Holistic Recommendations for Better and More Effective Sleep The way we sleep, or how much sleep we got the night before, dictates how our day goes. Getting too much or too little sleep affects our energy levels and productivity. So how can we promote better sleep? Here are some Holistic tips from Dr Ludmila to […]

You’ve visited a Holistic doctor. You’ve heard her suggestions and changed the way you live, the way you eat, the way you prioritise your health. And it’s worked. You’ve been feeling a lot more vibrant lately. Your energy levels are at their peak. And then you fall off the wagon. We don’t blame you; it’s […]

Multiple Sclerosis has various effects on the human body. No two cases are the same, so treatments have to be specifically tailor-made for them to be effective. Physiotherapy has always been part of a much bigger treatment plan for Multiple Sclerosis. With Holistic physiotherapy, you can be sure that your treatment plan will be touching […]

We are like the seeds we plant, where every seed has the potential to grow and to flourish. Everything has a purpose, to become a beautiful plant or tree and to offer various benefits: to provide shade, share beauty and bear fruit. Seeds need to be cared for with water, good rich soil and sun, […]

The allure of free things is always strong. This is perhaps one reason why we only seek medical care that comes for free, or at least discounted, through our insurance providers. But does the convenience of paying less really outweigh the benefits of living a healthy and holistic lifestyle?   Our medical insurance is our […]

Getting into an active lifestyle may be difficult. With the fast-paced lives we lead, it is easy to lose track of time – leading us to believe that there simply isn’t enough time! If you’ve been wanting to try working out, there are many forms of exercise you can do and enjoy without having to spend […]

Holistic living begins when you commit to begin each day with a purpose and end each day with gratitude. In our fast-paced world, convenience makes the world go round. However in living like that, we sometimes forget to embrace and love our own bodies. After all, they are the most amazing things we will ever […]

With the help of our medical insurance, it has become very easy to go for medical checkups and consultations. Whether we feel a twinge of pain in our hips, or a severe pain elsewhere, we can feel confident that our next doctor’s visit will be paid for by insurance. But how valuable are these visits? […]

Eating naturally healthy foods builds a solid foundation for a Holistic lifestyle. This is always the focus for every Holistic plan. Unlike diet fads, Holistic eating is not about the calorie count of what you eat. Rather, it is about eating natural foods that optimally fuel your body and that are eaten at the right […]

These days, our options in just about everything range from easy to easiest. If we can’t do it in five minutes, then it’s not a priority. A webpage not loading in an instant? Close the tab. Lunch? Must arrive inside twenty minutes or that’s one-star on their online app. Health? As long as we can […]

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