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A reading based on an ancient system of Eastern Cosmology & Chinese Astrology…

How do you know if a person is good for you in your personal life? Who do you work best with in your professional life? What are ways you can discover the talents of your child? How can you find out what your own talents are? Where is the risk? What decisions are safe? Are you seeking your true purpose? How can you achieve the success you are looking for? These are all questions we ask ourselves at some point in our life. Feeling a lack of direction, being confused and in a constant search for answers can have an impact on both our physical and mental health. That is why it is our every right to seek out support in developing ourselves and gaining a better understanding of what our next best step is.

Dr. Daniiar uses Pulse reading and Numerology to help discover your behavioral patterns and guide you to optimize partnerships both personally and professionally. This reading is based on your birth date and originates in ancient eastern Cosmology and Chinese astrology. These methods have been used for over 5000 years in traditional settings and our specialized coach is now incorporating these techniques with his work in the western world. This session is for those seeking to develop themselves, find their purpose and make better choices in order to live a healthier and happier life.

This reading works by understanding the way astrological patterns effect us and the world around us. It gives us clarity to step into making wiser choices and taking a path of positive steps forward.

Dr. Daniiar comes from a medical background and is trained in Traditional Chinese medicine and astrology. This coaching session is unlike any you have tried before. His approach is truly Holistic. By combining all his knowledge and work into one, we introduce to you a unique session that opens you up to self exploration and self development.

Benefits of a Holistic Coaching:

  • Get insights into your personality
  • Discover your behavioral patterns
  • Make wiser choices of a career
  • Achieve the success you always wanted
  • Optimize partnerships personally & professionally
  • Get clarity to create a positive turn in your life

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