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Infertility has become a common issue among both women and men today, and is often linked
to a build up of excess toxins and a general energetic imbalance.

At Holistic, we work with couples struggling with fertility by firstly helping to understand the root cause of why they are not able to have children. With the use of non-invasive methods and a natural, holistic approach we then restore health, balance and encourage the body to regain its fertile ground and strength to produce a child.

Healthy parents will bring healthy children to this world. That is why, we also work with couples that are planning and/or preparing to have children. We help parents and especially mothers to have a clean and healthy body for childbearing.

Finally, our philosophy also puts a great focus on working with the younger generation to encourage them to grow up healthier so they can remain fertile and choose to have children one day if they want to.

Holistic Healing for Fertility

Our Holistic Healing process for infertility treatments includes a comprehensive assessment of
your medical history, daily routines and behavioral patterns. It includes a full body screening,
physical examination and offers you a customized program to put you on the path to a fertile
body. The specific treatment for infertility depends on the time of you being infertile, both your
age and your partner’s age, as well as many personal preferences.
It is very important to seek a professional opinion and understand the pros and cons of the
treatment you choose to undergo since some treatments may pose health risks to both you and
your fetus.
Who is better than a holistic doctor to advise you on a more natural approach to your concerns?
With no side effects, you have nothing to lose!!
Why not consider the simpler treatments before going into more complex ones? We have
witnessed countless successful stories at our centre using a unique combination of Ayurveda,
Traditional Chinese Medicine, and rebalancing of the body so it can do its natural job!

What makes you the right candidate?

Holistic Healing Medical Centre treats all stages of infertility – whether you have already tried IVF, considering it or simply looking for a natural approach to getting pregnant. This program is for both men and women singularly or for couples to go through together.

Before you decide to do any invasive treatments, give your body a chance to restore its natural function and return to a balanced state with our Holistic approach!

What are main causes for female infertility?

If the circulation of vital energy in the body, particularly in the ovaries and gynecological organs, is inadequate, the patient may lose the ability to conceive or support the growth of an embryo.

What are the warning signs of infertility?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), irregular menstrual cycles, a family history of infertility, and absence of menstruation (amenorrhea), among other factors.

Can some food affect fertility?

Yes, consumption of junk food, fast food, oily food, and alcoholic drinks, among others, can affect fertility.

Why am I fertile but not getting pregnant?

Your body may not be prepared for pregnancy as the circulation of vital energy is inadequate to support the nourishment and growth of the embryo.

What may affect the fertility rate in both men and women?

Typically, lifestyle choices and diet are crucial for maintaining a healthy body.

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