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Heal skin disorders with Ayurveda


Ayurveda works around the principle of an individual’s body constitution (Prakriti), which ideally helps in understanding and managing health. Through this a treatment plan can be identified that works best for him / her.

For a health concern relating to skin, in Ayurveda, it is most often the result of Virudaharam (diet that involves incompatible food) and stress. Why stress? Body, mind and soul is a unified entity as per Ayurveda, hence when one is not functioning correctly, it simultaneously affects the rest. This is why Ayurveda classifies as a Holistic treatment viewing an individual as ‘Whole’ instead of parts.


How Ayurveda Identifies The Root Cause

Food can be like medicine for the human body. At the same time, if not consumed correctly, rather than being nutrition to the body, it can in fact harm your body. This is explained as Virudaharam in Ayurveda. Skin disorders such as skin pigmentation, tinea versicolor etc. are a side-effect of poor diet and digestive functioning. Ayurvedic treatment tracks how it is caused by food or stress.

For example, an individual’s body may not react to consuming shrimps but at another time, for example in summer, the body may not accept shrimps and would react to this food. This indicates imbalance in the person’s system.  If one is in balance, he / she should be able to take in any food.

Virudaharam details some food combinations that should not be consumed. To list a few

Yoghurt + fish

Chicken + honey

Ayurveda considers digestive enzymes as digestive fire which is called jatharagni. When there is improper jatharagni, food consumed will not get digested properly which can lead to ama formation which is toxins according to Ayurveda. Ama formed in this manner due to improper jatharagni, tends to circulate throughout the body as the small intestine absorbs whatever comes to the small intestine.

Once absorbed, the ama goes straight to the liver, which can add stress on the liver. This stress can affect emotionally and physically as the liver tries to neutralise toxins. This emotional stress can lead to skin disorders such as Psoriasis. The liver will not be able to neutralize the toxins completely so the rest of them will circulate throughout the body along with the nutrients. These toxins can cause different issues with respect to where they end up with circulation.


Eliminate Toxins & Improve Diet Through Holistic Healing

The primary treatment is to detox the body to eliminate toxins and improve absorption of nutrients in the intestines. Through this not only is the digestive function being put back in place and how it is supposed to be, but the overall health concerns are being catered to as well, for example skin disorders.

Following this is a lifestyle plan to understand food that supports you and not fight against your body. Not only will skin outbursts be managed through this but so will stress which also plays a crucial role in skin disorders. Yoga and meditation will further transit you to a Holistic Lifestyle full of health, happiness and success.

This is what makes Holistic Ayurvedic treatment different because of our unique approach of combination of treatments which is fast healing and long-lasting.

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