"Our goal is to consciously create Health
rather than unconsciously create Dis-ease"

– Dr. Ludmila


About the Centre

Our Vision To let you Live Life free of any Medication!

Our Mission

To help you to Heal Yourself by Natural Medicine!

Our Goal

To guide you from "Medication to Meditation"

Our Philosophy

The word Holism means "Whole." In fact all the relevant power words in the English vocabulary: Healing, Health, Hospital, Holy, Hospitality, have the same root of origin, 'Holos' meaning "All, The Whole, Entire, Complete."
While Modern Medicine divides us and treats each organ and symptom separately, Holistic Healing embodies the philosophy of Holism and focuses on the Mind, Body, and Spirit in relation to the Environment as a Whole!
Mind, Body and Spirit are a grand orchestra with a natural rhythm. As long as the flow of rhythm, its energy, is active and unrestricted the body will be in optimal state of health, bliss and joy. Holistic Healing is the essential conductor; it refines, cleans, harmonizes and keeps the flow of energy unrestricted and rhythmic to keep us in tune and well balanced.

Our Approach

The greatest strength of Holistic Healing Medical Centre lies in our approach to treatment.
We have successfully integrated the timeless wisdom of Eastern Medicine with Modern diagnostic tools to Balance, Restore, and Correct the frequency of energy on cellular level.
Our Health Programs combine the Art and Knowledge of Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine with the Science of NLS-Oberon to get Fast, Effective and Long-term results.

You will go from
"Medication to Meditation!"

Our Facts

Pioneer in Holistic Healing Medicine in UAE for nearly two decades

Strongly rooted in 30 years of global research

Landmark facility and a trend setter in the field of Holistic medicine

State of the art diagnostic and curative medical equipment and facilities

Large database of successfully treated clients who bear witness to the effective healthcare programs