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Welcoming Ramadan


During this special time of the year, we are all able to step out of our usual routine and reconsider our everyday habits. For many of us it is a chance to be more in tune with the existence and more connected with our own selves; Body, Mind & Spirit.

In Ramadan, working hours are reduced to allow one to practice various activities to connect more with god, more with people around us and to reflect on our deeds. The change in working hours is mainly to support this, not due to lack for energy of those fasting!

Once we realize that, we can understand that our source of energy is not only food.There are many times where we have a very busy day that passes without us taking in any food! Certainly many people can relate to this. What keeps us going is the connection we have internally and the determination to complete the activities or tasks at hand. That is the source of energy.

Today, most of us rely on food for our energy in our daily routine. And it is evident that the many options, and different cuisines and food concepts are only encouraging us to become more dependent on food for our energy. However,Ramadan calls for abstaining from food and water for a long period of the day, encouraging us to tap into other sources of energy.

Whatever you choose to do during this time… It is advisable to include breathing exercises like pranayama or practicing deep breaths on the way to work or while reading. Light yoga practices, can also significantly increase your energy.

Try using this time to explore the things that you love to do. These practices will give you energy. Be more in tune and challenge the mind, heal the body & connect with the spirit. Once you tap into yourself and discover your creativity within, you will learn how you can regenerate your own energy.

With shorter working hours comes great advantages to explore new ways to care for yourself. This can be as simple as having an Ayurvedic massage to release stress, or to dedicate this month to detoxing and re-setting your system completely.

Ultimately this time of the year is perfect to:
• Slow down and take care of your health
• Reevaluate your relationship with food
• Discover new sources of energy

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