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What makes a Happy Mother’s day?


As a mother, the happiness of my children is my greatest happiness, and is all I can ask for! 

Maintaining a healthy and happy child is not as stressful as most might think or as tiresome of a task as our mothers made us believe. At least not when I have been following a holistic lifestyle and when I have homeopathy by by side! 

With homeopathy, my kids are healthy and strong even if they do catch the flu or that common virus every now and then, but this happens seldom! 

Their immunity has become a lot stronger, and if they do catch the cold or any sickness, the recovery time is a lot shorter and we handle it with it without the stress over medication, how to give it to them, and whether they will accept it or get sick from the taste! 

Homeopathy is the one medicine my kids love taking and actually request more of! 

The sweet homeopathic pills is nature’s candy!

For over 5 years now, I have been using homeopathy for my children and I have learned so much about their feelings and behaviors! 

I understand them better and respond to them a lot wiser. 

I used to be confused as to why my kids were irritable, crying, nagging, angry or had no appetite. 

It was frustrating not to have the answers to these behaviors and I tried different methods from threatening them, punishing them and even bribing them! I am sure many mothers can relate to this!

Homeopathy has supported me tremendously, as I have realized that their psychological behavior is a direct reflection of their health and what is going on in their body! 

Children are the happiest creatures alive! 

When they are healthy, they are happy and 

when they are happy, we mothers are happy! 

Homeopathy is a natural medicine that supports the restoration and regeneration of health, not only on a physical but also on an emotional and mental level. 

My kids became calmer, friendlier, more focused, happier and on top of that not sick! 

Mother earth has given us so many resources to maintain our health and to be happy. 

As natural as it is for a mother to give birth to a child, it is the most natural thing to offer them what nature has made available for us. 

It is time we mothers embrace Motherhood with Mother Nature.

A grateful & happy mother!

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