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Awareness Is The Key


“Our mind creates our thoughts

Our thoughts affect our emotions

Our emotions reflect our energy

Our energy builds up our body.”

– Dr Ludmila Vassilieva 


Humans are the most intelligent of all creations. And yet, in this day and time, there is a clear lack of awareness to choose what is right over wrong. To choose health over sickness. We know that the beverages and fast food advertised on billboards are harmful but we continue to purchase it in the name of convenience. Ignoring our core foundation, health.

We are unaware of how to reach out to our own bodies’ healing power. Neither do we know how to utilise the five elements of nature that we have been blessed with – Earth, fire, air, water, and space.  Health can only survive if we care about our own life and the life around us, both of which we are solely responsible for.

Have you ever wondered why our body shows symptoms or how and when an ailment occurs? When health does not exist, the body non-stop signals you by discomfort either through thirst or fatigue.  But when we ignore these signals, symptoms start to show where the body tries to communicate with you that something is wrong. ‘I am tired’ signal may become headache, vomiting etc. at a later stage. This is the body’s way of making you aware of the life inside you. When there is sickness, people prefer to get tablets from the doctor or the pharmacy. This right here is the problem with the perception of health – people are confused between paying to suppress the symptoms over investing in health where they heal from within. Curing through medication is only treating a patient for temporary recovery, and unfortunately, this is the trend we see today. It is the trend, because this is what we are told to believe – information from all corners on how to cure sickness rather than restore health.

People complain about how they can do everything but are helpless to switch off their brain at night because of the overload of information. Today we are not suffering because of lack of information. But because of excess information.

The excess of information has created the most turmoil during the pandemic. We are constantly confused with the load of the unfiltered information surrounding the virus.  It is extremely essential that we understand the importance of a strong immune system and personal hygiene, given the pandemic hype that a lot of us seem occupied with. Focus more on immunity and hygiene than the virus in itself.

Up until the last century doctors were paid for health. Medicinal practices such as ayurveda, acupuncture, homeopathy followed this principle. But today people are paying for sickness instead due to lack of awareness. Media has to support a change in perspective by making people conscious of their lifestyle. A huge transformation is possible for ourselves and the world around us only if we transit from a chaotic life to a conscious life. A conscious life is what we call, a Holistic Lifestyle. To live life to its full potential by regenerating cells and restoring health.

A Holistic Lifestyle is the solution for the growth and development of mankind.

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