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By now you’ve probably heard health enthusiasts praise the many benefits of CRYO therapy. It is no secret that this new trend is able to significantly promote your health and overall performance. The Holistic approach is taking this all to the next level. No such tool is truly effective without the whole body into consideration! That is why our team has come up with quite literally the “coolest” and most effective CRYO program in town! By combining it with our specialized Holistic Diet & Lifestyle plan, we work to optimize your health, enhance your metabolism and give you the results you’re looking for.

This program has been specially designed to hit 2 birds with one stone; a weight loss supporting and cell regenerating set of lifestyle changes combined with CRYO sessions to help you literally FREEZE your fat off!

CRYO detoxes, energizes and boosts your metabolism in just a few minutes. These effects continue for 48 hours after your session, while your body works to adapt and restore its normal temperature! In the meantime, you will be guided to follow a Holistic approach to eating and style of living to ensure the foundation of your detoxification is in place and the body is in an optimized state for long lasting weight loss.

With just 3 sessions per week combined with a personalized Diet & Lifestyle plan, say goodbye to your weight troubles once and for all in just 1 month. Our program works on 3 levels of healing; Replenish, Remove & Recover.


  • Multi-level detoxification; digestive, urogenital, respiratory, lymphatic & microcirculation
  • Cell regeneration
  • Increased collagen production
  • Balanced energy levels
  • Faster metabolism
  • Pain & inflammation relief
  • Weight loss & balance

The quickest & most effective solution for busy individuals. In 3 minutes only, be energized, look younger and feel lighter with this effective weight-loss program!



Blood vessels are constricted, forcing blood toward your core. Here the body’s natural filtration system works to remove toxins & inflammation.

Holistic Diet & lifestyle changes will decrease toxic intake while opening up the pathways for detoxification.

COMBINED: Eased Inflammation, alleviated pain & reduced fatigue

After the session, filtered blood flows back to the all your tissues. Now cleaner and enriched with oxygen, your blood enriches your skin & muscles.

Holistic Diet & Lifestyle works to improve the quality of blood & circulate it efficiently to nourish the body with what it needs.

COMBINED: Loss of water retention, increased energy & metabolism, healthier & glowing skin,

The restoration process continues for 48 hours after your session. There will be reduced pain & inflammation and increased energy levels.

As the body continues to detoxify, the metabolism will increase. This will restore vitality & balance your weight.

COMBINED: Increased performance, long-lasting results, optimized digestion & faster metabolism

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