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Healthy Human = Healthy Planet


A simple logic.

When we are clean, we will be more conscious of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the thoughts that we absorb… we will go for the right options for our mind, body and health.

We become CONSCIOUS humans.

Someone who makes efforts to lead a disciplined clean life to maintain their Health, would not want to jeopardise it by living in a space or going out into an environment that is unclean.


“If you wish to live in a clean environment, then it begins from inside your body.” – Dr Ludmila

For a Healthy living, it is essential to have a toxin-free environment, both internally and externally. One is under our full control and the other, we can individually bring a change to. Eating clean and keeping our personal space clean, comes down to our choices.


 “In the 21st century we are so smart, we have information at a fingertip. We know that Pepsi does not grow on trees. That Coca Cola is not found in any spring water or lakes. It is only an artificial product full of sugar and we support it by buying it. When our environment is full of sugar, definitely any pathological bacteria or virus will love it. Similar to cockroaches’ attraction to garbage. Pathological bacteria love the same toxicity.” – Dr Ludmila

It is time we realised that as humans, we are responsible for our Health. If the environment inside our body is clean, no pathological virus can survive. But if our internal environment is full of toxic food and medicines, it gives way to illnesses like diabetes and obesity, which becomes attractive to viruses.


“The people who choose a clean environment inside and take responsibility for their own Health, cannot stay in a dirty environment outside.” – Dr Ludmila

They do everything possible to support the environment to be clean even outside. They never blame viruses or parasites or bacteria. They immediately identify what is not correct and adjust their life to support health.


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