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Gain Health To Lose Weight


Weight has been an ongoing concern for many, and losing weight takes the trophee with the numerous diets and workouts being introduced every day!

Many of the center’s visitors come in wanting to lose weight not only for the self image or esteem but also due to experiencing constant health issues such fatigue, bloating, low energy level, water retention and much more!

On the other hand we also have patients who come in with concerns relating to headaches, bloating, joint pain, low energy and more, stemming from the methods used for losing weight, such as the diets and the workout regimens.

So what is the real problem here? is it the weight itself or the side effects of the methods used to lose weight?


The Hype Around WEIGHT

“In the 21st century, we have two types of problems – very few people like to gain weight and so many people wish to lose weight. This is because we live in excess. Excess of food, excess of energy – we live in comfort. This is the reason we stagnate energy. The moment we stagnate energy, we retain toxins, and the body retains water and fat to support life and not to destroy life.” – Dr Ludmila

When the body is full of toxicity, it retains water and fat to continue life. This is the case when there is not enough oxygen in us.

So how can we ensure there is enough oxygen in our body?

Breathe fresh air and get active outdoors! Food and exercise alone does not control the weight. It is the level of oxygen that is transited in our body that helps in burning the calories.


Holistic Approach

There are so many different reasons for weight loss or weight gain. Holistic Healing has a personalised approach to this. Our treatments work on energy levels to understand what other reasons aside from food could be affecting our body. This is because we are five elements of energy, not just one. Food is only 12% of our energy, the rest is air, water, fire and space.

The general perception worldwide is that food is the sole reason for weight gain. Or we assume that when it comes to health, it is good food or bad food.

When food becomes the only area we try to balance, we are only taking care of that 12% in our body. So why all the hype around just food?

When on a transformational journey through the Holistic Healing programme, the Holistic patient would be introduced to a completely different view on weight. Our treatments focus on all five elements of energies, not just food alone. This is why with a Holistic Healing programme, the body will stop retaining water and fat, and start diluting the toxins. When you lose toxins, the body can easily lose the fat or water and not retain it.

The result is long-term effect with Holistic Healing programmes. It is not just weight loss that you benefit from but overall health.


Benefits of Holistic Healing programme

The main benefit of the Holistic Healing programme is an overall transformation.

  • Youthful skin
  • Healthy weight
  • Vital energy
  • Stress relief

 At Holistic Healing, it’s not about the numbers on the weighing scale but about how you transform yourself. Our programme detoxes, regenerates and services health.

Are you up for a Holistic transformation?


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