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Proper rest and restoration of the body is the basis of health, happiness and success. Taking the time to respect this part of the day will enhance all other elements of your lifestyle. It will set the basis to perform daily activities with ease and vitality. Try adapting these simple habits to support better sleep: […]

Tips for a Happy & Healthy New Year A new year marks the beginning of a chance to create new goals and habits towards a happier and healthier you. After 20 years of holistic healing and thousands of experiences by our patients, we have come to realize that not only health was restored but also […]

Forget diets and live holistic We live in a world that is obsessed with diets. Every week a new diet makes the headline, claiming to be the best path to weight loss. Diets were originally designed for very sick people, those in hospitals, after an operation or treatment. Instead, people now follow diets as their […]

Vegetable based juices are a great way to fill the body with nutrients and energy. These juices nourish the organs, reduce water retention and keep you energized. They encourage glowing skin and a flat stomach removing puffy eyes and a bloated belly! With an incredibly refreshing taste, these recipes only contain a few simple ingredients […]

Getting to the root cause once & for all Throbbing pressure in the head, a congested nose, tissues for days — sinus infections can be painful and extremely frustrating. This infection is common amongst adults and children all over the world, however few actually understand where it is coming from and how to get rid […]

The connection between gut bacteria & illness Our digestive system, skin, eyes, respiratory and excretory organs co-exist with trillions of invisible microbes that together make a whole ecosystem living together in harmony. We must know that we humans cannot exist without these tiny micro-organisms that are in and on us. The most amount of microbes […]

We live in a world that is obsessed with diets. Every week a new diet makes the headline, claiming to be the best path to weight loss. Whether it’s Paleo, Vegan, Atkins, or Ketogenic, it can be hard to decide how to live our life with so many “options”. Isn’t there something that has been […]

An efficient way to improve your health, youth & vitality! According to yogic tradition, life expectancy is linked to the frequency of breathing. This is certainly true with reptiles and mammals; the tortoise breathes very slowly and lives long, whereas the mouse breathes fast and has a very short life. By decreasing the frequency of […]

We encourage everyone to find what works for them and create their own understanding of what their body needs. Following the latest trend is not always the answer but following the methods that have proven to do wonders in the long run might be. Many look up to celebrities to find out how they maintain […]

4 breathing exercises that will improve your health, youth & vitality! There is a well-known saying that “breath is life.” Without breath most of us cannot survive for more than a few minutes. Yet most of us take breathing very much for granted. When we practice the regulation of breath, our body becomes harmonious, strong […]

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