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Holistic Coaching

Unlike any other coaching session you have attended, our Holistic approach promises to open you up to self-discovery and growth. You will be guided into an insightful analysis that will support you in knowing more about yourself and others, while gaining tools on how best to conquer challenges.

Are you seeking your true purpose? How can you achieve the success you are looking for? How do you know if a person is good for you in your personal life? Who do you work best with at your office? How can you discover the talents of your child at an early age and ascertain your own hidden talents? How can you find out what your own talents are?

These are all questions we ask ourselves at some point in our life. Feeling a lack of direction, being confused and in a constant search for answers can have an impact on both our physical and mental health. That is why it is our every right to seek out support for a better understanding of what our next best step is.

These coaching sessions offer you very powerful methods to help discover your behavioral patterns and guide you to optimize partnerships both personally and professionally. If you are seeking to develop yourself, find a sense of purpose and make better choices in order to live a healthier and happier life, then this is for you.

Our Holistic coach uses a unique combination of numerology and pulse reading in presenting his astute analysis, all while teaching you techniques to help you balance and thrive in your inner and outer world. He comes from a medical background and is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Numerology and Psychology. His approach is truly Holistic.

How does it work?
Using Pulse reading and Numerology we understand your behavioral patterns and present to you a deep analysis while guiding you through multiple sessions to address your points of interest or concerns.

Who is this for?
Holistic coaching is for those seeking to develop themselves, overcome their limited beliefs, find their purpose and make better choices for them and their family in order to live a healthier and happier life.

Approach Includes:
Pulse reading, Numerology, Psychotherapy & Counseling, Emotional Intelligence & Energy Healing.

Heal & find tools to deal with:
• Relationships: at work, with partners, with kids
• Career blocks & Path determination
• Identify your Personality: know who you are
• Health (natural wellbeing)
• Parent & Child: behavioral and developing talent
• Teenagers: listen to their needs: support their growth
• Selecting the right partner: compatibility
• HR services: choosing the correct team

What is Numerology?
An ancient science that depends on the mystic properties of numbers from 1 to 9 which is similar to that in astrology where we have 9 planets. A unique vibration reverberates from each of these numbers that have a meaning and a purpose hidden in them and play an important role on individual personality, their relationships, career and business, health and life span, love life and compatibility, luck and fortune, etc. Numerology can offer information for anyone interested in a profound analysis of their personality. A professional numerologist can provide answers for lots of questions about the individual’s personality, their talents, or their relationships and compatibility, career and business.

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