any other issues you or your child may have or are experiencing, such as: headaches, low energy, joint pain, sinus,etc. 

If you do, then it is time to attend to this now so it doesn’t grow with you or your kids!

Holistic Healing’s specially designed programme will help you in detecting asymmetry, realising how deep is its effect on the face and the body, and how it affects internal functions.

Combined Holistic methods have shown successful results in restoring balance and symmetry, healing and prevention of disease.


Kinesiology – by stimulating certain areas of the body, applied kinesiology can release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. It relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, and increases the range of motion.

Physiotherapy – supports in restoring balance of physical function of muscles and ligaments.

Homeopathy similia similibus curentur, or ‘like cures like’ – restores resonance and symmetry in body

Ayurvedic reflexology– improves mobility and flexibility, releases toxins, supports overall sensory acuity 


Dr Ludmila says: “life and health is the flow of energy. If flow is symmetrical, health is stable. 

If flow is asymmetrical, it means a block of energy is present. 

Restlessness and stiffness follow as symptoms. Sickness is a result. 

Everything begins from the flow of energy. 

Parents, please care about the flow of energy in your children to prevent future sickness or developmental problems.”

then it is time to attend to this now so it doesn’t grow with you or your kids!

Early intervention supports in curing:


  • Distress – Difficulty to hold posture – Overactive behaviour –  temperamental – inertia – difficulty to concentrate, attention deficit disorder (ADD) – clumsiness 
  • Other symptoms like: sinus, vision disorder, shoulder-hips-knee pain, flat feet, scoliosis, migraine, ill-digestion, poor appetite, constipation, bloating, sleep apnea or snoring
  • Facial asymmetry –  misaligned teeth and jaw, shoulder dislocation etc.

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