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Water is Sacred



“Maybe it’s because I am an Aquarius – sign of water and air, symbolising giving. Or maybe because I am in this line of Holistic medicine, I have always been sensitive to water even from a distance, right from childhood. I knew this was water I can drink, and this was water I cannot drink. For me water is a mystery, giving life.” – Dr Ludmila

In her younger years as a child, Dr Ludmila could not quite explain her bond with water at that point but there definitely was a strong connection that she always felt. It carries on till today, only having grown with her and strengthened her understanding that water is life.

Now, I consider water to be a sacred existence because when you drink water, it becomes you. We are bones, cells inside a skin filled with water and water is 72% of our body. The moment you drink water, the water becomes you and after that water cleans the toxins out from you, it allows your life to continue, to regenerate, and to feel happiness. You know that feeling when you don’t drink water for a long time? You feel thirsty, you feel tired, you feel exhausted. The moment you drink water, especially alive water, you feel great! Especially when you take a shower, you may be upset or tensed after a long day. The moment you come out of the shower with the same situation and same emotions but somehow you are different,” shares Dr Ludmila.

This is the magic of this source of energy – how the water inside and outside of you changes. What does the water do? It does not just supply life, but it non-stop cleans. The point is water can be alive or stagnant and dead. With water, the planet becomes alive, and when you sense the water as sacred, water reflects this feeling.

Is it enough to drink clean water?

Dr Ludmila emphasises on how the point is not about drinking clean water only, but instead it is about drinking alive water.

Alive water vibrates, it is sensuous, sensitivity is high, and you can feel it from a distance. If sensitivity is low, it only needs a label that reads pH 7.4 but even pH 7.4 water in plastic or even in glass bottles after 2-3 days becomes absolutely dead! This is why when people drink this water, they feel bloated, thirst is not quenched and people tend to drink even more.


How to make water alive?

If you are at home and purchase water in a plastic bottle because you don’t have any other options, at least make this water alive by boiling or storing it in a clay pot or transfering the water or communicating  with it –  support the water to transform again. The moment water transits through any glass, through any pot, water becomes immediately alive because electrons start to move, start to charge.

healing water dubai
Words can kill, words can heal


Water is energy

The water which is stagnant, takes energy from you to be eliminated from your body. This is why people complain of tiredness in big cities, people complain that they are tired even though lifts are available, cars are available and escalators are available.

While in the villages, peo

ple never complain “I am tired”, people complain “I am finished or done for the day”. Here their mind knows to respond adeptly to these needs of their body by saying “Yes I need to eat”, “I need to sleep”, “I need to do something”, because they know how to recharge themselves.

Ancestors back in the day understood the value of water, treating it as a sacred resource, and showing gratitude by communicating to it.

“Words can kill, words can heal. Water can kill, water can heal. Our words, our thoughts, our emotions affect the molecular structure of water, as water has memory. Heal with water, for health and happiness. Dr Ludmila”  


Water can kill, water can heal


This is because water transits our emotions. Holistic Healing has always identified water as a healing power, having it play a significant role in all our treatments.

When you drink water, drink it with gratitude and realisation that this is the source of life. When you drink water with gratitude, it responds with gratitude inside of you.

“Water is like an aquarium to our cells. Its clean cells enable it to regenerate, survive and function in an alkaline environment. If water is stagnant and fermented, then it is an acidic environment where even vaccination cannot help!”

The moment we improve 72% of our body, it immediately responds. It is not only water itself but what type of water you drink and what type of water is inside you. You must be already aware how certain foods can make you feel bloated while with others, you are perfectly fine. Similarly with water, you feel fine at one time, but other times you feel dead. This is why it is important to know the source of your water and drink the right kind.

Continuous support has been extended towards our staff and patients especially during COVID-19 and the results were visible in their health as only 5 from our staff and patients had contracted a mild infection.


Holistic Healing recognises the value of water in the healing process. This is why we give a lot of importance to water by supporting our patients with healing water during their treatment period. We ensure our patients are informed and aware of this precious resource, giving them presentations at our specially designed water lounge. The healing water by Kangen that we provide to not only our patients but anyone who would like to collect it, is ionised, alkaline, antioxidant, micro-clustered and hydrogen-rich.

There are different water ionizers, but the Enagic technology has stood the test of time and quality and proved to be one of the best devices to have at home for non-stop alive water every day. What makes Kangen water by Enagic unique from the rest of the ionizers is that it is ISO certified and medically approved in Japan, used in their hospitals and supporting people since 45 years to make alive water in their own homes.

The reason such a device is essential in this day and time is because of how water has become a mere commodity sold in plastic bottles. Stagnant water which is dead water, can take energy and electrons from you whereas alive water gives its energy and electrons to you. 

It is not only alive water for drinking purposes alone, but it also supports regeneration in our body and holds immense health benefits. Moreover it can be used for cleaning and sanitisation reducing use of toxic plastics, chemicals.

Water is a sacred existential energy. Let us value this miracle resource for everything it has to offer human life and planet Earth.


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