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Breathing Techniques Part 2


An efficient way to improve your health, youth & vitality!

According to yogic tradition, life expectancy is linked to the frequency of breathing. This is certainly true with reptiles and mammals; the tortoise breathes very slowly and lives long, whereas the mouse breathes fast and has a very short life. By decreasing the frequency of
breath, there takes place an increase of life energy; by increasing the breathing rate, life energy is decreased. According to ancient yogic texts, the body practicing the regulation of breath becomes harmoniously developed, emits a sweet scent and becomes strong and beautiful. Here are another 4 breathing techniques to incorporate into your everyday life! Explore and find which one works for you!

1. Calming breath

If you want to increase relaxation, calm the nervous system, and relieve shortness of breath, try this calming-breath technique. For this breathing exercise, inhale for two counts, hold for three, and exhale for four through pursed lips.

2. Transformational breath

The transformation breath is for people looking to transform their mind and body by inhaling the positive and exhaling the negative. Start by consciously inhaling through your nose; observe the expansion of your belly. Then exhale slowly through the nose, releasing your belly. Inhale energy, exhale tension. Inhale strength, exhale fear. Inhale joy, exhale sadness. Inhale confidence, exhale self-doubt. Inhale the present, exhale the past. With every inhalation, bring into your being an attribute of greatness and feel yourself being strengthened.

3. 5-2-5 breathing exercise

This is one of the basic breathing exercises that can help you relax in minutes. Sit down in a comfortable position and take five seconds to fill up your lungs, hold your breath for two seconds, and take five seconds to breathe out. Repeat this exercise for three to ten minutes while paying attention to the way the air feels moving in and out of your body.

4. The Wim Hof method

Among breathing exercises, this one delivers the maximum amount of oxygen to your body, which helps you feel very calm. First, take 30 power breaths—deep breathing in which you inhale fully but don’t fully exhale—then hold your breath for as long as you can. After you exhale, take another deep breath and hold it for ten-seconds. Repeat the process three times.

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