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Holistic Tips for Restful Sleep


Holistic Recommendations for Better and More Effective Sleep

The way we sleep, or how much sleep we got the night before, dictates how our day goes. Getting too much or too little sleep affects our energy levels and productivity.

So how can we promote better sleep? Here are some Holistic tips from Dr Ludmila to help you get more peaceful and revitalizing sleep.


  1. We use most of our energy during daytime and less energy as the day gives way to night. Pattern your meal size accordingly: get a rich breakfast, good lunch and light dinner


  1. Try to have dinner at least 3-4 hours before sleeping


  1. After dinner, it is ideal to walk for 1-1.5 hours


  1. Take a warm, but not hot, shower before sleeping and enjoy a cup of chamomile tea. You may feel more energised in the beginning, but it will actually lead to a more productive sleep


  1. Before sleeping, please prepare yourself. Cool down and try to avoid any television, internet and media. Please try to keep all electronics away from your bed


  1. Avoid having your bed facing north, as this leads to disturbed sleep. Face your bed in any direction except for north in the northern hemisphere and south in the southern hemisphere


  1. The moment you go to bed, rid yourself of any burden you accumulated throughout the day


  1. Please light an oil lamp, as this will give you tremendous support during the night to sleep easier and better


  1. Try alternate nostril breathing, or Pranayama, to prepare for sleep


  1. Before sleep, remind yourself that you are mortal. Wish for the best sleep you could have. You will wake up easier, lighter and your sleep will be more effective


  1. Sleeping does not need to be 8 hours. If sleeping is restful, you only need 3-5 hours


  1. In case you wake up earlier than normal (e.g. at 3:30 am), try to meditate for half an hour. You can then either go back to sleep or get ready for the day and go outdoors


  1. Try to wake up without an alarm. If you sleep on time, the body will relax much more easily. In case you sleep later, the body will always have difficulty to fall asleep


  1. The moment you wake up, turn to the right side, rub your hands with each other until warm and place them on your eyelids


  1. The moment you open your eyes, smile – not everyone receives the gift of another day. If you wake up, smile a big smile for yourself


A very good morning, be happy!

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