“Skin has the capacity to eliminate only, not absorb.
Detox your body, clean the root and regenerate your cells for a healthy, youthful skin”

– Dr. Ludmila

Holistic Aesthetics

The Holistic Healing Medical Centre takes care of you from within, by clearing up the root cause of various health concerns. It works on detoxing the body and then re-developing a healthy internal environment for the body to regenerate and thrive. Once we reach a stage of health and happiness, it is only natural that we begin to focus on the external, as we want the outside to reflect the beauty we feel within. This is where Holistic Aesthetics steps in.

Holistic Aesthetics is the result of years in research and experience with hundreds of patients. Historically, beautiful women like Cleopatra or other queens and princesses maintained their beauty using only natural remedies. These secrets worked then and still work today.

We are introducing a new approach to beauty that treats all skin types, for both the young and old, whether you are looking to reduce aging, remove impurities and/or simply regain that natural radiance.

Our Holistic Doctors and Aesthetics specialists have been working extensively to put together the most effective skin care combinations that are showing results beyond even our own expectations! These carefully designed programs give you long lasting effects that will leave you feeling even more beautiful and confident in your body.

We recommend trying these treatments prior to any invasive procedures. Allow yourself to be surprised at how transformative natural beauty secrets are!

Holistic Facial Treatments:

1. Purifying treatment

Lymphatic Drainage massage removes toxic substances and impurities from the cells. The treatment purifies, boosts anti-inflammatory powers, and promotes restructuring of the epidermis.

2. Deep cleansing treatment

Combination of extraction techniques purify blocked pores, remove bacterial colonization and infection of pimples. Reduces excessive sebum secretion. Minimizes inflammation of the skin tissues.

3. Illuminating therapy

Gua-Sha method of gentle facial massage with healing gemstones based on ancient Chinese healing technique, stimulates blood flow and movement of energy, thereby restoring the skin’s vitality and radiance.

4. Contouring & Lifting treatment

Sculptural massage increases circulation of blood and lymph, maintains and improves the condition of face muscles, enhancing contours. Plaster bandage is applied on top of the mask and covers the face to maximize the penetration of active ingredients to tighten and lift the skin.

5. Diamond microdermabrasion

Removes the uppermost layer of the skin. Cells renewal is stimulated with regeneration of healthier epidermis and dermis. Stimulates production of new collagen and elastin.

Holistic Express Treatments:

30 min Holistic treatments that are effective in the long term as a course of 10-15 sessions or when you have time in between treatments at the centre.

Salt Therapy Anti Acne Treatment

Salt Therapy gently yet effectively boosts exfoliation by removing dead skin cells, eliminates bacteria and toxins while drying out existing pimples. It also prevents future acne from forming.

Sebum Control Treatment

Special massage techniques promote proper secretion of sebum to support fast healing of the skin. Tightens the pores, leaves the skin healthier.

Sculpturing Massage

Sculptural massage increases circulation of blood and lymph, promotes collagen production, firms the skin immediately.

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