Vitality Program

This is unlike any path to beauty you have ever taken. It will transform you from the inside-out. You will discover yourself, feel attractive, you will be glowing & bursting with living energy. Holistic Aesthetics harmonizes your health, awakens your happiness and empowers you with success

The Program

This program is designed specifically to flood your body with nutrients, to revive your cells and balance your energy. This process relies on tapping into the body’s natural potential to heal itself, with a unique combination of therapies to stimulate your beauty from the inside-out.

Our Process

Staring in the mirror waiting for results is frustrating but what if you could monitor your progress through biofeedback technology? See for yourself how your skin is improving, your collagen levels are going up, your organs are functioning, your stress levels are decreasing, your aura is expanding and your chakras are balancing – and so much more!


Clear & Glowing skin

Increased Collagen levels

Improved Elasticity

Balanced Mineral intake

Increased Energy

Immediate absorption of vitamines

What does it include

Before & After BioWell Energy Scan

Start the program with screening of your Aura and get an indication of the energy field in your body, then compare the results after completion of the program and see for yourself how your skin is improving and so much more.

14 IV vitamin & mineral Infusions tailor picked for your healing

Having the right balance of vitamins and minerals in your body is essential to supporting regeneration and health.

At every IV infusion enjoy one of the following:

Light Therapy: A stimulating effect for faster skin regeneration

Music Therapy :Reducing Stress, while relaxing facial muscles & the nervous system

Reflexology :Stimulating meridian points in order to absorb nutrients faster

Neck/Shoulder massage :Releasing toxins and relaxing the nervous system

HydraFacial :Reviving the outer layer of the skin

Call our center today and book your appointment with our specialist to get full information of the program.

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