Chakras, also known as energy centers sit in 7 key positions along the center of the body. Understanding our chakra system enables us to connect with the level of our energy and health status. Each chakra corresponds to an organ or a specific function of the body. When we are balanced and all systems are working in harmony with each other, we no longer experience illnesses, symptoms or a lack of energy.

It is only when our mind is powerful and the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of us are balanced, that we are able to truly thrive. We live in a fast pace world that neglects caring for our ENTIRE being. We put so much emphasis on independent symptoms or organs with very little consideration on how everything is connected. Our energy and chakra centers, rely on each other to maintain a harmony and balance of the human body. That is why, it is important for our “whole” being to be understood and addressed holistically. Our body is our home and caring for it is the only way to keep “the house in order”.

Each of the seven main chakras has its own innate intelligence and function. Once we have an understanding of the purpose and role that every center has, then we can learn how best to balance, activate and nurture our energy levels. By doing so, we automatically work on creating health.

During your bio-well energy screening, we educate you on your complete energetic system which includes your chakra centers and aura (energy field). This screening will give you an even deeper understanding to the root cause of your symptoms and concerns. We will then introduce you to the tools that you can use to take control of your life and become the best version of yourself. At the end of the day, no one else can take responsibility for your body and life… except you!

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