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Your Water Filter Creates Strong Water Acidity Levels That Provide Beneficial Uses To Kill Bacteria And Viruses   Topical uses for Acidic Ionized water The antioxidant and healthful benefits of alkaline ionized water has been widely known for decades. An often overlooked aspect of water ionizers is the use of acidic ionized water for topical […]

Homeopathy was founded in 1796 by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. This natural form of healing is based on: “the principle of similars,” which means that a substance known to cause the symptoms of disease, will also create a cure of those symptoms if administered in a small amount. Rather than masking or suppressing symptoms, homeopathy […]

Chakras, also known as energy centers sit in 7 key positions along the center of the body. Understanding our chakra system enables us to connect with the level of our energy and health status. Each chakra corresponds to an organ or a specific function of the body. When we are balanced and all systems are […]

Most of us live our lives unconsciously with little awareness of what our body needs to stay fit and healthy. That is how imbalance and disease start to occur. Modern medicine has developed a system that can respond quickly to common concerns like headaches or stomach aches with medication designed to simply suppress symptoms. What […]

At Holistic Healing our first objective is to find the root cause of your symptoms. Proper diagnosis is the key to true and efficient healing. Our medical centre is pioneering the most in depth form of detection that looks deeper into the body on both a physical and energetic level. Are you someone that has […]

We all have a desire Many of us plan trips or vacations to discover the world around us. For years those were the journeys I lived for… until my body couldn’t handle it anymore. That is when I diverted my attention to a different type of journey. One, that took me deep into my own […]

During this special time of the year, we are all able to step out of our usual routine and reconsider our everyday habits. For many of us it is a chance to be more in tune with the existence and more connected with our own selves; Body, Mind & Spirit. In Ramadan, working hours are […]

“Disease is a doctors responsibility, but Health is our own responsibility”. What does this really mean? When the body is out of balance it is in dis-ease. This is where illness may arise and the body looses its ability to function at an optimal level. Often this is due to a combination of elements. Holistic […]

Do you ever feel symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, heart burn or fatigue during the month of fasting? This is common. When fasting, our body goes into a state of detoxification as it begins to digest and rid itself of old food stored in the colon. The ancient science of Ayurveda has shown that abstaining […]

Holistic Medicine is a unique combination of western science and eastern wisdom. Dr. Ludmila has undertaken over 30 years of continued research that has been established at the Holistic Healing Medical Centre in Dubai. People from all around the world have benefited from treating different health concerns, ranging from chronic illnesses to simply weight loss […]

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