Some Simple Ways to Nourish Yourself


Eating naturally healthy foods builds a solid foundation for a Holistic lifestyle. This is always
the focus for every Holistic plan. Unlike diet fads, Holistic eating is not about the calorie
count of what you eat. Rather, it is about eating natural foods that optimally fuel your body
and that are eaten at the right times to support your natural rhythms.

The Basics of Holistic Nutrition
Holistic nutrition is all about eating foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.
The less processed and more natural any food is, the higher its nutritional value and the
more beneficial it is for your body. Eating naturally allows the body to digest and absorb
nutrients more easily. Instead of wasting energy burning processed food, your body can
actually use its energy more efficiently for other vital body processes because it can break
down natural foods with less effort.

Here is a quick summary of some foods that support Holistic nutrition and some of those
you can probably do without.









Five Tips on How to Eat More Naturally
1. Favour natural and ‘alive’ food over processed or fermented foods
If possible, avoid foods that are manufactured or packaged. Vegetables, fruits and grains
are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are all great for your body.

2. Drink activated water
Water is alive and has memory. Pretty unbelievable, right? But it’s true. Water that came
from a plastic bottle is dead – thus draining the body and supplying it with negative rather
than positive energy. Opt for water served in a glass or, if that’s not possible, pour water
from a plastic bottle to a glass before drinking it.
Infuse warm water with lemon and ginger. Lemon-infused water helps to cleanse the body
and get your system going – jumpstarting your digestion and metabolism for the day.

3. Eat on Time
Our bodies are best able to digest food from 6:00am-7:00am and 6:00pm-7:00pm. That is
also the window for when the body needs fuel the most.
Eating too late at night or skipping meals disrupts your body’s natural rhythm and throws
your metabolism off balance. This also leads to the food sitting longer than it should, thus
fermenting and leading to issues such as bloating, constipation, acidity and fatigue!

4. Listen to your body
It is possible to get too much of a good thing! Eating when you’re bored or drinking too
much water is also not good. Listen to what your body says. If you’re too full to eat, then
allow your digestive system time to process what it already has. In the same way, only drink
when your body says you’re thirsty.

5. Detox
Just as importantly as taking in food, it is essential to regularly cleanse your body of toxins.
Our bodies are designed to cleanse themselves naturally, but assisting this process can
prove to be very beneficial. Try a liver cleanse or a colon cleanse. This will help remove
toxins that may have accumulated in your digestive tract over time.

With the release of harmful toxins, your body may lose some nutrients along the way. So it
is important to refuel and nourish your body with simple, benefit-packed food. An excellent
option is nutritious broth! We’ve partnered with The Clean Living Company to supply
delicious, healthy broths to our patients following their detox.

The path to a Holistic lifestyle is not difficult. After all, everything you need is already
available in nature! Holistic Healing Medical Centre is committed to making your journey
towards a healthy and happy style of life as supportive, simple and enjoyable as possible.

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