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A modern trend based on ancient traditions

If your friends told you to go jump in a frozen lake, would you do it? If you are like most people, the very idea creates an instant draw back! Nothing could be more nerve-racking. Yet, this type of cold exposure has been used throughout much of human history as a potent tool for health. Today, science is backing up those ancient traditions with studies showing that cold conditioning might just be one of the simplest and most effective methods to positively shift your mental and physical health!

Have you noticed how athletes use ice baths or ice packs after physical exercise? This is one way of speeding up their recovery as it significantly reduces inflammation, swelling and sore muscles! Exposing one’s body to cold temperatures has been receiving an increased popularity among health devotees. Professional athletes, bodybuilders, and celebrities swear by something called: whole body Cryo therapy. This therapy puts you in a cabin for a short amount of time, while extremely cold air is circulated around you.

This technique is nothing new to traditional practices in northern countries like Scandinavia or eastern Europe. People keep themselves fit by rolling in the snow followed by stepping into a warm jacuzzi or jumping into ice water after the sauna. Other ancient traditions have recommended cold showers to increase blood circulation and boost energy. All these come from the same understanding of how beneficial it is to shock the body with the cold for a short amount of time.

Since we don’t all have the ability to roll in the snow or jump into an ice bath, Cryotherapy is allowing us to not only experience extreme cold exposure but also optimize it! In just 1-3minutes, this rapid decrease of temperature leads to accelerated healing including cellular renewal, cleaner and more oxygenated blood, improved sleep quality, and an increase of optimal energy and vitality.


With so much information out there on how to be the “perfect parent” we are here to support you every step of the way! Holistic parenting is an ongoing journey that will need continuous adjustment and development as we go along. Our children are the future of this world and it is our responsibility to do the best we can for their development, health and happiness, so that eventually they do the same for future generations This is one way we can help create a happier and healthier world!


“You cannot fight fear, stress, anxiety or tension. It has to be understood. The moment you fight fear, you accept fear as an object and you create it’s existence. Darkness doesn’t exist — it is a lack of light! Fear doesn’t exist, — it is a lack of experience. And so, stress also does not exist — it is a lack of awareness and a fear of failure! Stress is your reaction to adapt. If you know how to adapt, mentally and physically, you will not feel stress.” – Dr. Ludmila


Understanding why you break out requires consideration of a variety of aspects. There are many underlying reasons for acne breakouts, but most pimples are caused by fluctuations in hormone levels. The reason for these fluctuations is the true root cause and is often based on a combination of several factors. During puberty, the increase in androgens (male hormones) causes the adrenal glands to go into overdrive. This triggers the production of sebum within the sebaceous glands. The more sebum produced, the easier it is for hair follicles to become clogged. When the follicle becomes blocked, oil can’t leave the pore, collecting dead skin cells and creating pimples. These hormonal fluctuations can arise at other times in life, including menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Daily habits play a role in balancing hormonal levels and generally affecting the frequency and severity of your acne breakouts. From cleansing routines to diet choices, using the wrong products to smoking, there are many factors behind pimples and other acne blemishes.

Holistic Aesthetics is a comprehensive approach to beauty. It’s about understanding that your external appearance reflects your internal situation, and it’s about starting at the root and treating the problem. When we are mentally and physically healthy, our skin glows, our hair shines, our eyes are clear and bright, and we are confident and energized. Our external appearance is just another lens through which to investigate what’s going on inside our body. Our Holistic Healing process of detect & detox takes the body into a state of internal balance and regeneration in order to set the foundation for a glowing complexion. In the meantime, our Holistic Aesthetics team focuses on detoxifying and purifying the skin on an external level.

Looking for a quick fix to get rid of oily and acne prone skin is not realistic and rarely sustainable. The holistic approach understands the cycle of our body and regenerative process that our skin goes through in order to radiate its inner most natural beauty. We all have the ability to enjoy clear and healthy skin with the proper healing support, trust and patience.

Our Holistic Purity Program brings together the most naturally advanced techniques to skincare that exists today. It is specially designed to detoxify and purify your whole complexion by:

  • Removing dead skin & toxins from the skin
  • Reducing excessive sebum secretion
  • Minimizing inflammations of the skin tissues
  • Cleansing blocked pores & tightening enlarged pores
  • Resurfacing your natural glow

If you are searching for a long term, sustainable solution to reoccurring pimples and acne, look no further. Using endless products like harsh face washes and chemical peelings is a short term solution and will often create more harm than good. Instead, gift yourself the opportunity to feel confident in your skin once and for all in hands of experienced holistic skincare specialists.


Finally achieve the results you’ve been looking for…

Holistic Aesthetics is the result of years in research with various modalities and experience with dozens of patients. Historically, beautiful women like Cleopatra maintained their beauty through the use of traditional practices that were based on natural remedies. These practices worked then and still work today. The only difference is that today we are exposed to more environmental toxins and food that speed up the aging of our skin. Because of that, we are constantly searching for a quick fix to look younger, reduce wrinkles, get rid of irritations and/or have that striking glow…

Holistic Aesthetics introduces a new approach to beauty that treats the skin and gives you that natural glow back. The carefully designed programs will ensure long lasting effects that will leave you fully satisfied with your results.

Our Holistic Doctors and Aesthetics specialists have been working extensively to put together the 3 most effective skin care programs that are showing results beyond even our own expectations.

These programs are recommended for both young and old. They are designed for all skin types from reducing aging to removing impurities and regaining that natural radiance. We recommend doing a program prior to any invasive procedures:

  • To ensure a longer lasting effect
  • To minimize side effects
  • Or perhaps feel the invasive procedure is no longer necessary

For mature skin types that are looking for a vital look, deep hydration and a decrease in wrinkles, this program works on promoting collagen production and better elasticity of the skin.

Problematic skin types will see significant improvements using our Holistic beauty approach. For those having reoccurring issues and do not want to over burden the skin with strong treatments, this program will provide deep and long lasting effects.

For those looking to maintain their own natural beauty, our Holistic Glow program will allow the skin to open up, breath and support a healthy body. It is also beneficial for both maintenance and as a preventative measure to aging.

Holistic Purity

Specially designed for oily and acne prone skin, this program combines special treatments that detoxify and purify the whole complexion:

  • Removing dead skin & toxins from the skin
  • Reducing excessive sebum secretion
  • Minimizing inflammations of the skin tissues
  • Cleansing blocked pores & tightening enlarged pores

Holistic Vitality

This program is designed for mature, dehydrated & tired skin; the combination of carefully selected treatments ensures the following benefits:

  • Improved microcirculation
  • Enhanced muscle tone
  • Stimulates skins natural defense
  • Improves skin texture & elasticity
  • Promotes firmness and prevents sagging

Holistic Glow

Maintaining a radiant skin is a very important step to promote youth & vitality. This program is introduced to minimize the effects of many factors such as UV rays, air pollution, smoking & stress.

  • Oxygenate & deeply hydrate the skin
  • Nourishes skin with Vitamins & Minerals
  • Improves skin tone & texture

Our Holistic Aesthetics specialists will examine your skin type and determine the best possible treatment program for you. You will be guided throughout this time, as our team will be dedicated to support your journey through our unique Holistic Aesthetics experience.


Proper rest and restoration of the body is the basis of health, happiness and success. Taking the time to respect this part of the day will enhance all other elements of your lifestyle. It will set the basis to perform daily activities with ease and vitality.

Try adapting these simple habits to support better sleep:

  • Have a light, warm meal for dinner
  • Finishing food at least 4 hours before sleep ensures the body can focus on restoration rather than digestion
  • Enjoy drinking warm water or herbal teas like peppermint or chamomile during the evening to prepare yourself for relaxation
  • Go for a walk outdoors; the fresh air can help burn your toxins and release all excess energy from your day
  • Have a relaxing bath with lavender, epsom salt or eucalyptus to help relax the body and senses
  • Showering before bed with warm water is a good way to wash away toxins.
  • Enjoy calming activities like meditation, reading, walking etc.. during your evening and avoid destructive news or movies
  • Putting aside your phone and other devices will reduce the expose to radiation and therefore encourage a more peaceful sleep
  • Wish yourself total relaxation, welcome the process of regeneration to all organs and cells

Taking on these suggestions can significantly improve your sleep if followed consistently. Over time the body will naturally begin to tune in with the rhythm of nature’s timings.
If you feel your problems surrounding sleeping continues, it may indicate a deeper issue that requires attention. In this case, please book an appointment at our Holistic Healing Medical Centre for a full body screening and consultation in order to address this.


Tips for a Happy & Healthy New Year

A new year marks the beginning of a chance to create new goals and habits towards a happier and healthier you. After 20 years of holistic healing and thousands of experiences by our patients, we have come to realize that not only health was restored but also LOVE to oneself.

Patients started loving and caring for themselves. It was only then that they allowed the healing process to properly take place. The result of which has been health and happiness for not only themselves but to all those around them.

Love has proven itself as one of the best sources of medicine. It can transform the way our mind works and our body feels. Loving oneself first before loving others will allow us to experience the most deepest form of happiness. Only when we love our body, our mind and our soul, we can have the ability to share this state of being with those around us.

Loving the body:

  • Drink clean, filtered water
  • Eat nourishing meals on time
  • Move regularly
  • Get enough rest
  • Our body is our home — invest in it

Loving the mind:

  • Read inspiring books and watch informative movies
  • Do what you do with love
  • Don’t worry about things that you can’t change because it won’t help and it may spoil your health.
  • Spend the money that should be spent, enjoy what should be enjoyed, donate what you are able to donate.

Loving the soul:

  • Learn to cherish the goodness around you: your lover, spouse, children and friends. They all give you love, support and purpose
  • Spend time in nature, appreciate the beauty around

“Love is not something to do with someone else. Love is never between two people. It is what happens within you….If you can look at everything lovingly, the whole world becomes beautiful in your experience. You realize love is not something that you do; love is the way you are.” – Sadhguru

Healing exists within everyone’s ability and when we are ready to care for ourselves, health and happiness will come. Our Holistic Team is wishing you and your loved ones a happy new year, filled with health, happiness, success and most of all LOVE.


Forget diets and live holistic

We live in a world that is obsessed with diets. Every week a new diet makes the headline, claiming to be the best path to weight loss. Diets were originally designed for very sick people, those in hospitals, after an operation or treatment. Instead, people now follow diets as their regular food. Whether it is ketogenic, paleo, raw food, vegan, Atkins — all of these are limiting. In order to support health, happiness and success, what we need is a lifestyle, not a diet.

Diet is a dogma and restricts us.
When we restrict, we fight with ourselves.
Life is full of possibilities, enjoy it to the fullest.

The universe is the macrocosm and the body is the microcosm. The human body represents all the elements of the universe. So we should eat a diversity of all elements and tastes. Food does not only serve our physical needs, but it’s different flavors exist for our mental and spiritual pleasure. The Holistic lifestyle focuses on nourishing all parts of ourselves — the mental, the spiritual and the physical.

In today’s world we are taught to look at food as carbohydrates, proteins, calories etc.. — but food is so much more than that. It has the ability to stimulate a certain sensation. Each taste nourishes a particular part of us. By eating a variety of foods that represent all of the five tastes, the body will receive the balanced nutrition and energy it requires to function optimally. If you restrict yourself from a particular food or taste, the body will suffer from some kind of shortage. In the long term, cravings will begin to arise and balance will be lost. Enjoy a variety of different foods. This will help satisfy your appetite in a way that can can’t happen in a limited diet. Your desire to binge or overeat will decrease when you allow yourself to enjoy a variety of tastes.

Since we all come from different backgrounds with our own unique taste buds, the Holistic philosophy does not require you to eat a specific type of food. However adopting the Holistic approach to your cuisine, will help you not only balance your weight but restore your health and happiness.



Vegetable based juices are a great way to fill the body with nutrients and energy. These juices nourish the organs, reduce water retention and keep you energized. They encourage glowing skin and a flat stomach removing puffy eyes and a bloated belly!

With an incredibly refreshing taste, these recipes only contain a few simple ingredients and are the perfect replacement for store bought juices. No sugar, no preservatives.

To receive the maximum benefits, have these juices immediately or within the hour and at room temperature (not cold). Enjoy them as a morning energizer or an afternoon boost!

Green-tox Juice

  • 2 Celery Sticks
  • ¼ cup pineapple
  • 2 Cucumbers
  • 1 Green Apple
  • Handful of fresh spinach
  • Water as necessary

Zinger Juice

  • 2 red apples
  • 2 carrots
  • Knob of fresh ginger

Ruby Red Juice

  • 1 pear
  • 1 red apple
  • 2 beets



Getting to the root cause once & for all

Throbbing pressure in the head, a congested nose, tissues for days — sinus infections can be painful and extremely frustrating. This infection is common amongst adults and children all over the world, however few actually understand where it is coming from and how to get rid of it once and for all!

Holistic Medical research and case studies are showing us how Sinus infections are directly linked to the digestive system. At least 80% of our immune system is created and stored in our gut. When there is an imbalance between good and bad bacteria, the body is more likely to get sick because the immune system won’t be functioning optimally. Our sinuses are a direct extension of our digestive tract which means they are simply reflecting what is happening in our gut.

Common treatments for Sinus include over the counter medications, pharmaceutical antibiotics and steroids that all carry side effects just as bad or even worse than the infection itself. Longterm antibiotic use destroys the intestinal walls and good bacteria, triggering and prolonging the vicious cycle of infection. Without proper balance, the accumulation of toxins blocks the system leading to even more inflammation, pain, congestion and infection.The best way to treat sinus is to discover where the infection is coming from in the first place, rather than just covering up the symptoms.

Depending on how severe the sinus infection is, we recommend staying away from conventional approaches that do not treat the root cause. A Holistic doctor will be able to detect the underlying reason for the sinus infection and establish a healing plan that treats the body as a whole. Once the gut is healed and balance is restored then the sinus infection will disappear.

Some treatments you can do at home include:

  • Being active outdoors, especially by the sea
  • Inhaling sea air is best to cleanse, open airways & promote the elimination of toxins
  • Eat a balanced Diet, avoiding dairy
  • Drink activated alkaline water
  • Use eucalyptus oil on cloths & pillows
  • Soak your feet in a footpath with warm water and 1/2 – 1 tablespoon mustard powder for 20mins (light tingling feeling is normal)


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