“Skin has the capacity to eliminate only, not absorb.
Detox your body, clean the root and regenerate your cells for a healthy, youthful skin”

– Dr. Ludmila

Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai

Holistic Approach to Beauty

Great health and a synergy between mind, body and soul result in supple and radiant skin.  At Holistic Healing Medical Centre, our doctors work to bring about total health from the inside out with a variety of traditional and modern medical treatments and detox plans.

But, we understand that sometimes everyone needs a little polishing from the outside as well.  That is why we are proud to offer aesthetic services that will leave you ready to face the world with happy, healthy and glowing skin.

We now have several aesthetic treatments at our clinic:


The popular HydraFacial™ is a non-invasive, multi-step process that combines exfoliation, cleansing, extraction and hydration resulting in clear skin with no down-time.  We use a combination of diamond powder and serum to produce a radiant glow.  HydraFacial™ will not leave your skin red or inflamed, allowing you to wear make-up afterwards and carry on with your day.  HydraFacial™ has the following benefits:

Effective on: wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, acne

No down time

Safe for most skin types, including sensitive skin

Suitable for light and dark skin tones

Noticeable improvement after just one treatment


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical process where vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and sometimes homeopathic remedies are introduced into the skin using tiny, relatively painless injections placed in several areas on the face, eyelids and neck.  The benefits are numerous:

Face and neck rejuvenation

Treat sun damage and acne

Quick and long lasting effec

Boosts levels of hyaluronic acid

Stimulates collagen to improve tone and texture of the skin


Oxygen is essential for the cells in our body to perform and regenerate. With an OxySpa treatment you can achieve a healthy, youthful glow, supple skin and firmer body – all at once. An OxySpa treatment plan can help you lose 4 to 5kg with routine sessions and minimal diet modifications. During a 45 minute treatment, your entire body is exposed to 99% pure oxygen, which goes into the cells and works on the deepest level. During this time you will also enjoy gentle massage and aromatherapy to expedite the regeneration process. The OxySpa treatment will:

Improve skin tone

Improve metabolic function for faster weight loss

Reduce cellulite

Improve lymphatic flow

Cleanse and detoxify the body

Improve sleep

Aid injury rehabilitation

Relieve skeletal problems

Reduce water retention

Botox and Fillers

Botox injections and fillers are increasingly popular anti-wrinkle treatments that deliver fast and dramatic results in just one visit. Botox eliminates wrinkles by temporarily disabling muscle contractions. Fillers are injected into folds, creases or pitted scars to add volume for a more youthful appearance. A consultation with our dermatologist will determine the exact procedures for maximum benefit. Botox and fillers can:

Eliminate wrinkles

Eliminate frown lines and crow’s feet

Plump up sagging cheeks, temples and jaw lines

Elevate scar depressions

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