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Too Many Pills?


Our bodies have the ability to heal from within

We live in a world where we search for quick, easy and convenient solutions. However, extensive research and science is proving that traditional medicine, specifically a holistic approach to healing, can be astoundingly effective in dramatically transforming a person’s health.

We must ask ourselves why chronic illnesses and mental health problems are a continuous epidemic. Modern medicine often overprescribes heavy medication that results in devastating side effects, as well as lack of the ability to deal with the root cause of the individual’s condition.

We, humans, are all made of one single cell, which develops into trillions of cells that constantly change and regenerate. We must appreciate the fact that our beings are the creators from the inside and that our bodies are able to regenerate naturally. It is through understanding this process, that we can teach our bodies to not only recreate health and harmony within, but to sustain this state for longevity and happiness through the process of a holistic approach.

We then no longer need vast amount of pills and other harmful stimulants; all we need to do is to support our health by natural ways, the same natural way our health was created.

Today’s modern medicine presents the public with endless amounts of pills and quick fixes, while simultaneously millions of dollars are spent on marketing these products. Therefore it is no surprise that this industry is able to attract patients suffering from different conditions. However the majority of doctors are prescribing medication, to simply support the suppression of symptoms, rather than dealing with the underlying cause and curing people wholly.

Taking endless amounts of medication, pills and/or supplements for various conditions are often not absorbed properly by our bodies and in many cases they counteract, resulting in dangerous side effects and internal imbalance within the human system.

The holistic approach supports the mind, body and soul to have health, harmony and happiness from within, which no prescribed pill could ever offer.

While mainstream medicine’s approach towards health and happiness is to simply suppress the body, holistic treatments support the system to find its natural state of being, balance and restore health from within.

Our health is the harmony of activity within our body. Happiness is harmony within our emotions, and therefore health is the foundation for any human’s happiness.

A simple example is that of a diet, which nowadays is used as a trend, like fashion; it comes and it goes, it is not sustained! But a style remains a style, a definition of person’s harmony with oneself; similarly, a lifestyle that supports health and happiness throughout is a holistic lifestyle.
This journey towards health, is a deep transformation from within, that when experienced, creates inner happiness, contentment and most of all a feeling of liberation. It allows the individual to take control of his/her life.

From Dr. Ludmila Vassilieva
Founder and Medical Director

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