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Holistic Medicine Vs Modern Medicine


If you are someone who has come across both Holistic medicine and modern medicine, you may have wondered what could possibly be different in their approaches and results.

While modern medicine is great when it comes to emergency life-saving conditions or chronic illnesses, Holistic medicine by Dr Ludmila aims to restore health by regenerating new cells, combining western science with eastern wisdom. What does this mean?

 Holistic medicine cares about your health. Not diseases. Not medications. Not diets.

 We will tell you why.

 “There are thousands of diseases and trillions of viruses on this planet. We cannot prevent them all and vaccinate against all of them. Health is one and only. Care about your health.” – Dr Ludmila

 At Holistic Healing, treatments are based on the philosophy of Holism – Mind, Body, Energy. All of this functioning within the universe.

Holistic Healing Medical Centre:

  • Follows the Law of Nature
  • Detoxes you at four levels
  • Uses only natural traditional treatment
  • Helps you to regenerate new cells
  • Guides you to Holistic Lifestyle
  • Achieves best results in short period of time
  • Harmonises your Essence and Energy

We take you on the path of healing, from a chaotic life full of sickness to a Holistic lifestyle full of health.

Modern medicine and Holistic medicine functions for two different purposes. Most often, we do not understand this purpose as the media is filled with negative information focusing only on sickness, diseases and pills . We are conditioned to believe that by caring about sickness we are on a healthy path. This is the primary reason why at Holistic Healing Medical Centre, one of the key steps is to clean this media and stay away from negativity.


How Can Health Be Restored?

Health is a human’s responsibility. At the end of the day, what a human puts into his or her own mouth as food and drink is a personal choice. Whether you eat or sleep on time, is again your choice. Which is why, choosing consciously is your responsibility towards your health. As Dr Ludmila says, “Health is one and only.” 

If you as an individual recognise the significance of this responsibility, you will never have to rely on anyone for your own health! This is because your health is in you, in your choices, in your day-to-day activities, in your mind. Your health reflects you as a person.

If your priority is Health, then Holistic medicine is the right place for you.

  • We will support you in prioritising health. This health is what will give you immunity. Not the other way round.
  • Cleansing and detoxing (from all toxins be it environmental, products you use on your own skin, cookware etc.
  • Your body will be in-tune with nature – utilising all energies from the five elements of existential energy (fire, water, air, space, earth)


The Process Of Holistic Medicine

In our treatment we unite:

Western science:

NLS-Oberon Health Screening

Bio-Well Energy Scan


Eastern wisdom:




Chinese herbal medicine

Thai therapy

Yoga therapy

When you walk in through our doors for a Holistic consultation, our approach focuses on the healing process for your whole body. This would mean

  1. Diagnostics done to evaluate your organ functioning and energy levels.
  2. Based on health condition, the Holistic doctor will prescribe you a suitable treatment plan which would include traditional medicines and a Holistic lifestyle plan that will be followed during the healing process.
  3. Healing Water by Kangen – A vital part of our Holistic treatments is water which is of significant importance as water is 72% of the human body. Healing Water is alkaline water that is alive, ionised, hydrogen-rich, anti-oxidant, and micro-clustered that enriches your cells and keeps you young and healthy.


Choice Is Yours. Choose Consciously.

You can either go to multiple doctors to suppress the symptoms each time you fall ill and stimulate immunity or heal from within by regenerating health and having health restored through Holistic healing.

“Your health is inside you, covered by toxins, destroyed by disease, suppressed by medicines and controlled by doctors. But nature created us with the possibility of regeneration. We constantly regenerate the cells of the skin, nails, hair, blood, lymphs long as we have the capacity to regenerate, we have the possibility to heal ourselves. With Holistic healing, we take you on the path of healing, you will regenerate health and you will spread happiness,” quotes Dr Ludmila.

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