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What is your Colon?

The process of cleansing the colon goes back into history where its benefits are well documented.

The colon is essential for the endless activities impacting the health of your body. This includes:

  • Proper nutrient absorption
  • Maintaining a healthy pH balance
  • Controlling bacteria and dangerous substances
  • Impacting energy (chronic fatigue)
  • Proper brain function (brain fog often is a sign of clogged colon)
  • And so much more

When the body doesn’t rid itself of old food and waste then this can create a build up of mucus and bacteria in the colon leading to chronic fatigue, constipation, headaches, allergic reactions, ‘brain fog’, irritation and many more uncomfortable feelings. The toxins created by this build up, gets constantly reabsorbed by the body and released into the blood stream (where the liver needs to process it), creating even more harm to your system.

Why do a colon cleanse?

The intention of cleaning the colon is to flush out all the waste that has been accumulated in your system. Through colon hydrotherapy we use filtered water to loosen hardened stool and allow it to be expelled more easily. Moreover it manages to deeply clean the wall of the intestines, riding it from parasites, fungi or other harmful matters. Ultimately cleaning the pipes of your body to bring it back to its clean state for optimal functioning.

Doing a Colon Hydrotherapy can significantly improve your health. At the Holistic Healing Medical Centre we have created the most effective process, ensuring proper preparation and management during the session to achieve fast and optimal results.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminating harmful toxins
  • Preventing toxic absorption
  • Regulating stool
  • Allowing free passage of nutrients to the blood
  • Restoring proper pH balance to the body
  • Balancing immune system
  • Improving metabolism
  • Managing weight
  • Aiding Digestive disorders (constipation, abdominal pain, poor digestion)
  • Managing Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Clearing Skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc.)
  • Aiding Lung congestion (shortness of breath, asthma, hay fever, etc.)
  • Helping Headache and migraine
  • Controlling Depression and sleep disorders

We believe that true health can never be explained as it can only be felt. We design a personalized approach to healing based on your needs and combine various treatments and therapies for health and regeneration.

Did you know that 90% of serotonin, our happy hormone is created in the Colon? Be Healthy, Be Happy!

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