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First is Health


“Immunity is the bi-product of health. Health means high immunity.  You cannot stimulate low immunity, because you cannot stimulate something that is low or weak. If you stimulate something that is weak, it becomes even more weak.

If you stimulate immunity when it is weak, it can collapse which becomes sickness. If you start to restore health, immunity will happen on its own.

 Immunity can be regenerated.  

99% of the immunity is developed in the intestine and colon. This is where the lymphatic cells develop and regenerate.

 First is Health.”  – Dr Ludmila

Holistic Healing by Dr Ludmila is extraordinary and unique in its approach towards health. Immunity is a result of health which is why at Holistic Healing, your Health is our priority. Our approach first and foremost looks at your overall health – this would mean your mind, body and energy.

We detect by using diagnostic screenings like NLS and Bio-Well to give a deeper insight on your organ functioning and energy levels. The treatment plan is then designed following the process of detect – detox – develop – service. We help you transition from ‘medication to meditation’.

At Holistic Healing, we help our patients to become aware of their body and to guide them towards a Holistic lifestyle.  This way, we move you from ‘medication to meditation.’


As Dr Ludmila quotes, “If your system is healthy, it means immunity is high. You are the one who is responsible to put in your mouth soda or sugar, drugs or pills or chemicals or vitamins. Or you eat  fruits and vegetables, which support your health and immunity.

 Can immunity exist without health? Not at all. Immunity is the result of health. Can health be with good immunity? Absolutely.

 Can you have good immunity without health? No.

If you have health, immunity exists because it is part of health. If health and immunity exist, the body knows how to care about the virus.

 If viruses can be prevented by washing hands, wearing a mask and staying isolated in times of danger, what does it mean? Do we need vaccination? Do we need anything to care about us?

 We need to care about ourselves, and not about pills, vaccines, as to which one is more efficient.

 No pills, no vaccine can be as efficient as your own body, as your own immunity, as your own hygiene because you are the one who washes the hands, you are the one who drinks soda or sugar or cigarette or clean air.

 You know where to go when there is danger –  either to a polluted place which is full of sick people and people who don’t know how to wash their hands in the 21st century or how to stay isolated. Or you go to a park which gives you fresh air full of oxygen. The point is, it is your choice.”


What Really Is Health?

Health is the comfort of your body to lead a life without any restrictions or symptoms. You cannot prevent diseases which are in thousands but you can care for health, which is one.

Health needs to be serviced and in your home, not in hospitals. Ideally we need to eat three times, drink, sleep, every single day. Why? Because the body needs to regenerate. This is why sleep is not considered as an activity for just once a month or eat a few times a week… these are activities that need to be carried out as a routine on a daily basis and on time. If you don’t eat or sleep for a few days, you can immediately feel your energy deteriorating.

Let’s take the example of a car. For a car to function optimally you need to fill in petrol once a week and servicing once every few months? A car needs only so much maintenance but for a human body to function in its highest capacity, it needs servicing every single day and without the support of hospitals.

This is why the regenerating activity of the body is so much more important than diets. Immunity can only happen as a RESULT of health. It is an after effect of Health.

 The Holistic Healing Approach

Health requires SERVICE and this is why at Holistic Healing, we follow the process of DETECT – DETOX – DEVELOP.







Your own body has everything it needs for your sustenance – you just need to know how to care for health. If your intention is to restore heath, Holistic Healing Medical Centre is right here, to support you!

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