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Lifetime Service vs. Damage Control


Most of us live our lives unconsciously with little awareness of what our body needs to stay fit and healthy. That is how imbalance and disease start to occur. Modern medicine has developed a system that can respond quickly to common concerns like headaches or stomach aches with medication designed to simply suppress symptoms. What this means is that you become numb to the signals your body is giving you. Signals that something may not be right. By suppressing these symptoms and not addressing these signs, you simply allow for imbalances and diseases to grow silently.

This is the process of how Modern Medicine works. The objective is to give you fast results. To set you free from pain or discomfort as soon as possible so you can go back to your routine. However the migraines you suffer from today might turn into something more serious 200 pain killers later and 10 years down the line… why? Because you aren’t addressing the root cause. You aren’t listening to what your body is calling for.

Holistic Medicine has a different approach. It cuts right to the core. To the origins of where the problem is coming from. First of all, it creates a full diagnosis through energy scans, organ screenings and a thorough understanding of your daily routine and habits. Then the strategy turns to rebalancing and restoring health in the entire body. Imagine a car that stops driving smoothly. Maybe theres something wrong with the engine, the brakes, the AC or there’s a leakage. Modern medicine puts a plaster on this leakage to make it stop: this is the suppressing medication given to you by your ordinary doctor. But covering a leakage with a plaster or tape can’t be a long term solution. One day the car with stop working completely. Dental Implants Dubai

If a car is maintained well and serviced periodically, the chances of it living longer are higher than when it is only serviced when damaged! Just like your first class car service center, Holistic Medicine checks all parts, changes the pipes, cleans the engine and the filter system. It makes sure everything is functioning smoothly and in harmony with each other. By doing so, it is promoting a whole healthy system, instead of focusing on only one specific problem or dis-ease. Consider this: When there is health, there is no disease…

This understanding is in essence so simple, yet is revolutionary to modern day medicine. We as patients, as people, must understand that it is our choice on what path we want to go down. Yes, your headache might not be better in the next hour, but I promise you, you will thank yourself not only 10 years down the line but in a few months or even a few weeks. Listen to the signs your body is giving you. It is your engine, that keeps you moving through the day. Take responsibility, focus on giving it health, bring it to service and give it the time it needs to regenerate. At the end of the day, shouldn’t we enjoy life for as long as possible?

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