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 I wish every woman to realise that she is the source of creation. Creation is a source of love and life. Create in abundance.” – Dr Ludmila

The 21st century marks the dawn of the Aquarius era, the time for the rise of feminine energy. The moment is here for both women and men equally to embrace their feminine energies to transform, develop and create.

Feminine energy is like the river. It flows, is open and giving. Every being has both feminine and masculine energies. Our personality only depends on how much of it we use. We may not feel the existence of a particular energy within us but we can always reconnect with it. It is about finding the right balance for harmony and co-existence.

In Holistic lifestyle, Holistic means ‘whole’. It is considering your entire being as one unit of energy. We can utilise our feminine energy for creativity and to create on our own. We can give only what we have. So let’s choose to love first before expecting it.

To give before we receive.


What Is Feminine Energy & Masculine Energy?

Feminine energy belongs to transformation, development, and to growing life. At the core of it is CREATION. Masculine energy belongs to production. Every woman knows how to cook but the best chef is a man. Many women knows to paint but the best painter is a man. So many women know how to play music but the best composer is a man.

Feminine energy is creation and masculine energy is production. Feminine energy motivates masculine energy.


Era of Aquarius & Rise Of Feminine Energy

The Aquarius era symbolises water and giving. This perfect time to apply feminine energy, choosing to challenge ourselves to create and celebrate our femininity.

Feminine energy is motivating and ignites masculine energy. In the era of Aquarius, feminine energy becomes more applicable as creativity is the core of existence. When the economy was not developed, masculine energy was more in demand because of its core purpose of production.

Now that economy has developed, it is time for creativity. In the era of Aquarius, we need to realise, every life belongs to creation. Creation first before production. When we have the convenience and the comfort that comes with technology, the question then is – what is it used for? To destroy ourselves or to ignite ourselves.


How To Reconnect With Feminine Energy?

In its true essence, feminine energy is delicate and vulnerable. What we need to realise is that in this tenderness lies immense strength that can be used for creation. Feminine energy IS the life of creation.

We are the source of energy and we can create energy. We only need to realise that  a chaotic life full of suffering and stress can only destroy. A Holistic lifestyle is full of health, success and harmony. The energy of water is the same as the energy of feminine, it is subtle. It flows like a river. Feminine energy has power by silence, creativity, by law of energy.

Feminine power is in our delicateness, tenderness, vulnerability because there is power in this creativity. Choose to create instead of challenge. Creativity is a challenge in itself. When we challenge, we are forcing the idea that we have to become more powerful, we have to become stronger and more aggressive. It is a point of realisation to use this time for yourself, for creation and not against yourself. 

Feminine energy is much stronger. There is strength in the subtlety. Women are a source of life, creativity, and motivate men and children. The more a woman realises about herself, the more she blossoms. It is a matter of realisation of masculine / feminine energy inside us.

When we understand ourselves and our true potential, we are embracing our feminine energy and through this we will be able to motivate people, family. Love and money are the results of creation. And who can create? Feminine energy. We need to realise creative energy is our source of life.

Heart is the energy of compassion. We can only offer what we have within us. It is not only love but self-realisation too. If people and society are conscious equally, there is beauty. World can be saved by beauty because beauty is a result of creation.

We go to restaurants where all chefs are male. Yet, we crave our mum’s food. It is because it is made with love and it is her creation.

Choose to challenge yourself. Choose To create.

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