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4 minutes.


4 minutes is all it takes for the human body to realise the value of oxygen when we don’t have it.

Each one of us needs a constant supply of oxygen to live. For our cells and tissues to function easily, allowing the body to support itself. The oxygen levels in the blood would decide if enough is distributed to the organs. Oxygen is the source of life.

When there is a drop in this level, it immediately affects the functioning of the brain and the rest of the body. This is why we feel a significant difference in our energy levels when we are outdoors in nature and when we are inside closed buildings with trapped air.


Oxygen now is at a price in the form of a therapy

There is an increase in the need for depending on supplemental oxygen due to various factors. And living a lifestyle that is restrained to closed-up homes and offices with no ventilation and limited outdoor activities, contributes to low oxygen levels in our body. Inside buildings we are constantly breathing in stagnant air. Without oxygen, the excess of carbon dioxide leads to accumulation of toxins.


Our lifestyle limits our oxygen intake

The oxygen we think we are inhaling in closed space is air that circulates, but not oxygenated. We inhale what other people exhale. This air is toxic and we tend to feel more tired, drop in energy, stiff muscles, etc. We then have to depend on taking supplements such as Magnesium, Glucosamine etc.   to help us deal with pain even after physical activity.


 Did you know that Oxygen is what burns the fat?

When we exercise, we actually need more oxygen because oxygen is what burns calories. The more the oxygen intake, the higher is the rate of fat burned because of an increase in the metabolic process. Most people today resort to exercising indoors, in closed spaces, instead of outdoors. Without oxygen, the excess of carbon dioxide leads to accumulation of toxins. Ideally, activities and exercises should be kept outdoors where all vital energies like the sun and oxygen are available and free flowing without any stagnation. It is constantly moving and not constrained.

Outdoor activities will support us with not only activities but also aids in cleansing toxins. When you have more outdoor activities, there is no pain, no stiffness, it is pleasure, because outdoor activities also support you with oxygen. This is how oxygen can transform life from sickness to Health.

Everything is available for us in this universe. It is us who are not available.

We may be too busy to give our body its basic needs, just because of a modern lifestyle and living in the city .  However, in today’s times, we are able to do a lot more in one day than we used to –  time is there, the support is there on many levels. We have the facilities and options for a more convenient and comfortable life. All we need is our consciousness. Just like we make sure we have that cup of coffee or tea daily, we can also make sure that we get some fresh air!

Having oxygen therapies are also great. This is good in terms of supporting patients but not to be dependent on the therapies. What is even better is to follow a holistic lifestyle that helps you make yourself available to the universal energies, to have access to oxygen at all times and not to be dependent on any therapies.

Depending on supplemental oxygen is only a temporary solution. The real remedy is to make ourselves available for the existential energy outside – the sun, the trees… it will only support us in breathing in fresh air, improving our oxygen levels and restoring health. A lifestyle that is on time utilizing the energies that we have been blessed within the universe is what mankind needs. A lifestyle that respects and absorbs what this universe has to offer.

The Holistic Lifestyle encompasses all the five energy elements that are essential for supporting the human body. This is a lifestyle transformation that will help us in identifying what, where and how we can best absorb this energy and be in-tune with nature.

Nature is our best source of energy.

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