Holistic Tips for traveling 10 tips from our Holistic Diet & Lifestyle specialist on how to have a healthy & happy summer vacation How prepared are you for your summer holidays? Many of us leave for several weeks during the summer time. Being away from home may push us away from our healthy diet and […]

A reading based on an ancient system of Eastern Cosmology & Chinese Astrology… How do you know if a person is good for you in your personal life? Who do you work best with in your professional life? What are ways you can discover the talents of your child? How can you find out what […]

While the modern, high-tech section of the beauty world is experimenting with chemicals, micro-currents and creating complex new skin care mixtures, many are also returning to traditional beauty secrets. With origins in the ancient medical traditions of China and Southeast Asia, Gua Sha is a method of facial massage using crystal tools. You may have […]

By now you’ve probably heard health enthusiasts praise the many benefits of CRYO therapy. It is no secret that this new trend is able to significantly promote your health and overall performance. The Holistic approach is taking this all to the next level. No such tool is truly effective without the whole body into consideration! […]

The mind and the body are more connected than you think! Ancient Eastern civilizations have long understood the way our mind connects to our body. Recently, with studies proving how the ‘gut’ acts as our second brain and how stress is toxins, western science is only just starting to catch up! STAGES OF ILLNESS: 1. […]

Ramadan is a special month for many of us. It revolves around the time; the biorhythm of nature. The Holy Month begins and ends depending on the phase of the moon and fasting happens from sunrise to sunset. Similarly, the Holistic Lifestyle encourages us to reconnect with time and the flow of nature. Traditionally and […]

Prepare for Ramadan with a Reflexology, Visceral Therapy & Oil Enema Whether you are fasting or not, Ramadan is a time where everything slows down and you have more time to focus on you. It is the perfect month to nourish yourself with healthy meals, detoxify your body and rebalance your energy. So, where to […]

The key to glowing skin, healthy hair & feeling zen Liver according to Traditional Chinese Medicine Did you know that our Liver is the organ that is most affected by excess stress or emotions? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Liver is the organ responsible for the processing of toxins and the smooth flow of […]

Applying time-proven ancient principles to bring you into your ideal weight Are you trying to stick to rigid diets to lose weight? Or counting calories without enjoying your food? What we put into our body is important but HOW and WHEN we do so is key. If we eat with frustration and restriction, that is […]

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Choose your words wisely?” Research has proven how the words we use literally shape the world around us and create the life and body we live in. The impact of positive and negative emotions might be more powerful than you think. Masaru Emoto a Japanese researcher explained how the […]

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