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Regular Holistic Checkups


With the help of our medical insurance, it has become very easy to go for medical checkups and consultations. Whether we feel a twinge of pain in our hips, or a severe pain elsewhere, we can feel confident that our next doctor’s visit will be paid for by insurance.

But how valuable are these visits? And are they really helping us in the long run?

Medical consultations can be helpful, there’s no doubt about that. However, Holistic consultations present a deeper understanding of our body, mind and soul as a whole. There aren’t many doctors who do that. In fact, we usually have to visit multiple specialists for every kind of illness, and are then left to make sense of each different analysis and diagnosis. Not to mention the amount of medication prescribed separately by each doctor.

Whatever happened to having one family doctor that takes care of every member of the family, no matter what their health concern was? Isn’t it time that we have someone knowledgeable look after us as a whole?

Benefits of Holistic Consultations

  1. Finding the root cause of your concerns

Holistic consultations give you insight about your body’s status, taking into account every cell, tissue and organ. The consultation begins with the premise that your body is unique, and your particular treatment will be tailored exactly to your own body’s specific needs.

  1. All-natural treatments

Have you ever walked out of a traditional medical consultation with a long list of medications that you can’t even pronounce? Unfortunately, one disadvantage of such consultations is the frequently prescribed ‘go-to’ medications, that only suppress or stimulate and mask your symptoms rather than treating them. Many of us have been asked to take new pills to counteract the side-effects of others. It’s a never-ending cycle!

Holistic medicine believes that the true key to your healing already lies within your body. You just have to listen to what it’s telling you and support it to be able to do the work itself. The focus is on health, rather than on disease!

  1. Pursuing a Holistic lifestyle

Modern habits, such as the easy availability of food and fast-paced lifestyles, are often what lead to the accumulation of toxins and weakening of our systems. By embracing a lifestyle that focuses on what your body needs when it needs it, can not only maintain but also help to improve your health.

At the end of your Holistic consultation, one thing’s for sure: you will emerge a changed person with a new perspective on health that is unlike anything else you may have experienced before. Embrace the practices that support and improve your body. Love your body by treating it well and feeding it with positivity.

  1. Giving you the time you deserve

With Holistic consultations, our Holistic doctors and specialists dedicate enough time to focus on you, rather than rushing through a 10-15 minute fixed consultation timeslot. You not only feel heard, but also are able to tackle whatever angles need an in-depth perspective.

One thing that may hold you back from visiting a Holistic specialist is the lack of insurance coverage. Contrary to popular belief, alternative medicine is actually covered by many insurance providers and policies. Aside from this, our very own Dr. Ludmila is a General Practitioner, so her consultations are actually covered by medical insurance. Check your coverage on the policy document or the relevant insurer’s website. However, this shouldn’t stop you from seeking a consultation with a Holistic specialist.

We’re only given one shot with one body. Investing that limited amount in your health can help you avoid the lengthy and never-ending bills that are linked to curing disease.

The road to health is a series of commitments. Commitment to choosing what’s best for your body. Commitment to putting your health first. The benefits of prioritising your health are invaluable and endless. Whether or not preventive care is covered by your medical insurance, doesn’t change the fact that you stand to reap many benefits by choosing a Holistic approach.

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