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Your Stool is your Guide to Healthy Skin


Yes. You read that right.

Amusing is it not? To know that our body is the universe in itself with all the answers we are looking for. We just need to understand the signals that the body is trying to communicate with us.

We always seek solutions on the surface level. On the contrary, if we were to observe our bowel activity in the case of skin problems, the root cause can be identified. Most skin issues are linked to indigestion of the food. All you need to do is to monitor your stool to understand the effect of your lifestyle.

There is a direct relationship between the skin and our digestive system. When there is indigestion in the body, it is most often due to unhealthy eating habits, be it in terms of choice of food, meal time, or sleeping pattern. The undigested food ferments in the body causing bloating in the abdomen. Toxins then accumulate in our blood leading to skin troubles. Constipation, diarrhea, and bloating affect the body and the mind. And our skin ideally mirrors everything that goes on within us.

Dr Ludmila’s advice on achieving healthy skin through a healthy gut

“Skin is the surface of our body which covers all organs that we have inside. Skin and digestive system are formed from the same stem cells. How soft, formed and easy your stool is, can tell more about what is going on inside and outside your body.

Generally, not only what you eat, but also how you digest what you eat, reflects on your skin.

What is inside is what is outside, and beauty is inside out!

Hence the old adage ‘you are beautiful inside and out’. The real beauty of a person goes far beyond just physical appearances and into your internal organs. Beauty is in a healthy body, mind and soul.

Infact, our digestive system is the core to our health. If our digestion is correct, our skin will glow and if our digestion is improper, the skin will be dull and have breakouts.

How do we ensure a healthy digestive system?

Transit from a chaotic life full of life-dependents like diets, medical supplements, stress, antibiotic, probiotic, vaccination, tobacco and drugs to a Holistic lifestyle whole of health, happiness, success, freedom without any restriction. 

Discover your unlimited possibilities and creativeness.

You only need to apply your life on time, and this is called a Holistic lifestyle.

As far as life functions are concerned, 24-hours is enough even though we may not feel so in today’s fast paced world.

Are we on time with our life?

This is what we need to ask ourselves and give importance to.

It means our stomach will not be able to function properly if we are not on time in our life.  If immunity works at 11:00 a.m. and we still haven’t had breakfast, then it disrupts the function of immunity because of lack of nutrition in our cells.

In this modern era, because we have electricity, we prolong our day. We can wake up at 9:00 a.m. in the morning, and we can go to sleep at 2:00 a.m. in the night. It is fine for us but for the body, it is working against its system and will not be able to function.

The key to health is to follow time. The body has a specific activity for a specific time. It is our responsibility to follow our body’s biological clock for the healthy functioning of our system.

First and foremost, adopt a healthy lifestyle.

And Holistic, is the solution to this. 

At Holistic Healing, it is a wholesome approach, taking care of your physical aspect, your mental health, and even your soul.”


  1. Skin health = Gut health
  2. Gut health = Proper digestion
  3. Proper digestion = Holistic Lifestyle (On time with life and healthy food)

You see, it’s that simple. All we have to do is to take care of what we put inside our bodies, the meal time and our sleeping patterns. The rest of the complex work is done by our body because it’s where all the magic happens.

Our body has immense capabilities beyond what we understand.

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