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Tips for better sleep


Proper rest and restoration of the body is the basis of health, happiness and success. Taking the time to respect this part of the day will enhance all other elements of your lifestyle. It will set the basis to perform daily activities with ease and vitality.

Try adapting these simple habits to support better sleep:

  • Have a light, warm meal for dinner
  • Finishing food at least 4 hours before sleep ensures the body can focus on restoration rather than digestion
  • Enjoy drinking warm water or herbal teas like peppermint or chamomile during the evening to prepare yourself for relaxation
  • Go for a walk outdoors; the fresh air can help burn your toxins and release all excess energy from your day
  • Have a relaxing bath with lavender, epsom salt or eucalyptus to help relax the body and senses
  • Showering before bed with warm water is a good way to wash away toxins.
  • Enjoy calming activities like meditation, reading, walking etc.. during your evening and avoid destructive news or movies
  • Putting aside your phone and other devices will reduce the expose to radiation and therefore encourage a more peaceful sleep
  • Wish yourself total relaxation, welcome the process of regeneration to all organs and cells

Taking on these suggestions can significantly improve your sleep if followed consistently. Over time the body will naturally begin to tune in with the rhythm of nature’s timings.
If you feel your problems surrounding sleeping continues, it may indicate a deeper issue that requires attention. In this case, please book an appointment at our Holistic Healing Medical Centre for a full body screening and consultation in order to address this.

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