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Dr. Hassim Seedat – Specialist Gastroenterology

Inspired by modern medicine, homeopathy and his faith in Islam, Dr. Hashim developed a healing approach integrating Gastroenterology with Homeopathy and blending the best of what Eastern & Western medicine have to offer.

Dr. Hashim, has been practicing Homeopathy and traditional Medicine for over 30 years. His love for Knowledge and The Science of Homeopathy drove him deep into understanding the human’s health and found special interest in gut related issues.

Today, he practices a Holistic approach in the healing art, focusing on promoting health through Holistic lifestyle, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Cupping (Hijama) & German Biological Medicine (Bio-Resonance).

Some of his favourite quotes:

“The Stomach is the storehouse of every disease” -Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.)

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” -Saint Augustine.


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