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Health Holistic Team


We’re a lot of things here – Artists, Scientists, Musicians, Poets but above all we are the Holistic Nurses!

Rizza Dorado

“I was born to be a nurse! I have always wanted to serve and love people around me!”

A poet and truly dedicated to her work, Rizza finds inspiration in all her patients. The smile and gratitude they express give her a sense of contentment and achievement. She enjoys reading inspirational books and quotes.


Elmira Fanuncio

“Witnessing the recovery of my patients inspires me to be better at work!”

Elmira loves to challenge herself to go beyond her capacity both in clinic and in personal life. This brings meaning to everything she does and makes her feel happy.



We believe in the doing the greater good for you, for us, for all.

We believe in the Great Holistic Life!

We are the Holistic Therapists!

Sam Varghese

“Working at Holistic Healing Medical Centre has really improved my communication and given me the confidence to express myself”

Sam feels very strongly about Ayurveda and believes that Ayurvedic treatments should be the primary care for all conditions.



We are committed to keeping things Whole-Holistic for you and for our team. We are the Holistic Co-ordinators!

Louhen Mae Aydalla

“It really improved my way of thinking and made me emotionally strong. I take much better care of my health and feel positive and happy.”

As a trained photographer, Louhen learnt to recognize the beauty in her surroundings. While working at Holistic Healing Medical Centre, she has learned to recognize the beauty within herself.


Cecile Arias

“Working at Holistic Healing gives me confidence in myself”

The latest addition to the team, Cecile recently moved to Dubai. She was initially overwhelmed by the city and the fast pace of life. She is now confident, communicative and loves meeting people from different countries.

Her inspiration is her family and she is very proud that she is able to provide a better life for them.


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Villa No. 101, Street 17c
Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 3
P.O. Box 53420, Dubai, UAE
MOH LICENSE VALIDITY : 14/07/2020 to 14/07/2021

T : +971 4 348 7172
F : +971 4 348 7173

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